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 Murali being tested at the 대학 of Western Australia
Murali being tested at the University of Western Australia
In 2004 Muttiah Muralitharan voluntarily performed a series of test in front of 텔레비전 cameras. He wore an arm brace which was moulded in the shape of his bent arm and cast with steel rods.

Muralitharan was born with a deformity commonly known as a congenital deformity of the elbow. The video displays the two diverse angles that his elbow is bent in. Not only is his unable to fully straighten his elbow but the joint is bent outwards in a 45 degree angle.

Murali bowled with a brace which prevented any form of straightening. Australia's Micheal Slater was present at the tests to face Murali's...
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posted by sangafan
Our mother lanka is a great place to live in. I'm a Proud Srilankan who is just 15 years. Every human being loves his/her own mother land. Srilanka is a country with great people & amiable nature. Srilankans give respect to every nationality and religion.

Cricket in Srilanka is a paramount part of every srilankan. We 사랑 our cricket as much as we 사랑 our country. We show patriotism towards our country. Our cricketers have made us proud in many ways. The nature of the cricketers on and off the field have made us proud. In particular if we take legends that our country have produced like...
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