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posted by MzmindlessTlat
..... Baby
I'm a play around a little bit... like
Like x3
Okay okay
I got that great, great
Fruity pebbles sweet
He running after me like a track meet
He call me sushi roll, cause I'm raw as fuck
All ready supreme ain't gotta gas me up
My 베개 talk game so superior
So I leave the store with every different color fur
BURR! Gucci Mane said it best
He's like my infant, keep his mouth on my breast
I'm SHEEDA SHEEDA, the Nicki Diva
And it gets wetter than, Lake Geneva
And then we role play
I just won an Oscar
Genius brains like I graduated from Harvard
Full scholarship... here 제비, 삼키기 this
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posted by MzmindlessTlat
Um this not directed towards nobody *lying* lmao think Lana directs this to roc and 레이 at the same damn time *2 chains voice*
Freaky girl:
Uhnn 당신 want a feaky girl? welcome to nicki world na na na nicki's world na na na nicki's world.
Umm let me think
What could I do to kick it off how bout I cum all on your dick and then I lick it off.
I mean it's something so funny when it get soft I like to play with it
Squeeze it like a stress ball he say he like to hear the sound of me slurpin it.
Turn off his phone cause them hoes keep churpin it.
Tell me that I get the fattest pussy in the whole world...
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posted by geekygirl1999
heyyyyyy guys im bak did i ever show yall how the girlz look like wellllllllll im going to even if i did ill pt it in the pics thingy =D

at 집 3 weeks later
tay-come onnnnnnn we got to goooo

at dance class
me-omg girl they is sexy
tay ikr
keke-they really is cuteee
dance teacher-hi girls this is 당신 new dance partners
dt-dave nd keke(first 1 in pic)
dt-tay nd aaron(third 1 in pic)
dt-lana nd trey-(second 1 in pic)
dt-nd kenzie nd chris(last 1)
dt-ima give yall the 일 off so stay here 또는 go byee*walks out*
me-lets stay here
tay-nd do wat
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This is for ALL me(lanapooh) and tay(taybear)haters n dumbass Xs BFS 사랑 this song
나귀, 엉덩이
posted by geekygirl1999
Ok let me first start this off saying IDGAF about anyone who feels that I'm talking about them if the shoe frets 레이스 that 암캐, 암 캐 up nd where it but now on to me

I feel I am being way to nice nd letting people walk all over ME nd my 심장 nd NOT giving a fuck so Fuck everyone who did nd does I'm going to be Alana again the one who is mean as Fuck nd don't give 2.5 fuck about u r ur feeling
also if u not these people taybear,Lena,riri,air hear(aka Tay) to myah. DONT be all up on my bffs the peoplei just listed can
•talk to my bf like a bro
•hug my bf
•talk about my bf
•fight/mess with my...
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posted by geekygirl1999
me- omg shit bout to go down
roc-oh so this ur new bf
aaron-uhhh we r not going out
prod-yea ok
me-whwer not
prince-how could yall
me-US HOW COULD YALL*stands up*yall was fucking other girlz when we was holding yall down yall some man whores nd idc anymore roc i got to live with u but princeton IM DONEE*gets up nd walks out*
kenzie-ray dont ok u hurt me way to much nd i cant take u hurting me anymore*leaves*
roc-tay im sorry
tay-ur only sorry cuz seen u do it
roc-no im deeply sorry
tay-idc come on keke
keke-kk yall come on
roc-tay let me talk to u for 2 mins
tay-u got 2 mins only...
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posted by geekygirl1999
heyyy yall n plz 코멘트 thank yall n ahhhh i got 302 팬 get it lana*cat daddys n twerks*lol where they do THAT at???? over here!! lol

this is 드레이크, 드레이 크 의해 the way link
me-yes 드레이크, 드레이 크 plz stop
drake-all i want is to luv u plz
me-drake i have a bf
drake-do i care
me-no but i do i luv him
drake-so u dont luv me
me-.....i...i do but wat we had is over
drake-no plz i can fix it plz
me-drake im sorry but we cant
drake-*kisses me*plz
me-drake stop
me-look 드레이크, 드레이 크 plz if u luv me let me go
drake-i-i cant i need u
me-drake look plzz *kisses him*let me go
drake-ok will u tell
me-no i wont*smiles*
drake-smiles*i luv...
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posted by geekygirl1999
look yall i dont rememmber where i was at so if i do something different then thats y
at school
me-*spits on boy*
boy-*punches me*
me-plzzzz im sorry stop
me-*kicks him in his nuts*
other boy-*rips my shirt*
me-*hits him in the nuts with a HARD BOOK*
me-runs home*

at the house
me-*runs in house n holds princeton*
roc-wat the fuk happened
kenzie-oh hells no 레이 where my glock
tay-roc go get my 칼, 나이프 set plz
me-idk their names
roc-how u get away
me- i kicked him in the nuts n hist the other one with a book...
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