In summer 2012, Nana, my mum, my sister and I went to Sweden 의해 taking a plane to Copenhagen, Denmark, and then a 보트 to Sweden, where my aunt Marit drove us to a small village called Viken. Marit owns i small house right beside hers where people rent it and stay for a few days. As no one was staying there at the moment, my mum, my sister and I stayed in it (Nana stayed in the big house) My adopted cousin, Christopher, who's Brazilian, also stayed with his girlfriend, Blerta.

It rained so much and the sun wouldn't come out but the people in Viken go in the sea whatever the weather! We also went as Viken is right 의해 the sea. We didn't want to go swimming because it was too cold, but lots of people were just having fun in the sea as if it was a very hot day.

In the mornings, everyone walks to the bakery in their pyjamas to buy their little 빵 rolls for breakfast, so we took it in turns every day. When it was my turn, I asked the lady if she spoke English, and with my luck, she was probably the only person in Sweden who didn't speak even a little bit English! So It took my 10 분 to do sign language and ask for about 5 small 빵 rolls!

It was beautiful over there, we had a view of the big windmill and the huge lake which is actually part of the sea. 당신 could only go swimming in some parts of the see though because there were so many jellyfish everywhere! I really hope I get to go again soon....