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gwen's p.o.v.
hey i am about to got to college and my mom said i am getting married in 5 months. WHO THE HECK ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM 또는 WHO EVER THIS PERSON I! she said his name is brandon he is from england has dirty blond hair blue eyes and on priceing my mom says he is a great guy for me. WELL I DON'T EVEN FRIKEN KNOW HIM me and my mom are TOTAL opposites on everything 당신 cold think of.
no ones p.o.v.
mom:gwen come on your taxi is here
gwen:i'm coming!
mom:ok sense 당신 are an adlut now 당신 never get the right to use that tone at me
gwen: sorry
mom: now gwen your futur husbend will be waiting for...
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As Gwen was resting on the couch, I walked into her room to look at a picture when we first met in TDI. Wow those were the days, it was hard but fun.Now, Gwen's pregnant,it's been a while but at the same time,not."You okay babe?"I ask,"my stomach is not but every thing else is fine."Are 당신 sure?""Yes"I was walking out of the room to lay down.It was 3am for god's sake!When I woke up, I checked to see if Gwen was on the couch,she wasn't but Bridgette was."Hey what's up" Bridgette asked,"where's Gwen?" I try to say,"She's in the master bedroom" Bridgette replies."Thanks" I open the door and she...
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Gwen's POV
Hi im Gwen, im a new student. Im moving to a small town in Texas. Hope first 일 goes well.Im late for first 일 who cares my life is already ruined.
Teacher: your late, everyone meet our new student Gwen.Please sit 다음 to trent. Gwen: Ummmm. Trent : raises his hand and gwen sits down. Trent: 저기요 Im trent , you? Gwen: hi im Gwen. Teacher: Please leave the flirting for later please. Gwen: *starts to blush*.
Trent's POV
The 벨 rang, I want to know Gwen 더 많이 because she is independant and hot. Gwen was looking around to see where to sit at lunch. Trent: come sit with us. Duncan: this...
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Gwen's pov!
The new season of Total drama has started...and i have come across a problem. i`m in 사랑 with two guys. a sweet musician and a delinquent punk. "ready for the season babe?"Duncan asked. "yeah..i guess."i looked over the edge of the 보트 we were forced to get on to get to the island. "lighten up,i know one of us will win this season."he put his arms behind his neck and kicked his feet up on the railing. "i cant wait.."i blew the hair out of my face boringly. we all arrived on the island and Ben and Jerry were waiting for us on the dock. "welcome back campers,hope 당신 had a great...
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Gwen's pov!
I woke up to the sound of bird chirping. i shut the slightly open window but a gust of wind opened it back up. i turned around to close it again. "hi Gwen."i heard Trent say behind me. i jumped and turned around. "how did 당신 get in here?"i asked. "didn't 당신 notice? the gust of wind was me."he chuckled. "oh,well good morning."i kissed him on the lips. "good morning sweetheart,would 당신 like some breakfast?"he asked. "sure."i blushed. he put me on his shoulders and jumped out of the window. it was the season of fall. i loved how the red and 주황색, 오렌지 leafs fell from the trees. how the...
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Gwen's pov! JANUARY
I yawned and sat up on my bed. i knew that my 프렌즈 were throwing a party,so i decided to get ready. i walked to Marlin's house. oh no i forgot to put on makeup! i might look like a total freak when i get there. i sighed and knocked on the door. Duncan opened the door and his eyes widened. "what?"i asked annoyed. he burst out laughing in my face. "you look so weird without any makeup on!"he laughed. everybody else heard him and looked at me and started laughing. i put my 후드 on and walked into the house and out the back door and sat down on a log. i sighed and propped...
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Trent's pov!
hey,i`m just going to the park. 당신 are thinking,why would a teenager go to the park,when they have video games and 음악 at home? well,i go to the park because i 사랑 to play my 기타 and sing at a special place. people always admire my 노래 so they watch. i really don't mind,i`m not stage fright. i walked down the streets of New York to get to the Madison square park. it was so beautiful there. the flowers,the people walking by,the pond,it was all so peaceful. i sat on a huge rock and turned my guitar. some people stopped walking and watched me play my guitar. i started to...
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Trent:gwen i have to tell 당신 something
gwen: yea what is it babe?
trent: do 당신 want to go some where and eat
gwen:i'm not really hungery
trent: ok babe 당신 ! gwen are 당신 ok
trent:*runs put*
gwen'smom: gwen what did this monster do to you!*slaps gwen*
*at the hospital*
docter: yes your telling me she got posioned
gwen's mom: yes is she going to be ok
docter: we don't know
trent:*runs in* is she ok i don't know what happen
docter: sir come...
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Trent's pov!
It was 1975,the 년 of the old days. i have a job dancing and 노래 in a restaurant/roller rink. it was pretty cool having this job. my shift starts now,so i walked up onto the stage and everyone started cheering. i tipped my hat at them as i played my guitar. i was gonna play my favorite,into the night 의해 Santana. then as i started 노래 a beautiful lady in a black and red dress came in and started dancing. her dress twirling with her every move. everyone started to clap in a rhythm to the song as she danced. wow,she is good. i never seen her around here before. she's amazing....
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Trent's pov!
i`m so freaking pissed right now. Gwen is going to work tonight in a very attractive outfit. "babe whats wrong?"she asked. "its just,some of the guys at the bar tell me that other guys hit on you."i said. she put a hand on my cheek. "so? who cares,i`m never going to cheat on 당신 with some drunken idiot."she said. i put my 재킷, 자 켓 on. "where are 당신 going?"she asked. "to your job."i said. i drove her to the bar. now to teach these bastards a lesson. "Trent,please don't get me fired."we stepped out of the car. "i wont,but if one 더 많이 guys touches 당신 i might."i said. she rolled her...
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Trent's pov!
*sighs* hey. i`m gonna ride to the place where all of problems were kept. it started to rain and i stepped on the bus and sat down. the driver took me to an abandoned film set. i stepped off the bus and into the rain. yep,its total drama action. i walked around the place and it looked the same as it did 11 years ago,but it was 더 많이 torn down. i walked over to the trailers where we`d all used to stay at and walked in. cob webs,lots of them. just painful memories. i walked out and saw a 나무, 트리 with a carving on it. i walked over to it and it was a picture of a 심장 with GxT in it....
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A/N: Hi, I haven't 게시됨 on this fanclub for at least... a year. :P But, I recently wrote this TxG 기사 and 게시됨 it on fanfiction, but I also wanted to post it on here. So, enjoy!

Warning: Viewer Discretion is Advised. This 기사 contains: suicide, dark thoughts.

Until We Meet Again

She was the perfect girl.

Skin as white as the winter snow.

Lips as soft an angel’s melody.

Hair as silky as a wave of gold.

All of this somehow was contained into one girl… my girl.

My fingers trembling, and my lip quaking, my legs were able to drag me onto the local playground, abandoned from the chilly...
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