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added by gwenmyers1997
Trent's pov!
I stood there tied to the fallen down 나무, 트리 with my mouth wide open as i just witnessed my wife being taken into the underworld. i ran over to where i last saw her and pounded my fists on the ground. "NO! NO! NO!"how am i supposed to go into the underworld! i`m not gonna die and then go to the place,that's retarded! i fell onto my back and stared at the clouds passing by. i felt tears flow down my cheeks as i thought of Gwen and my daughter. what am i supposed to do now? "i think i can help you."came an old voice from behind me. i turned around and saw a pale looking old man. "how...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
trent's pov
well its been a 년 since me and gwen broke i miss her so much she might not miss me cuz she is with duncan *truns on his 아이팟 to Sandy from Grease and sings along*
(i'm not going to say sandy i'm going to say gwen
stranded at the drivin
trabded a fool
what will they say
monday at school

gwen can u c
i'm inmisery
made a start
now were apart
theres nothing left for me
사랑 has flown all alone
i sit and wonder why hy hy hy hy
u left me
oh gwen

when high school is done
somehow someway
are 2 worlds will be one
and paven forever
and ever will be
oh plz say you'll stay
oh gwen

gwen my darlin u hurt me real bad
당신 know it's ture
but baby u got 2 belive when i say
i'm helpless without you

사랑 has flown all alon i sit and wonder why hy hy hy hy
u left me oh gwen
hwen gwen
why why why why
oh gwen
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added by gwenmyers1997
Back at the studio,Geoff had a meeting after the show was over. He gathered all of his 프렌즈 that stayed behind. While others left for their homes.
"Alright, is everybody here?" Geoff asked.
"All except for some of them." said Bridgette.
"Like who?"Geoff asked.
"Let's see,"she said,"Eva,Alejandro,Noah,Katie,Sadie,Sierra,Cody and Blainley."
"Why can't they help out instead of leave so fast." Geoff said.
"I'm sure that they've all got their reasons Geoff. Besides, 당신 mustn't forget, they've got their own lives to live as well."Bridgette said.
He said "Well if they are our friends,they'd still help...
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Gwen's pov!
I cant believe of all the people i know are vampires. "don't be afraid Gwen,we have been 뱀파이어 our whole life."Bridgette smiled. "why didn't 당신 tell me!"i said really annoyed. "we didn't want to freak 당신 out."Duncan said. "where's Trent?"i asked suddenly remembering him being a vampire. "he's with Maria our vampire assistant."Leshawna said sipping a bag that said B.L.O.O.D. "when can i see him?"i asked desperate. "aw,want to get to your man that bad?"Duncan chuckled. "he is NOT my man."i said looking away pissed and blushing. "whatever."he scoffed. i sat on the 침상, 소파 in front...
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Trent's pov!
sup,i`m just going to the big party about the ending of total drama. it's gonna be awesome! i mean no 더 많이 gossip,drama,and hating! woo! but obviously i`m still single. its all Duncan`s fault! *sighs* just relax,okay i am gonna go put my tux on. wow,i look great. i walked out the door,and got into my car,then drove to the private 바닷가, 비치 house for some fun. i arrive there 15 분 later..and holy shit! there is a ton of people here! there were people drinking,singing,dancing,talking,laughing,and having a great time. i stepped out of my car,to be greeted 의해 Owen. "hey dude! how's...
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Trent:explain,please. Gwen:um,no..YOU EXPLAIN. Trent:alright,i went to go get a drink...but what i didn't know,was that Duncan mixed up the 펀치 with beer. Gwen:*cry*my mom is going to kill me! and now i know if i do have a baby,you`ll want to leave..and break up with me! *cry harder* Trent:*holds her* ssh,i never will leave you..i will be there for you. Gwen:*hiccup* 당신 don't understand! i am f-failing school,so i`ll have to drop out. i have no mom will kill me....and what about the new season Total Drama Reloaded?! Trent:i`ll help you...season 4? i don't know,but i wont leave...
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posted by sexybaby9087
Gwen was at her house and she waited for Trent to call her.RING,RING"Hello"said gwen"hey gwen its trent i was wondering if 당신 want to come over"said trent"ok,i'll be there in 5 min"said gwen.DING DONG"WOW TRENT 당신 ARE HAVING A PARTY!"said gwen "YAH!"said trent BOOM!!!!!"the power is out, for good"said bridge"hold on"said trent trying to get out but the door was lock"here i'll help you"said gwen but they still were stuck"oof"said gwen and trent"i guess were stuck in here,in the minetime,lets try to find each other"said geoff"ok"said trent
Gwen:NO!!! *cry hard* WHY?! Nick:why mommy sad? Gwen:*whimpers* n-nothing. Nick:pwease tell me. Gwen:i-i just...uh-stubbed my toe. Nick:*crawls away* Gwen:i cant tell them. it would break my 심장 even more. *her phone rings* h-hello? boss:GWEN! GET YOUR 나귀, 엉덩이 DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW! YOU'RE LATE! Gwen:yes Mr. Cooper. *hangs up and goes to work (star bucks)* Kevin:its about time 당신 got here! do 당신 know how badly 당신 almost got fired?! Gwen:yes,i am aware. Kevin:what were 당신 doing? Gwen:i-uh fell...on my way here. Kevin:*rolls eyes* whatever.Gwen:*sighs and puts her 앞치마 on,goes to behind the...
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 Baby Alex
Baby Alex
Gwen-He looks 더 많이 like 당신 pick.
Trent-How about....Alex?
Gwen-Thats a perfect name..
Trent-Gwen,how am I going to tell my parents!?!
Gwen-Just tell them the truth.I'm sure they'll understand.
Trent-Understand what!?!?!? They are strict!
Gwen-Really Trent.
Gwen-Trent are 당신 ok?
Trent-Why is life hard?
Gwen-How the hell should I know!?
Trent-*gets out his phone*
Gwen-You want me to call...
Trent-Will you?
Gwen-Fine.*starts to dial number*
Trent-I changed my mind!!!I'll call!
Gwen-I know you.You won't.
Trent-Man...*in his head:@#$%*&!!! I CAN'T DO IT!*
Gwen-Trent....I don't want to hurt your feelings 당신 know that right?
Trent-*sighs* Ya.
Gwen-ok.*to the phone* Hi Mrs.Schauffer? This is Gwen.

What will happen next???? Pleas coment to continue. =)
Trent:i-it cant be! Gwen:no! but-but why mom!! mom:*laughs evilly* i just wanted to get back on a hateful daughter who told me to burn in hell,that's all. Trent:DUDE. 당신 are gonna hurt a few week old baby?!?! that is beyond retarded! mom:really? *slaps Zane* Zane:*cry* mom:i think it sounds normal. just listen to his cry of joy! Zane:*cry hard* m-mommy! da-da! Gwen:you better let him go,or i`ll...i``ll what? Gwen:just let us go! *cry* why are 당신 doing this to us?!?! i wanted 당신 to leave us alone!! mom:i tried. but i wanted revenge. Trent:if we ever get out of this. 당신 are going...
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posted by angelchamp3
Trent's mom&Amy-*creep into Trent's room**wispers*1...2...3...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRENT!!!!
Trent-*sits up and moans*
mom-What's wrong Sweetheart?
Trent-Huh...Oh nothing.
mom-Well your 프렌즈 are downstairs.
Trent-I'll be down there in a minute.I have to get dressed.
mom-ok.Love you.
Trent-Love 당신 too.
mom-*shuts door*
Trent-*to himself*Oh my god!!!!18 Finally!!!!*finishes getting dressed and goes down stairs*
Courtney-Well look it's Bambi.
Trent-Why Bambi?
Courtney-I don't know.
mom-They want to take 당신 somewhere.
Trent-Ok then!
posted by cooleeo
Gwen's pov!
i woke up to the sound of birds chirping. i smile and turn to look at Trent,but he isn't there. i look around the room,and still no Trent. where is he? i hear a drilling noise coming from across the hall. i got up,and went out of the room to see what's up. i see Trent fixing a window. "Trent?"i said. he looked over at me and smiled. "morning beautiful."he said walking towards me. "what are 당신 doing?"i said. "well,i moved all of that stuff out of this room,and decided to make the nursery..i wanted it to be a surprise."he said. "oh,and where did 당신 put all of the stuff?"i asked....
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일 Two
Trent's P.O.V
For some reason when Heather kissed me yesterday it was like 키싱 the Devil.When I'm with Gwen it's like I'm in my own world.It's a place where everything goes right.Where did I go wrong when I went out with Heather.
I need to write a song for the 음악회, 콘서트 ,but I feel depressed.I'll just get a coffee.As I walked from my hotel room to the 굴, 덴 I could have sworn I heard many piercing screams. There was no use trying to escape to my room so I went through the 불, 화재 escape door.
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Gwen's P.O.V.
"Is it 사랑 that makes people keep going further in life 또는 is it hate that people stay on the Earth for revenge?" I had just finished 읽기 an 기사 from cindy1310.It was the thought I had while I was getting ready for work.It had been two years since I've been on TDI,TDA,and TDWT. Throughout three seasons I didn't win any money.On the other hand I gained friends,enemies,even a
boyfriend.Well I had a boyfriend.
While I came out my room,down the stairs,and out the door my mom called out to me."Gwen,honey don't 당신 want breakfast?"she asked."I assured her I wasn't hungry."Well...
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Gwen's pov!
i wake up to find my wrists still bleeding,i walk into the bathroom,and i heavily stitch them. got into shower,got ready for work,and went to coffee shop. 당신 know this is getting to be a daily routine. wake up,clean wounds,shower,breakfast,work,come home,cry,cut myself,sleep,repeat. nice,i like this. nobody bothers me,even him. then i cried,because i thought about him. thank god it was Saturday,or i would be late. i just kept sobbing,until my phone rang. it was Ionie? who's that? i picked it up and the person told me to back off! "who is this?"i asked. "ugh,Trent's beauty of course!"she...
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