Sterling Sandmann Knight was born March 5,1989(age 21)He was born in Houston, Texas U.S.He is a american actor.His first show ever was Hi-Jinks.He's now in an original 디즈니 show "Sonny with a chance" as he plays Chad Dylan Cooper from Mackenzie Falls.Now a days he still plays Chad Dylan Cooper Sonnys boyfriend.And there used to be a rival between So 랜덤 and Mackenzie falls.But no moree;)(I know I watch Sonny with a Chance get over it hahaha!)

다음 thingg to know about Sterling.He's well of coursee a actor.But also a singer-songwriter!He started 노래 a while 이전 but sang out loud in 2010.

If youu haven't noticed Sterling played Lucas in Hannah Montana.He played Lilys two-timer boyfriend.If 당신 watched Hannah Montana in about 2007 또는 2008 thenn youu wouuldd know.

Sterling was in Demi Lovatos 음악 video "La la land" as he played Paparazzo as it says.

So that is all if youu need to know moree about Sterling Knight comee to mee! ♥