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posted by irmafan
Tarja's natural hair color is light brown
Tarja's eye color is green
Tarja is 5'5'' tall
Tarja's religion is Lutheran
Tarja plays the 피아노 and the flute she has also learned a little bit of the basics of playing 기타 and drums
Tarja speaks 5 languages Finnish,Swedish,English,German and Spanish
Tarja hates spiders
Tarja's nickname is Tappe
Tarja's 가장 좋아하는 drink is red whine from Chile
Tarja was the only girl in her primary school for six years
Tarja's zodiac sing is Leo
In 1993 Tarja attended the Senior Secondary School of Art and 음악 in Savonlinna
In 1995 Tarja moved to Kuopio to study at the Sibelius Academy
Tarja is a full lyrical soprano
posted by irmafan
I loved Tarja since she was in Nightwish.I really 사랑 Tarja's voice and I 사랑 how she sings every song with feelings.I was very sad when Tarja was fired from Nightwish in 2005.I couldn't believe what the band members wrote about her in the open letter.I couldn't believe that my idol was a greedy diva that didn't care about her fans.I was very sure that the band members lied about her in the open letter.I was very happy in 2007 when her album My Winter Storm came out.Nightwish 팬 were always saying that Tarja is a greedy diva and that made me mad.I was asking myself if she really was a bad...
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당신 Would Have Loved This is a very beautiful and sad song I cried when I heard it for the first time.Tarja dedicated this beautiful and sad song to her mother Marjatta.Her mother sadly passed away in 2003 because of breast cancer.Her mother was a wonderful person.Her mother was very supportive to Tarja and she always trusted in everything that Tarja did.When Tarja was little her mother helped her with her 음악 hobby and always took her to 노래 and 피아노 lessons Tarja also learned to play the flute.Tarja was always a mother's child but when she became a adult she became very much closer...
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posted by irmafan
Tarja 당신 changed my world.You are so talented.I 사랑 your songs I can't stop listening to them I have all of 당신 songs on my computer,mp3 player and cellphone.Your voice touches my soul and makes feel better.You are so sweet I 사랑 your sweet smile it always makes me happy.You are so beautiful I can't stop looking at 당신 pics.I know everything about you.I 사랑 당신 very much and my dream is to come to one of 당신 live concerts and meet 당신 and talk to 당신 and tell 당신 about how much I 사랑 you.I am one of 당신 most loyal 팬 and I am the 팬 that loves 당신 the most :)
posted by irmafan
I have good news.In 03.08.2011 Tarja wrote in her official blog that she wrote some new songs.She said that the songs that she wrote are different in spirit and the songs are about:eagles, killers, dreams, love, journeys, colours, and darkness.The album is also going to have a 더 많이 positive vibe than her 이전 albums and that it will rock.
당신 can read the blog post here:link
Well lets hope that the album is going to rock like the 이전 albums of our 앤젤 ;)