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Gwen's pov!
I was in the art studio,painting my latest painting to be put in the art museum soon. i heard the door open,i`m sure it was just another artist 또는 customer wanting to buy a painting. i put down my paint brushes and walked to the front of the studio. standing there,with his smile so bright,was Trent. i giggled because he was in a daze and hasn't recognized me yet. i slowly walked up to him and he still didn't say anything. i waved my hand in his face and he kept looking at something. i turned to see what he was looking at..a splatter painting? i turned back to him and he wasn't there....
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posted by tdigirl3496
3 Weeks after Geoff Party

so who parents do we tell first asked trent

i dont know. i geuss we will tell mine said Gwen

cool so when he asked

now she said

ok do 당신 wont to take the car 또는 the motorcycle said Trent

i like the motorcycle she said

good thats what i was going to take anyway said Trent

Trent and Gwen get on the motorcycle and got Gwens houes.when they get there Gwens brother is there and her mom ginny

hi mom kev said Gwen

hi honey and 당신 are Ginny asked

im Trent, Trent Stephens said Trent

oh hello Trent , why are here said Ginny

Trent id here cuz we need talk said Gwen

why do we need to talk...
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posted by ManoftheMoon
*Gwen and Trent as 9 년 olds*

Gwen and Trent were best 프렌즈 and had been for 4 years. Then, something happened. Gwen saw a strange black car pull up. Trent accidentally threw the ball in to a wierd building. "I'll get it" said Gwen. Gwen heard footsteps behind her when.......

*7 years later*

"I don't know what happened after that" Gwen said to her 프렌즈 Bridgette and Leshawna. "Well what sick son of a 암캐, 암 캐 would take 23 kids to an abandoned jail?" said Leshawna "I don't know" said Gwen. "Well tell us about this kid Trent" said Bridgette. "Well I don't remember much of him, but I do...
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Trent's pov!

Just another normal 일 in the life in the city. I was the guy who had the good grades in school and the scholarships from many colleges. I also had a supporting family that wanted me to go to school to get a good, 'normal' paying job. I turned all of that down to become a musician. 당신 all are probably thinking, "Musicians get tons of money selling their records and such!" Well, you're right, but it takes a while to get to the top. Since the pop 음악 industry is so high these days, it is hard to get far in the wanting to rock out on the guitar. I work at a small coffee shop...
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posted by cooleeo
Gwen's pov!
I sat up on my blood soaked sheets and looked around the room. blood splattered all over the wall,my posters ripped and burned,hateful words that i thought described me written in my own blood everywhere all over my room. i was dreading the new school year..and it's finally here. i had another mental break down last night because of all the pain will start all over again. the lonelyness,which i am used to but my soul feel's empty and sorrow. the people who 사랑 to hate and bully me because of the way i act and look. i swore i would never talk. my family died in murder of my ex boyfriend...
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Gwen's pov!
another beating,another scar. here i am sitting on the cold,blood covered floor,crying my eyes out. its been 3 days and no Trent. maybe he just forgot about me....why does it all have to happen to me! i look at my tight chains on my wrists,neck,and feet. i`m up against the wall,chained. but i`m not standing. i heard stomping coming from upstairs. i curl into the wooden corner and hope its not him..just my luck,it is. "good morning."he grabbed his knife. "m-morning."i said. he walked towards me and got down on his knees and kissed me on the lips. he tasted like 맥주 and drugs. i gagged...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
Trent: 저기요 gwen do 당신 want to go on a ride on my motercycle
gwen: sure babe
trent: gwen how long do 당신 want to ride
gwen: i don't know *stonice grwals*
trent: are 당신 hungrey
gwen: yeah
trent: *trys to park the motercycle
gwen: TRENT!
EVERYONE: *looks at trent* oh my god what happen
Gwen: *starts to cry*
geoff&brighette walk up
brighette: gwen whats wrong
gwen well yousee trent triped over his motercycle and he hit his head hard on the concreck i don't want him to die
geoff: we need to get him to a hospital...
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토탈 드라마 아일랜드
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Gwen:yawn. Trent:*snores* Gwen:*giggles and whispers* wake up baby. Trent:*groans* Gwen:*sighs* 당신 leave me no choice. *nibbles his ear* Trent:*moans and sits up* okay..i`m awake. Gwen:*giggles* finally,i thought i was going to have to do 더 많이 than nibble your ear. *gets close to him and whispers* much more. Trent:hm...well if 당신 want to be the first woman to get knocked up again while 당신 are already pregnant. *lays down* go ahead. Gwen:that doesn't help. Trent:*sits up* just messing with 당신 babe. *hugs her* 당신 feeling okay? Gwen:*sighs* yeah...i`m still really stressed. Trent:don't...
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Gwen's dream!
Gwen:time to wake up. Trent:morning bitch. Gwen:excuse me? Trent:do 당신 listen,i said morning bitch! 당신 are a whore bitch! i never want to raise a child with you,and i NEVER want to marry you. Gwen:NO!!!
*in real world*! Trent:*opens eyes* good morning? Gwen:AH! Trent:*shakes her* wake up babe! Gwen:*opens eyes* AH! *slaps him* Trent:ow,baby whats wrong? Gwen:*cry* nothing. Trent:no,tell me. Gwen:i-i keep thinking and dreaming that 당신 want nothing to do with me 또는 Nick. *cry hard* Trent:no,no. *hugs her* i want to spend every second,every 일 of my life with you. Gwen:i`m...
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