For all the Hotch-addicts (me, me, me!!!) here's a biography of our favourite Unit Chief! Hope 당신 enjoy it.

Character Name: Aaron Hotchner
Profession: Unit Chief of the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI in Quantico, Virginia.

"Nobody looks as clean as Thomas Gibson in a suit." - Shemar Moore, Behind the Scenes.

Aaron Hotchner is rather tall at 6'2", with a slender but muscular physique that is maintained through daily workouts and the physical stress of his job. He has impeccable composure only earned through years of practice and reinforced 의해 his desire to to separate himself emotionally from his job. He once told former agent Elle Greenaway, "This job can eat 당신 up if 당신 let it." and he strives hard to ensure that doesn't happen 의해 perfecting his composure into a stony mask that can intimidate even the grisliest of killers. His job is a tough one and the signs of stress are finally starting to take their toll, but it is easily said that Aaron Hotchner is quite an attractive man. With a charming but rarely seen smile, neatly styled black hair and warm brown eyes that reveal what his face will not (whether it is mirth, 또는 livid anger). He has broad shoulders and a confident, but unassuming, air that demands the respect and attention of the room.

Hotch, the very embodiment of FBI, is almost always seen in a suit and tie. This leaves little in way of creativity as far as his style of dress goes. "Creative" for Aaron Hotchner might be wearing the occasional navy-blue 또는 gray suit, instead of traditional black. 또는 perhaps a different color tie from the usual standard red. When off the clock, though, Hotch does unwind and believe 또는 not, owns casual clothes that he actually wears from time to time. At 집 there isn't any pressure on him being "Special Agent Aaron Hotchner"; he's just Aaron. But it's 안전한, 안전 to say he takes his job seriously, including the dress code. He didn't even loosen his tie after nearly being strangled 의해 an UnSub until Gideon did it for him.


"I catch killers, I save lives, I'm a hero until my key hits my front door, and then I'm just the father and the husband who is never there. Here's the thing: when I'm home, I'm in this silent panic because I know that I have to be as good as I can, as fast as I can. Because any 분 the phone is going to ring and my time is up."
- Aaron Hotchner, "Ashes and Dust"

Aaron Hotchner's austere demeanor may be easily mistaken for callousness to those who don't know him well. But Aaron Hotchner is anything but callous. He cares deeply about his team and the victims they help save; his composure is a shield that helps keep the job at a distance, to keep the horrors from getting too far inside. He once told former agent Elle Greenaway "This job can eat 당신 up if 당신 let it." He works hard to keep that from happening. In the same vein, Hotch seems to have the patience of a saint. He could stare down an uncooperative UnSub all 일 until they cracked under the pressure of his gaze. He's willing to wait as long as needed to get information that isn't as forthcoming.

The fierceness with which Hotch devotes himself to his job stems from his desire to protect his own family from the monsters he routinely hunts. It's hard line to walk, protecting people from the worst humanity has to offer, as other families demand his protection and pull him away from his own. His job often demands he put his family 초 to the needs of his victims. He can't keep everybody safe, all of the time, but he puts his all into trying to make a difference. There is a subtle pressure that comes from working this job, from doing what they do. Regardless of circumstances, there's always the chance a situation won't go the way it's planned to and if 또는 when such a thing occurs, and it ends badly, Hotch is the one to hold it all together.

His standing as team leader gives him authority over his team, but it also puts them under his care. Hotch does the best he can to protect his team and trusts and respects each of them implicitly. If the situation ever arose, he would die for them. But the 제목 of Unit Chief also comes bearing weight, and a heavy one at that. It requires him to make (sometimes rather difficult) decisions that don't always appease his team. Being the leader means he has to make sacrifices and at times, put protocol over what he may otherwise believe is right. Despite his inclination towards sticking to the rules, he has, on occasion, broken them if necessary and will not hesitate to push aside regulation is one of his one is in danger.

Hotchner has a strong, unrelenting sense of justice that is a key component in his character and his drive behind profiling and catching killers. Also, being a profiler, Aaron Hotchner is a very observant individual. He has to be. He has a seemingly "find a way 또는 make a way" attitude in handling his job, especially in regards to cases, a dead end just doesn't sit well with Aaron Hotchner. Neither does giving up. Hotch will put everything he has into a case, so even if the outcome isn't a good one, he can't blame himself and say he didn't try.

His job also requires self-confidence, which is something Hotchner certainly isn't in short supply of. Some people are born with confidence, but few are able to 마구, 하네스 it the way he does. Hotch isn't arrogant 또는 egotistical, but merely a confident individual whose own confidence is a comfort to those around him (provided they're on his side. It's not such a comfort for the one on the receiving end of such a calm, confident and unshakable personality.) And although his team finds it hard to believe, Aaron Hotchner does have a sense of humor, although, like his smile, it is a rare occurrence at work. While some others use their humor as a defense mechanism, Hotch finds it easier to compartmentalize the things he's seen if he keeps his own emotions out of them.

There's nothing he loves 더 많이 in this world then his son, Jack.

"Some abused children grow up to be killers."
"And others grow up to catch them."
- Aaron Hotchner, "Natural Born Killer"

Aaron Hotchner was born and bred in Virginia, as his mother, Maryland Montgomery, grew up in Staunton, Virginia, and attended Mary Baldwin College in the same state. Hotch's childhood is not something he enjoys reflecting on, as although his mother used to reassure him that his father once had a decent side - a loving one, even, he knew only the dark side of the man. For the length of time that Aaron knew his father, Samuel, (and no, later, the irony of that name was not 로스트 on him) he was a die-hard alcoholic who abused his wife. Aaron grew used to the routine, but he could never come to accept his the abuse his mother suffered at the man's hands. When he was old enough to stand up for her, he did just that. He stood up to his father, who, unfortunately, turned the beatings to him instead.

In order to try and appease his father, who seemed never satisfied with what his family could give him, Aaron worked hard in school. For the majority of his younger years, up until he reached high school, he had lived under the false notion that perhaps his father would stop abusing them if he succeeded in school and gave the man something to be proud of, but it wasn't long before he grew out if his naive denial. Afterward, he just endured the abuse in silence, withdrawing into himself to hold himself together. He began to shut himself off from the world and decided against letting anyone in. In the meantime, he continued to study hard, finding that there was a way he could escape, a way he could get away from his father that didn't involve any outside assistance. He would go away to college, get a good paying job and get his mother out of that house.

He went on to do just that, but not before meeting Haley at the end of his junior 년 in high school. Meeting her had been an accident, a twist of fate that led him to stumble into the wrong rehearsal room and find her there, upon the stage and knowing then that he would one 일 marry her. Childish aspirations, really, but they came true. He signed up for theater club just to get to know her and got a part in the school's rendition of The Pirates of Penzance as "the worst fourth pirate in history". Despite his lack of 연기 skill, Haley was 참드 의해 Aaron Hotchner and the two became sweethearts. They eventually married.

Hotch graduated at the 상단, 맨 위로 of his class and went off to law school, where he earned his degrees and an internship with the local courts as a defense attorney. He became a prosecutor and followed his chosen career path for a couple of years before taking courses to became a member of the LAPD's SWAT team. After sticking it out in that field for awhile, he eventually joined the Bureau in Seattle, slowly working his way up the corporate ladder, giving lectures and holding classes on negotiation techniques and hostage scenarios. Only a few years ago, he received a request for transfer from the office in Quantico, Virginia and took the director, Strauss, up on the offer. He and Haley moved into the residential district in Quantico and Aaron Hotchner joined the BAU. A 년 later he was promoted to section chief, and his team began to come together, Jason Gideon having been there all along, with Derek 모건 being the first to join, followed 의해 the young Dr. Spencer Reid, media liaison Jennifer Jareau, technical analyst Penelope Garcia and lastly, Elle Greenaway. Things were looking up.

It was later that 년 that Jack was brought into Hotchner's life. He was everything Hotch could've asked for, and he loved his son dearly, even if his job often kept him away from him. His job began to put a strain on Haley and his relationship.

Then things went downhill. First, Agent Greenaway was shot, and then committed murder once she returned to the field too soon after her injury. Agent Prentiss was sent in to replace her. Reid was kidnapped and tortured and was left dealing with PTSD and fighting drug addiction long afterward, Gideon suffered a personal tragedy and left without a word. Haley became fed up with her husband's constant absence that she signed for a divorce which Hotch gave to her wearily, but without a fight. Being away from his son and coming 집 to an empty house at the end of the 일 took its toll on him and the resulting stress once placed him and Dr. Reid in a dangerous situation due to his own pent up frustration.

Former Agent David Rossi came in to replace Gideon and things although off to a rocky start, slowly began to right themselves again.

• Any time he gets to spend with his son, Jack
• His team
• His job
• Quiet mornings
• Daily Crossword
• Mac & Cheese ("it's the best!")
• Morning coffee
• Collecting old coins

• Fighting with Haley (especially over Jack)
• Not being able to save everyone
• When his team is in danger
• Loud noises
• Alcoholics
• the media
• Serial Killers
• People who hurt children

• Always in control
• A really good shot
• Trust in his team and himself
• His family (Jack)
• Perseverance
• Sense of Justice

• His Hero Complex
• His desire to protect his son and his team
• His hearing (left ear?)
• His tendency to distant himself from the job (pushes people away)

Siblings: Sean Hotchner
Spouse: (ex-wife) Haley Brooks
Children: Jack Hotchner

Anything Else? He carries two firearms, a Glock 17 at his hip and a Glock 27 as backup on his ankle.