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FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit Supervisory Special Agent/Unit Chief Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner is played 의해 Thomas Gibson.

Hotchner is the head of the BAU team. Hotchner was a prosecutor for a time, although it is not stated specifically where, his experience in prosecution helps his team to craft tight cases, it also allows him to judge when (and how) it may be necessary to 치마 the law to successfully capture and prosecute an UNSUB (unknown subject). He is often referred to as a drill sergeant he very rarely smiles and it is a common joke that he doesn't blink. At one point when listing his worst qualities he says that he has no sense of humor, he doesn't trust women as much as men, and he is a bully. He is extremely loyal and protective of his team whom he allows to call him 'Hotch'. Initially he shared leadership and mentoring of the team with Agent Jason Gideon. It is heavily implied that he was abused as a child although he has never confirmed it. In 2X19 (Ashes and Dust) he states that his father died when he was young. Hotchner's hearing was damaged in an explosion in 3X20 (Lo-Fi) the after effects lingered for some time preventing him from traveling 의해 air and rendering him hyper-sensitive to loud 또는 high pitched noises. He was married to Haley (Meredith Monroe), his best friend and highschool sweetheart. Haley grew increasingly unhappy with the impact of Hotchner's work on him and their family and eventually left him. The two remained close and the divorce appeared amicable as both still cared deeply for the other. He has one son with Haley named Jack.

***SPOILER*** Hotchner became Jack's sole parent after an UNSUB murdered Jack's mother. Jessica, Haley's sister, assists Hotchner in caring for Jack when Hotchner is called out of town for work.

In 1X01 (Extreme Aggressor) Hotchner is shown at 집 with Haley, they are going through baby names while Hotchner works on a crib. Hotchner is later ordered 의해 the brass to evaluate Agent Jason Gideon as he is returning from medical leave due to an incident where six agents were killed. The team works a series of murders in Seattle, while introducing the team to the Seattle field office Hotchner smiles and says he hopes the Seattle agents remember him as he worked there for two years. (While, this is notable in that Hotchner almost never smiles, he does exhibit 더 많이 emotive behavior early in the series than is standard later). While speaking to a victim's family a dog begins to bark at Reid, Hotchner explains it is the Reid effect and it happens with children too.

1X02 (Compulsion) Hotchner calls the BAU team into the conference room implying the bullpen and surrounding offices are used 의해 agents who are not members of the BAU. He also asks Reid to address several college students as part of their investigation, he mistakenly assumes the students will relate to Reid better due to Reid's age, after Reid stutters and nervously wanders off on a tangent Hotchner gently takes over the briefing.

1X03 (Won't Get Fooled Again) He admits that he was a bit of a nerd as a child and spent a great deal of time searching for a 1944 penny. (A 1944 penny would not necessarily be worth much, a 1943 copper penny would be worth a great deal and a steel penny from 1943 또는 1944 could be worth quite a bit, in 1944-46 pennies were sometimes made with old shell casings which sometimes resulted in streaks of different colors, these changes were due to the scarcity of certain metals during the war).

1X05 (Broken Mirror) Hotchner speaks with Haley over the phone as she is on mandatory 침대 rest for her pregnancy due to test results indicating she may be at risk for preeclampsia.

1X06 (L.D.S.K.) Hotchner assists Reid in practicing with his weapon in an attempt to pass his firearms qualification test (it can be roughly presumed this is Reids annual test as he mentions barely passing his last test), during this scene Hotchner mentions that he was on SWAT, whether he is referring to the FBI equivalent 또는 time on an actual police SWAT team is not made clear (Hotchner specifically says, 'on SWAT we'). Hotchner also makes a joke when Reid inadvertently shoots a silhouette target in the crotch. Later in the episode as part of a ruse to overcome the UNSUB Hotchner mentions working with Reid for three years and then insults and beats Reid, Reid later tells Hotchner that he kicks like a nine 년 old girl. (The truth of Hotchners claim of working with Reid for three years is debatable. 모건 appears to have worked with the BAU longer and tends to treat Reid like a green agent, it could be that Hotchner lied to the UNSUB 또는 that Reid and 모건 simply did not enjoy a particularly close relationship at the time).

1X07 (The Fox) Hotchner shows off his new son to the team with Haley.

1X08 (Natural Born Killer) after Hotchner is nearly garroted 의해 an UNSUB Gideon checks on him and loosens his 칼라 telling him to, 'take your tie of for once'. Later in the episode Hotchner speaks with the UNSUB, he states that the UNSUB was made 의해 his environment because he grew up in an extremely violent and abusive home. The UNSUB challenges Hotchners choice of words and Hotchners reply strongly implies that he himself grew up in a similar situation.

1X10 (The 인기 Kids) Reid is struggling with a recurrence of nightmares hes had for years that have been aggravated 의해 his BAU work. Hotchner quietly approaches Reid, he offers to talk about the dreams if Reid needs to, Hotchner even goes so far as to comfortingly touch Reids arm.

1X11 (Blood Hungry) While speaking with the mother of an UNSUB Hotchner mentions his mother was from Manassas Virginia and attended Mary Baldwin College (an elite 대학 with a severely limited enrollment number of less than 3,000 students). Later when Garcia is upset because Gideon trashed her office Hotchner promises to take care of it and speaks to Gideon about sending a thank 당신 gift to Garcia.

1X12 (What Fresh Hell) Gideon is annoyed that Hotchner sent 꽃 to Garcia on his behalf as he had already sent Garcia an MP3 player as thanks since Garcia is a tech junky and an MP3 player would last longer. Gideon muses aloud that Garcia may think he is sweet on her, the rest of the BAU team laughs at this extremely slim possibility.

1X13 (Poison) Hotchner states he prosecuted dozens of murder cases and always felt 의해 the time they reached him it was too late, wanted to stop them from occurring so he joined the BAU.

1X14 (Riding the Lightning) the team is attempting to elicit an admission from a death row murderer as to the number of his victims before he dies. Hotchner reveals that the killers son is alive and declares that the killer has lost; the boys picture is the last thing the killer sees.

1X15 (Unfinished Business) Hotchner finds a woman bound in plastic and gagged hidden under the 침대 of a would-be killer while in pursuit of the main UNSUB. Elle asks Hotchner how he manages to have a family and work at the BAU, Hotchner replies that he gives his full attention and focus to the team when hes with them and his family when hes with them, that its a 질문 of priorities.

1X16 (The Tribe) Hotchners brother Sean stops 의해 to see Hotchner. He was slated to go to Georgetown law and follow in their fathers footsteps and become a lawyer. Instead he tells Hotchner that he is going to work in a restaurant in New York under a prestigious chef that he can learn from. Sean mentions that their father died of a 심장 attack at 47. Hotchner assumes Sean is being youthful and impetuous and tries to talk him out of the job, Sean leaves and angrily shouts at Hotchner not to 프로필 him. At the end of the episode Hotchner meets Sean and gives him contact information for a friendly agent in New York as an apology. He tells Sean that it is important that Sean choose for himself.

Sean is never seen 또는 mentioned again, this is especially bizarre and notable considering later tragic events in Hotchner's life. Regarding Hotchner's father, in episode 2X19 Ashes and Dust, Hotchner is speaking with a suspect and says that his father had lung cancer, this discrepancy has yet to be addressed. It could be that he did, in fact, have lung cancer but succumbed to a 심장 attack, alternately, it may be that the manner of Hotch's father's death is also an oversight on the part of the writers, a third very unlikely possibility is that Hotch deliberately lies to the suspect

In 1X22 (The Fisher King Part 01) Haley delivers an envelope to him that she says a man gave her to pass on to Hotchner as 'a young girl's life depended on it' the man came to their 집 to deliver the envelope. Hotchner is clearly bothered 의해 the implied threat to Haley's and Jack's safety. In the same episode he orders Agent Elle Greenaway to go 집 to rest as she hasn't slept for 36 hours and the team is at a standstill on the case. The episode closes with the UNSUB shooting Elle.

In 2X01 (The Fisher King Part 02) Hotchner asks Agent Anderson where Elle is, Anderson explains that he left Elle at her 집 half an 시간 before. Hotchner orders him to return to Elle as the UNSUB has their personal details. Anderson finds Elle as she is being successfully resuscitated 의해 EMTs (evidently Elle managed to dial 911 before succumbing to blood loss, the responding EMTs and officers did not realize she was an FBI agent until Anderson arrived as the UNSUB 스톨, 훔친 her credentials and weapon).

In 2X06 Elle shoots an UNSUB after she openly blames Hotchner for getting her shot.

In 2X12 (Profiler, Profiled) Reid is making miniature rockets out of film canisters in the office to entertain JJ, Prentiss, and Garcia and nearly strikes Hotchner with one. Reid apologizes and Hotchner mildly chastises Reid and then 코멘트 that Reid is really starting to get some distance with them. Prentiss observes that Hotchner has a sense of humor after all, Reid replies, 'sometimes'.

In 2X22 Section Chief Erin Strauss makes it clear to Hotchner that she wants him removed from his position and possibly from the FBI as well. Ostensibly her reasoning is that Hotchner is no longer effective in his post, he then profiles her as an example of his still sharp skills. Strauss then turns it into a 질문 of his leadership skills; he gives her a specific rundown on each of the members of his team demonstrating how well he knows them. After confronting Hotchner Strauss approaches Prentiss and attempts to force her into providing evidence of Hotchner's incompetence 또는 face reassignment from the BAU. Prentiss instead chooses to resign from the FBI.

While not explicitly stated it is implied that Strauss sees Hotchner as a political threat, that said, she does have a good argument regarding his potential incompetence as he is the agent in charge when Elle shoots a suspect in cold blood and Reid battles a narcotics addiction, the lack of paperwork 또는 evidence to fully prove either situation works in the BAU and Hotchner's favor in both cases.

At the end of 3X01 (Doubt) Hotchner is suspended for allowing a serial murder suspect and a disturbed and armed college student to interact ultimately resulting in the deaths of both. The suspension may be valid but it is largely another 옮기기 의해 Strauss to remove Hotchner.

In 3X02 (Name and Blood) Hotchner's two-week suspension is completed, he requests a transfer and Strauss suggests white 칼라 crimes unit due to his background as a prosecutor. This makes Haley happy as Hotchner originally joined the Bureau with the intention of climbing the ranks and his work with the BAU has changed his personality and forces him to leave Haley and Jack alone quite often. However, 모건 asks Hotchner to help with a case as Strauss is currently filling Hotchner's role with disastrous results (she has never been in the field and manages to insult the local cops and severely lose her composure at a crime scene), Hotchner assists on the case and decides to stay with the BAU, although he tells 모건 that he will have to talk to Haley about it (Prentiss also assists, in fact her status as a civilian helps them save the UNSUB's 다음 victim). At the successful conclusion of the case Strauss tells Hotchner that none of the BAU team will 옮기기 up the ranks, Hotchner replies with, 'why would I ever want to leave the BAU?' in his characteristic near monotone. When Hotchner returns 집 after the case he finds Haley and Jack are gone. Later, he is served divorce papers, which he signs.

Hotchner is able to stay with the BAU in 3X02 because Garcia put a hold on his paperwork along with Prentiss' resignation which allows both agents to return with no problems. He actually thanks Garcia for placing the holds and then tells her to release the paperwork. After the conclusion of the case in 3X02 Reid discovers Gideon's goodbye letter, Gideon's departure leaves Hotchner as the most senior profiler and the sole leader of the team. (Agent Rossi likely has 더 많이 experience than Hotchner but he does not 가입하기 the team until several episodes later, even then he has been away from the bureau for a significant amount of time so it is possible that both men have equivalent levels of experience.)

In 3X20 the team travels to New York city to investigate an UNSUB who is randomly gunning down persons at subway stops. Once there it is revealed that the lead agent, Kate Joyner, had a relationship of some kind with Hotchner it is never stated whether it was simply strong friendship 또는 more, although JJ and Prentiss quietly 코멘트 on Joyner's similar appearance to Haley. Joyner holds dual citizenship and was formerly with Scotland Yard, she is hostile to 모건 as he has been tapped 의해 the brass to replace her should she fail to successfully conclude the current case. This is in opposition to Strauss's dire prediction of the fate of the BAU team members. It is eventually revealed that the killings are a clever ruse to test response times 의해 first responders to enable a coordinated bombing 또는 similar attack in the city. At the end of the episode Kate's SUV is blown up severely injuring Kate, Hotchner suffers superficial cuts and bruises and an apparent blown eardrum.

4X01 (Mayhem) concludes the New York case. The team races to get Kate to the hospital in an attempt to save her only realizing belatedly that the 구급차 is, in fact, a bomb and they've unwittingly assisted in an attempted assassination of a high level government official. They manage to stop the UNSUB and save the target although Kate dies in the O.R. Hotchner's ear injury lingers for several subsequent episodes.

During 4x04 (Paradise) Hotchner interviews a suspect who turns out to be the UNSUB he only realizes his error in retrospect after 더 많이 evidence points back to the the same man. The team still manages to save the UNSUB's 다음 victims, nonetheless, Hotchner begins to doubt himself.

In 4X18 (Omnivore) Hotchner returns to Boston after ten years, previously he had been there with the BAU to 프로필 an UNSUB known as the Boston Reaper. The detective that had originally invited the BAU into the case rescinded the BAU's invitation with no explanation at the time. Now, ten years later, the detective is dying, he confesses to Hotchner that the reason he dismissed the BAU was because he made a deal with the Reaper, if he stopped hunting the Reaper the Reaper would stop killing. Hotchner and the team return to Boston after the detective's death and the 다음 Reaper kill. The Reaper contacts Hotchner and offers him the same deal he offered the detective, Hotchner hangs up on him and the Reaper slaughters a bus full of people. Later the Reaper attacks Agent Derek 모건 and steals his credentials. Once the Reaper has been captured he tells Hotchner and the team that he will be 더 많이 famous than they know. As the episode ends it is revealed that the Reaper has escaped custody 의해 faking a fit.

At the end of 4X25/6 (To Hell...And Back) The Reaper breaks into Hotchner's apartment and shoots him.

5X01 (Faceless, Nameless) reveals the team leaving on another assignment almost immediately after returning from the grueling case in Canada. They attempt to reach Hotchner, assuming he is resting after the last case the team deploys. As the rest of the team is thoroughly caught up in profiling and apprehending a man threatening to kill the son of a D.C. trauma surgeon Prentiss decides to stop 의해 Hotchner's apartment and check on him. She breaks into the apartment and discovers signs of a struggle and blood She immediately contacts Garcia and requests a forensics team to his apartment. Garcia and Prentiss discover that a John Doe matching Hotchner's 설명 was dropped at a local E.R. 의해 a man claiming to be Federal Agent Derek Morgan, they correctly surmise that 'Agent Derek Morgan' was the Reaper using Derek's stolen credentials. It is revealed that in addition to shooting Hotchner the Reaper stabbed him in a particular manner to mimic the Reaper's own self-inflicted stab wounds from 11 years previously . The Reaper also 스톨, 훔친 contact information for Haley. Haley and Jack are placed into witness protection, Hotchner says goodbye. He does not know where they will be taken and will be unable to see Jack until the Reaper is apprehended.

In 5X02 (Haunted) Hotchner rejoins the team after recovering from his injuries. They are in pursuit of a man named Darrin Call who is suffering from a psychotic break after being taken off his almost lifelong antipsychotics. The locals are out to bring Call down as he has killed three people and seriously injured two 더 많이 when the team first arrives. Hotchner is demonstrably short and edgy with his team, uncharacteristically he shouts at Garcia and insults the local cops. The team assumes this is due to Hotchner's grief and personal distress over the actions of the Reaper. They apprehend Call after realizing he is one of two survivors of a serial killer called the Hollow Creek Killer that kidnapped and dismembered young boys in the 1970s. The other survivor admits that when he ran he left six-year old Call behind because Call begged him to run, the agents realize that Call's father was the killer. Hotchner walks into Call's father's house unarmed and without a vest to attempt to talk Call out of the house. He deliberately positions himself to block a sniper's bullet while trying to talk Call down. Hotchner tries to elicit a confession 또는 response from Call's father 의해 profiling him and pointing out to Call that his father lives 다음 to a school to be near children. He then tells Call he has no options and needs to stand down. Call becomes agitated and upset and tells Hotchner not to tell him what to do. Call kills his father and releases his hostage. Hotchner safely takes Call into custody. The other survivor, Tommy, apologizes Call for leaving him behind, Call tells Tommy that he was the one he'd been waiting for all that time, that Tommy made him not afraid, and that Tommy saved him. At the end of the episode Rossi tells 모건 to back off and not worry about Hotchner. 모건 tells Rossi that he won't stand 의해 and let Hotchner get himself killed because then the Reaper would win, at the same time if Hotchner survives but he never gets to see Jack he loses. Prentiss drives Hotchner home, they have a conversation about Call's experience and possible future that is also a conversation about Hotchner's healing and family.

In 5X04 (Hopeless) The team is deployed on a case, the increasingly difficult and uncooperative police force repeatedly interferes with 또는 denies the BAU's profile. In the end when they 프로필 that the three UNSUBS will choose suicide 의해 cop and the locals seem to like that outcome Hotchner and the team walk away and allow the UNSUBS to be gunned down without even attempting to talk them down. 모건 objects to Rossi before the team walks but Rossi points out that the situation is unavoidable and the outcome will be the same regardless of what the BAU agents do.

At the end of 5X05 (Cradle to Grave) Hotchner stands down as the BAU leader, he stays with the BAU and moves 모건 in to replace him as Unit Chief. 모건 is extremely resistant, Hotchner argues that Strauss has it in for him anyway and if 모건 steps up they can keep the team intact. It is later revealed that Hotchner deliberately stepped down in order to convince the Reaper that he was breaking down under the strain of the Reaper's threats just like the breakdown of the Boston detective the Reaper had originally made his deal with.

The fact that this decision was deliberate throws some of Hotchner's 이전 actions into 질문 such as his behavior in Hopeless - if the situation were unavoidable then choosing to walk away may have been another decision calculated to maintain the appearance of his breakdown in the face of the Reaper's machinations, his behavior in Haunted is somewhat less cut and dried, while none of his actions were truly sabotage they were out of character and to a point counter productive.

In 5X08 (Outfoxed) the Reaper makes contact again via a serial family annihilator known as the 여우 who is in prison thanks to the BAU.

5X09 (100) unfolds via interviews with each member of the BAU conducted 의해 section chief Erin Strauss, initially it appears that Strauss intends to finally remove Hotchner from his position to suit her political agenda. As the interviews unfold it is revealed that the team was closing in on the Reaper primarily 의해 searching for a combination of medications that he is dependent upon (While it is established that the Reaper's self-inflicted injuries necessitate these medications it is not stated as to whether 또는 not Hotchner also requires them after being similarly stabbed 의해 the Reaper). They use the Reaper's obsession with his self assigned name to decipher his most recent alias from information gathered regarding the post marks on the envelopes sent to the 여우 and the Reaper's prescriptions.

While the Reaper escapes it is clear that he left in a hurry. Garcia manages to hack his laptop and discovers that he has been following the Marshall assigned to Haley and Jack. They race to intercept the Reaper but arrive to find the Marshall clinging to life and the Reaper gone. Hotchner separates from the team to ride with the Marshal to the hospital to find out 더 많이 information. The Marshall manages to tell Hotchner that the Reaper 스톨, 훔친 his phone and contacted Haley. Garcia tracks the phone to a handful of cell towers revealing the Reaper is still somewhere local. Hotchner calls the Reaper and reveals what he knows about the Reaper's childhood and past he then flatters the Reaper in an attempt to convince him to back down and leave Haley and Jack alone. The Reaper hangs up on Hotchner and meets Haley and Jack at the 집 they used to share with Hotchner. Hotchner races to the 집 while the team scramble a tactical team and attempt to get there themselves. The Reaper then calls Hotchner and puts Haley on the line. Haley immediately realizes that the 'Marshall' is the Reaper. Hotchner tells Haley to be strong and not show fear and to tell Jack to 'work the case' Haley puts Jack on the phone with Hotchner, she says goodbye to Jack. Unaware of the full extent of the danger Jack happily runs off to 'work the case'. The team is now listening in on the call. Hotchner has a tearful moment with Haley as they say their goodbyes and the Reaper shoots Haley. Hotchner keeps driving hoping to save his son. Once at the house Hotchner manages to save Jack and kill the Reaper.

Strauss finishes her interview with Hotchner. Uncharacteristically she loses her composure while attempting to tell Hotchner that Haley died quickly. She then asks Hotchner what he thought would have happened if Hotchner had not killed the Reaper, Hotchner replies that the Reaper would have tried to kill Jack. Strauss dismisses the inquiry. She seems to have changed her mind about removing Hotchner for political purposes.

In 5X10 (Slave of Duty) Hotchner buries Haley, the BAU team act as pallbearers, during the eulogy Hotchner's composure breaks as he speaks of Haley's 사랑 for family. Hotchner is offered early retirement 의해 Strauss, she argues that it is a way for him to stay with Jack full time. It seems to be a genuine offer and not just another attempt to remove him from his position. Haley's sister Jessica is staying with Hotchner and Jack, Hotchner tells her about the offer. She points out that his job is important and offers to stay with Jack when Hotchner is away. Hotchner is sitting at Haley's grave when Rossi approaches, Rossi asks Hotchner if he has told Haley that he's coming back yet. Hotchner replies that she already knows.

In 5X11 (Retaliation) Hotchner is back on duty and seems to be coping well. He takes a moment to tell 모건 that he exceeded all expectations and he is grateful to 모건 for his performance. 모건 appreciates the gratitude and then tells Hotchner that the reason Hotchner came back is because he's his son's hero and catching bad guys is his job. 모건 offers to help Hotchner with his paperwork to insure Hotchner gets 더 많이 time at 집 with Jack. 모건 says that he knows what it's like to be raised 의해 a single parent and every 분 counts.

In 6X02 (JJ) Strauss comes down hard on both Hotchner and JJ. Apparently JJ has been contacted twice 의해 the 오각형, 국방부 to serve as a media liaison. Twice she has turned them down as she is utterly loyal to the BAU and has no intention of leaving. Strauss points out that she would have 더 많이 time at 집 with Henry. (It is not clearly stated that she is married to William at this point but the two are seen together with Henry early in 5X09. Interestingly this promotion simultaneously affirms and denies Strauss's 이전 prediction about the fate of the BAU team, as JJ *is* being promoted but outside of the FBI). Strauss then says that the issue is above her paygrade and the executive branch wants JJ at the pentagon.

The team successfully completes an assignment in Florida resulting in the capture of an UNSUB and the successful return of his to-date only victim alive. Upon their return Hotchner enters the briefing room where JJ is collecting files. Without facing him she asks when she will be leaving. He tells her the end of the week, she demands 더 많이 time citing the need to train a replacement. Hotchner tells her he is not hiring a replacement and as she protests that he can't take on 더 많이 responsibilities he explains that he hopes to get her back. He states that he was hoping he could do something about the situation and apologizes that he was unable to. She asks him how she is supposed to tell the team goodbye when she doesn't want to go. Hotchner then says 'the brass is really really good at taking power away, it makes them feel like they're in charge.' He tells her he will miss her, shakes her hand and leaves. At this point we see the rest of the team in the bullpen below the briefing room and Hotchner's office, staring up at JJ. She fills out her exit interview and says goodbye to most of the team, Reid is especially hard hit. She pauses to say goodbye to Garcia on her way out and as JJ walks away Garcia bursts into tears. The episode closes with a montage of scenes with JJ and a voice over about her time with the BAU.

6X03 (Remembrance of Things Past) The team is investigating an UNSUB that bares striking similarities to a case Rossi investigated years before. Hotchner insists on presenting a 프로필 developed 의해 the team that indicates the sole UNSUB is in fact a team copy catting the original killer. It is finally revealed that both Rossi and Hotchner were correct, the original UNSUB was suffering from Alzheimer's and had enlisted the assistance of his emotionally damaged son in his latest killings (it is also strongly indicated that the son inadvertently assisted in the similar murder of his mother at his father's hands when he was ten).

6X04 (Compromising Positions) The team is investigating the strange killings of married couples in Ohio. With JJ's departure the team has been working without a media liaison. Garcia attempts to fill the role with Hotchner's help. She makes a good case and is allowed to fill JJ's role as a trial. The attempt melts down as Garcia is swamped with both narrowing information on the UNSUB and having to do JJ's difficult job. Hotchner steps in to lighten her burden and 모건 convinces Garcia to be herself and do what she does so well. It is implied that Garcia will take over some of JJ's duties but Hotchner will handle the press etc until a 더 많이 permanent solution is arrived at.

6X05 Hotchner has a brief conversation with 모건 about the choices parents make after the child of an officer killed during a 이전 case shows up at the BAU. Garcia locates the girl's mother and 모건 is torn about turning the girl over to her mother.

6X06 (Devil's Night) Hotchner confronts and talks down an UNSUB that has been burning people alive out of a deluded sense of vengeance.

6X10 (What Happens at Home) Rossi and Hotchner bring in an FBI cadet to assist on a case where the profilers are having difficulty narrowing down suspects due to the homogeneous nature of the suspect pool. The cadet, Ashley Seever nee Beauchamp, is revealed to be the daughter of a serial killer responsible for at least 25 murders (Charles Beauchamp the Redmond Ripper), Hotchner and Rossi believe she will have specific insight that can help them narrow down the suspects. Seever inadvertently ends up under the control of the killer after coming to his 집 to apologize for the loss of his wife, she feels compelled to do so since she never had the chance to apologize to the families of her father's victims. Once inside the 집 she realizes the grieving father/husband is, in fact, the UNSUB. Because she is a cadet / agent-trainee she is unarmed, Seever keeps her cool when Hotchner calls her cell and manages to tip him off to where she is and the fact that the UNSUB is present. She talks to the UNSUB, stalling him until the team arrives and Hotchner is forced to gun him down. Seever is severely reprimanded 의해 both Hotchner and Rossi, when she apologizes and says she won't do it again Hotchner responds with, 'No 당신 won't' strongly implying she will not be presented with another opportunity to do so.

Seever is available due to recovering from a concussion received during hand to hand training, Reid reveals that he was remediated for most of the combative/law enforcement portions of his training as well, although 더 많이 due to his own incompetence and value in other ways than due to injury. It is unclear how a cadet remediated from training due to a head injury is allowed to enter the field.

6X11 Hotchner is absent, it opens with Rossi speaking with him over the phone. Strauss and Rossi discuss Hotchner and it is revealed that it has been a 년 since Haley's death. Rossi mentions that Hotch is having some trouble with Jack and 코멘트 that Hotch sounds tired. Prentiss brings Seever back in promising to supervise her. Rossi reluctantly agrees Seever manages to perform well and not get into trouble again.