Stana Katic as Det. Kate Beckett
After spending fifteen 분 on the phone with link 별, 스타 link yesterday, one thing became abundantly clear: Fifteen 분 wasn't nearly enough time! Evidently, Katic and Kate Beckett, her small screen alter ego on the hit ABC series have 더 많이 than just mesmerizing good looks and a killer smile in common. As luck (or hard work) would have it, Katic is that rare Hollywood specimen that has the brains to match the beauty. A conclusion we reached following our all-too-brief chat in which the actress was kind enough to take some time from her busy schedule to discuss the recent link season finale, her first meeting with co-star link, Emmy possibilities and of course, hair!

As much as I detest incredibly obvious first questions, there is no getting around this one. Beckett and 성 together! Are 당신 "for" 또는 "against"?
link: I think that those two characters make a lot of sense together. I understand that lately, many people have this belief that all the romantic tension and comedy will stop when a couple gets together. But I believe that whether they're together 또는 whether they're not together, that tension and sexual swordplay should still be available. I might be overly romantic, but I think that if a couple gets together there is still an element of spice in a relationship.

Agreed! In fact, as someone who watches a lot of TV can attest, if anything, shows such as PARENTHOOD and link illustrated that marriage (or a relationship) isn't the death of comedy and drama, but rather the start of it. Is it possible almost too much has been made of the "will-they-or-won't-they?"
I kind of agree with that idea. Married couples, 또는 people who are together should still be able to have that wonderful back-and-forth that a man and woman can often bring to a story. There are so many great examples like link where Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy and playing off of each other beautifully. Even something as recent as link I mean they're married but they just throw it at each other, it's so sexy.

After a shaky first season, link really seemed to come into its own this season. Do 당신 attribute anything specific to that?
Every show kind of evolves throughout the years. I remember watching some of link first episodes and thinking the premise was fantastic, but it wasn't necessarily indicative of what the show would eventually become. I think for this one, especially in a network 텔레비전 environment, the powers that be are really concentrated on first establishing the story, ensuring people know what the story is going to be about, then kind of retelling that until they gain a certain amount of audience appeal and then moving from there. This 년 what we got to do is grow from that initial outline and I think that branching out really just offered a lot of interesting story lines and wonderful character growth, which I thought was appealing for everybody.

Has creator Andrew Marlowe given 당신 any indication on where things are heading in the third season?
I just walked out of a meeting with Andrew and they're definitely in the early stages of developing story, creating the first chunk of episodes and trying to figure out how to come back from summer vacation. One of the commitments they made is they really enjoyed the opportunities that were afforded 의해 having the two-parter last season. It was a monumental thing to do, there was a lot of action, extra characters, and it was really a bigger show for us. But I think they had a really nice return from it in terms of audience response so they're definitely committed in the writer's room to creating another two-parter. Where it will fall and how many I don't know, but I'm pretty sure they want to create something that has just as high stakes. Plus, for me it was so fun to do.

It was fun. I particularly enjoyed when Beckett got a glimpse of the fact that she could be both successful at her career and in life. Is 더 많이 of Beckett's personal life something you'd like to see explored in season 3?
I'm really hoping so. That as an actor is the most interesting thing to play. It's my belief that Beckett is probably a lot 더 많이 like Nikki Heat than I think 성 realizes and I'd 사랑 to see 더 많이 of that tone coming out. Not just in characters talking about it, but actually seeing it in action on the screen. It's so fun to play the real underneath of a character on screen. I'd 사랑 to explore it.

This season link will get a new time slot competitor in CBS' much-anticipated reboot of HAWAII FIVE-O. Have 당신 given any thought to it and are 당신 at all concerned about the competition?
Well 당신 know I think the viewers that have created an allegiance to link are there for a reason. Something like HAWAII FIVE-O is a different show entirely and I think we're going after different audiences. That said, I'm sure producers are aware of it, they're all smart people. And if link is capable — at least from my understanding — of bouncing of CSI: MIAMI that means it has got some legs and I'm sure that will help us sustain its own sort of audience.

One of the things that keeps me personally coming back to link is the chemistry between yourself and co-star link. Was that something 당신 two had to work at 또는 was it right there from the get go?
There are a couple of things that are involved in creating a really nice chemistry with a co-star. First and foremost, one of the elements is writing. If 당신 have the 글쓰기 to bounce back and forth with your co-star, good 글쓰기 as a foundation kind of lends itself to a real natural chemistry being brought there. So we started there, there's a great sense of play. And one of the things when I spoke to [creator] Andrew Marlowe the first time, trying to find out about things like tone and where he felt that the show was going to live he mentioned the link which is a real old series with Myrna Loy and William Powell and had that wonderful sense of quick banter and play between the guy and the girl. And then of course 당신 have to have the person to bounce the ball to who will bounce it back. Nathan [Fillion] has been doing 텔레비전 for a very long time, he was very comfortable with it but then he's also got a great sense of play so it's nice to be able to jump into something like this with someone like him.

I'll tell 당신 one of the first experiences I had with Nathan and I don't know if he has ever heard this story… I was testing for the role and the thing was I was actually living in Newport, which for your readers who don't live in the LA area is quite a distance away from LA. I didn't have time to 샵 for the right 블라우스 so I just grabbed this 블라우스 that I had and thought I'll make it work. When I got to the testing area, they were doing the makeup, hair, fiddling with my clothing and of course it wasn't working. There I was, trying not to stress out because I'm about to be on camera for about 40 to 50 people in about 10 minutes. So I step out, grab some scissors from the hairstylist and think to myself that if i can't find a mirror, maybe I can do it myself. There was Nathan grabbing a coffee, he says, "Hey, how are 당신 doing?" I'm like, "So can 당신 help me out for a second?" He responds, "Sure, do 당신 want to run lines?" And I'm like, "No. Can 당신 cut a straight line?" And he stops and is like, "I can try, but I'm not promising anything." So he cut my shirt, removed the lower tunic part and it's funny because the producers kind of walked in on the two of us being co-criminals and I thought that was just a real wonderful kind of taste of what the camaraderie would be in the future on the show.

At least according to your link, at 56 episodes and counting Beckett will be the longest role you've ever played. How do 당신 keep it fresh and interesting as 당신 head in to the third season?
Yeah I know! I think the further we delve into Beckett's personal life, the 더 많이 interesting it is as an actor. Obviously it's my job to keep it interesting for me, let alone for the people who are viewing it. But as an actor 당신 just try to attack a scene that 당신 might have done 30 different ways already and find the 31st way. It’s really just a day-by-day thing and life influences 당신 differently and I think as we keep exploring her inner life and peeling away layers of her there will be so many 더 많이 beats to play. I think we found a really great rhythm last season and this 년 they'll be able to build on it even better because they know even 더 많이 so than they did last 년 what really clicks and where our opportunities are.

As 당신 may-or-may-not-know, at the end of this week is when Emmy nominations are due. Are awards something 당신 spend a lot of time thinking about?
당신 know I just came back from shooting a film in France, and as we were shooting all throughout the north and south of France I passed 의해 the Cannes Film Festival and I thought to myself "Gosh, that would be so amazing to attend the Cannes Film Festival and be a part of a film that was featured there." But I can't even fathom the concept of being individually selected for something like that, that's just beyond my imagination at this point truthfully. I think just to be a part of a project that gets recognized and is loved it would be a tremendous honour. Especially 의해 so many of these wonderful award shows that are created 의해 peers, co-creators of film and television, it's a tremendous honour to be viewed as something that is entertaining and worth watching 의해 our fellow actors and directors.

And I'm really sorry to have to end this interview off on a slightly embarrassing note, but 팬 will kill me if I don't ask… what is probably the dumbest 질문 of my career… Beckett's hair, which 의해 the way 팬 love, has seen quite a shift in style between the first and 초 season. Should 팬 brace themselves for yet another change come season three?
[Laughs] I have a feeling there will be a change so get ready guys!

Any truth to the rumour that you'll be attempting the Justin Bieber look?
[Laughs] Maybe I'll try a faux-hawk!