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Rated PG-13
254 mins

~What Rose Red is about~
Dr. joyce Reardon an obsessed psychology professor who commissions a team of psychis and a gifted 15-year old autisitic girl Annie Wheatone,to literally wake up a supposedly dormant haunted mansion-Rose Red-Their efferts unleash myraid spirits and uncover horrifying secrets of the generations who have lived and died there.

Nancy Travis
Matt Keeslar
Kimberly J. Brown
David Dukes
Judith Ivey
Matt Ross
Julian Sands
Kevin Tighe

~My opion on Rose Red~
I loved it!the ghosts and killings where amamzing i simple loved it.The acters where...
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 I see you!
I see you!
Hi guys, I had seen Rose Red and I am currently seeing it again as 할로윈 is around the corner. I am going to write a review about it and why I consider this as my only favourite Horror movie despite that I dislike Horror films.

The Story

While watching this movie, the film eerily reminds me of Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of 언덕, 힐 House. On which the film took inspiration from, another story 의해 Stephen King on which it took inspiration from is Carrie. Ironically, Annie Wheaton reminds me of Carrie and Eleanor 'Nell' Vance from the Haunting of 언덕, 힐 House as they have telekinetic power.
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posted by Dark-Blood
A Good Marriage To Be Determined

Apt Pupil October 23rd, 1998

Carrie November 3rd, 1976

Cat's Eye April 12th, 1985

Children of the 옥수수 March 9th, 1984

Christine December 9th, 1983

Creepshow November 10th, 1982

Creepshow 2 May 1st, 1987

Cujo August 12th, 1983

Dark Half, The April 23rd, 1993

Dead Zone, The October 21st, 1983

Dolores Claiborne March 24th, 1995

Dreamcatcher March 6th, 2003

Firestarter May 11th, 1984

Graveyard Shift October 26th, 1990

Green Mile, The December 6th, 1999

Hearts in Atlantis September 28th, 2001

Mangler, The March 3rd, 1995

Maximum Overdrive July 25th, 1986

Mercy December...
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posted by Cherry9090
Rates R
134 mins

~What Dreamcather is about~
Jonesy,Henry,Pete,Beaver.They'rt bonded 의해 freindship and 의해 the strange pwers each acquired on a fateful 일 in their childhood.But now a horrific entity is putting their freindship and powers to the test and some of the four will die.And some will save the world from a menace unlike anything ever seen!

Morgon Freeman
Thomas Jane
Jason Lee
Damian Lewis
Timothy Olyphant
Tom Sizemore
Donnie Wahlberg

~My opion on Dreamcatcher~
It was kickass!! So bloody,so gorey.Wonderful acting.I 사랑 how the aleins are born and hatch (from the eggs and the...
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posted by Dark-Blood
National Briefing | South: Georgia: Fatal Shooting At Gun Show

A 13-year-old died a 일 after being shot in the head on Sunday while at a gun show with his father. The boy, Stephen King of Prattville, Ala., died after surgery in Atlanta. It was not clear how the shooting occurred.
July 16, 2002, Tuesday .


By James Barron

Joke on the Cutting-Room Floor Even STEVEN SPIELBERG can be edited out of a film. Mr. Spielberg expected to be the subject of a joke in the opening 분 of ''Men in Black II,'' the follow-up to the 1997 sci-fi comedy. But the gag he heard about is not in the...
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posted by Cherry9090
Rated R
95 mins

~What Cujo is about~
Monstrous cannine evil stalks,isolated family in rural Main,vic and donna struggle to reapire their crumbling marriage,while their young son Tad befriends a hulking loveable 200 pound ST.Bernard named Cujo.With Vic away on business.Donna and Tad take their decripit car to be fixed at the remote farm of thier machanic.As their aging 얼룩말, 핀 토 sputtersto a stop and dies.Culo appears,but once docile dog has undergone a hideous tranformation-and becomes a slavering,demonic implaceable,killer possessed 의해 almost 수퍼내츄럴 strength and unholy and cunning....
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