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posted by TDIlover4ever
Written 의해 schwarzekatze4 on fanfiction.NET

Courtney timidly headed back to the field the rest of the campers were previously at, observing the area as if she was looking for something. She gasped as she quickly jumped behind a 부시, 부시 대통령은 to hide. Slowly peering back up at the area, she focused her attention on a pool and a diving board. The pool appeared to be filled with green jelly, which was revealed to be Courtney's biggest fear. She sighed and left the 부시, 부시 대통령은 she was hiding behind.

She slowly approached the jelly-filled pool and stared directly at...
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posted by DxCisCute
Courtney's POV I'm walking 집 from Duncan's house. We were yeling at eachother. Why? I was walking with Trent talking and Duncan said he didn't like me near other boys. I was concerned why. But I stopped when Trent walked up with a sad face. Me:What's with the sad face? Trent:Gwen broke-up with me. Me:You too? Trent:What do 당신 mean? Me:Me and Duncan broke-up just now. Trent:Oh sorry. Me:Its okay anyways why did Gwen break-up with you? Trent:Because I was walking 집 with 당신 just talking and she said she doesn't like me near other girls. Me:Thats what Duncan said to me except he doesn't...
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Courtney screamed at Duncan and Chris as she was about to take the drop of shame. Chris shoved her and Blaineley out of the plane. The two women shrieked in fear. Courtney desperately pulled on her parachute. It opened. Meanwhile, Blaineley fell to the ground and broke most of her bones. As Courtney landed in China, she blacked out.

"W-What?" Courtney looked around. She was surrounded 의해 clouds. "Where am I?"

"You're in your dream world." A voice said.

"Who's there?" Courtney asked. "Is that you, Alejandro?"

"No actually it's me, Trent."

"Trent?" Courtney looked sickened.

"Yeah. I'm right behind...
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Courtney p.o.v
I threw those pictures away of me and Duncan and of me and Gwen. But I had my outfit on to go to a 유명인사 high school Chris sent me to. While I am driving there I saw Bridgette, Geoff, and Trent on the side of the road I pulled over.
Courtney: What happened?
Geoff: Some hobo 스톨, 훔친 the car when we checked on Trent
Trent: I fell off my mortocycle and scraped myself
Bridgette: Trent honey its not your fault ,how are we gonna get to school now Geoff!! And stop leaving the car keys in the ignition!!!
Courtney: I will give 당신 a ride
They all stared at me with shock
Trent: 당신 are being...
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posted by maemaetdifann
*at school * * first day*
Courtney: * gasps* * hides behind locker * whispers to herself* Oh no.. duncan and gwen go too my school!?!?
*trips over a book* GUAAAAHH! *thud* ouch! , my leg hurts!
Gwen: huh? Did u hear that? *at duncan*
Duncan: yeahh. Lets go check it out * holds gwens hand*
Gwen: *looks around corner* *whispers and hides behind locker* duncan it's courtney!
Duncan: *whispers* ARE 당신 KIDDING ME?
Gwen: look for yourself
Duncan: * peeks behind locker* uh gwen.
Gwen: yeah?
Duncan: trent is walking towards her!
Gwen: great, now i have two things to worry about!
Duncan:relax babe if he comes...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
courtnwy trent y r u crying
trent i just dumped gwen
courtney duncan cheated on me with gwen
trent gwen said haveing a relationship with me sscwed things up with her
courtney she did that is really low
trrent i know do u want to see a movie tonight
courtney sure
trent r u enjoying the movie
courtney yeah *lays her head on trent's sholder*
trent *puts his arm around her and kisses her(
posted by crystalpotato
Courtney's POV

Courtney: I'm sorry trent but no. I have a boyfriend....

Trent: who treats 당신 like crap. I don't care what 당신 say I'm the one for 당신 court. I 사랑 you. Has duncan ever said that?

Then he left. I was so confused. Duncan made me happy bit Trent made all the pain go away. If only I knew what to do.

Courtney: I'm so stupid. Trent? Duncan? There just names but I cant choose.
I wish that all the pain would go away. Is that what Trent supposed to help me with? The pain

Sorry about the short chapter I'll finish it tomorrow. It's 2:26 am and I'm kinda tierd.
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posted by maemaetdifann
*At school 2nd period*
Trent P.O.V

I was running in the hall away from duncan because he heard me call him an idiot and i ran into a beautiful brunette girl with freckles. Her name was courtney.
Me: sorry i didnt mean too-
Courtney: oh it's fine trent.
Me: ..*notices red hand print on face* are u ok?
Courtney: yea im fine.. just got into another argument with-
Me: Duncan?
Courtney: how did u know?
Me: just a lucky guess, i've heard tons of rumors about him.
Courtney: we'll they are all true
Me: * sits down* so why are u with him?
Courtney: *sits too* because im afraid to leave him.
Me: why because he will...
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Selena Gomez and the Scene and 글리 Cast. 사랑 당신 Like a 사랑 Song.
total drama
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posted by TotalDramaDoll6
I woke up on the ground at the guys backyard. Duncan was rite 다음 to me. "Meet on 상단, 맨 위로 of the water tower at 6:00, i have somthin to ask u." Duncan said as he walked off. I walked home, feeling like i have made a mistake, i was wondering if it was taking back Duncan.
*at 6:00, on 상단, 맨 위로 of the water tower*
"Courtney, will u be my beard?" Duncan said. "Dont u mean bride?" i asked. "No, when i kissed u at the party, i realized im gay! And my 프렌즈 wont hang out with me if they knew i was gay, so ur the perfect cover!" Duncan said. "No! im not gonna be ur beard Duncan! Its over, go find a guy of...
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posted by TotalDramaDoll6
Today i woke up feeling refreshed and excited, because i kissed Trent! He texted me saying im his gf now! The 키스 was amazing! I promised to meet him at the park, but i have to walk because my cars in the shop. While i was walking to the park, Duncan ran up to me and pushed me on the bench beside me and sat down 다음 to me. "Courtney, i want u back, i need u back! Please give me another chance!" He said. "its a little late for that Duncan!" i said. " Now Im off to the park to meet Trent, my new bf, Bye!" i said as i walked off. When i finally got to the park, Trent wasn't their, i looked and...
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posted by TotalDramaDoll6
The 다음 morning, i woke up to the sound of tapping on my window. I got up, opened the shades, and saw Trent outside throwing nuts at my bedroom window, i said he could come in. He climbed through the window and asked me wat was up. "Nothin much" i said as my voice fell off the tracks. "Wats wrong?" Trent asked. "I dumped Duncan yesterday." i said. "I could already tell somthing was up when u didnt show up at the skating rink." Trent said. We layed on my bed, while he put his arm around me and his hand on my shoulder while i cried on his chest. "Well today is Saturday, we could have some fun."...
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posted by TotalDramaDoll6
I woke up with an awful headache that reminded me of my annoying boyfriend, Duncan. I stumbled out of bed, walking slowly to the bathroom to get ready for school, when i saw a pic of Trent and me on my wall, it was the night that Duncan blew me off to hang out with his friends, and Trent cheered my up 의해 taking me on a night on the town with him. Most fun i have ever had. When i got to the bathroom, i started my shower, and got undressed, when the phone rang. I rushed to the phone, naked, and it was Trent. I felt a little embarassed to here his voice while i was standing in my living room,...
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