Blossom and her sisters, Bubbles and Buttercup were enjoying a day-off from crime fighting at the sea, water 스키 타기, 스키 with Blossom manning the boat.

Bubbles: Woo-hoo! Aloha!
Buttercup: [sighs annoyed] Seriously Bubbles, how many 분 have 당신 been uttering all those Hawaiian phrases?
Bubbles: Umm... Ever since we went to this ocean to have our day-off fun. So it might be 9 분 또는 less.
Blossom: Guys, guys, let's not get a little annoying. Let's just have some ocean fun!

As Blossom finished her sentence, she saw a flock of seagulls flying towards her, knocking her, and a 랜덤 bag she had been keeping, off of her 보트 and into the water.

Blossom: [struggling to swim] Girls! Help! I can't swim! I'm drowning!

Bubbles and Buttercup knew they had to save their poor sister from drowning. So they flew to the 보트 where she was knocked off and reached down to her to rescue her.

Buttercup: Bloss, grab my hand!
Bubbles: 당신 grab my hand!
Buttercup: Hey! I was gonna do that!
Bubbles: No, I am helping Blossom out of the water!
Buttercup: No, I am!
Bubbles: No, I am!

The two sisters then began to argue over who is supposed to rescue Blossom. Unfortunately, it was too late; when they no longer heard Blossom's cries for help, they looked down to where she was supposed to be. She was nowhere to be seen. All they could see was the blue sea. She had drowned.

Buttercup: Uh oh..... What have we done!?!?!?
Bubbles: We let poor Blossom drown, and it's all our fault!!! [begins to cry along with Buttercup]
Buttercup: [crying in shame] Why!?!? Why did we have to argue!?!?

But just as they thought all hope was lost, their drowning sister was accompanied 의해 her bag as she floated down into the ocean floor.

Meanwhile in Bikini Bottom....

Spongebob: [walking out of the Krusty Krab] Goodbye, Mr. Krabs!
Mr. Krabs: See 당신 tomorrow, me boy! [shuts the doors]
Spongebob: [sighs] Now that I'm done with my half-shift at the Krusty Krab, I can feed Gary, play with Patrick, and annoy Squidward!

Blossom, who was still floating down with her bag, finally settled on the right of the road where Spongebob was walking. She waked up 초 later, after Spongebob was gone from the scene, and around her she saw the interesting landscape of Bikini Bottom. She felt something with her hand, and she looked at the bag she placed her hand on. She took some sort of underwater breathing device out of the bag and wore it on her face to allow herself to breathe in the water, and explored the undersea scenery, taking the bag with her.

Blossom: What is this place?

She passed a pineapple-like house, a building shaped like a Moai and... a rock. She caught her eyes on those houses and turned her attention on them.

Blossom: Whoa, they're..... good-looking.

She heard some shenanigans inside the head-like house. As she placed her "ear" on it's side to listen to what's going on, she heard a Jack Benny-like voice yelling. She backed away from the house and saw Squidward kick Spongebob out.

Blossom: Huh?
Squidward: AND DON'T 당신 EVER COME HERE AND ANNOY ME AGAIN!!!!!!!! [slams the door]
Spongebob: [rubbing his head] Sheesh, I guess I might have been a bit of a nuisance to Squidward.

Blossom was quite surprised to see such sea creatures act that human. She simply stayed where she stood.

Blossom: I guess I'm having hallucinations! Ugh!
Spongebob: [hearing Blossom; walks to her] Huh? A human little girl in the sea? Who are you?
Blossom: But first, who are you? I've never seen a sea creature like 당신 act like us humans.
Spongebob: I'm Spongebob Squarepants. What's yours, little girl from above the surface?
Blossom: I'm Blossom.
Spongebob: [shakes hands with Blossom] Well, nice to see 당신 Blossom.
Blossom: I was here because a flock of seagulls knocked me off of my boat, and my sisters tried to rescue me but they failed and they thought I drowned.

Spongebob, puzzled, then asked Blossom, "Who and what are your sisters?".

Blossom: They're two sisters and wear blue and green, respectively. The blue one is Bubbles while the green is Buttercup. I also have a scientist father named Professor Utonium.
Spongebob: I have two neighbors, an octopus named Squidward and my best buddy sea 별, 스타 Patrick. Sometimes, Squidward isn't happy with me because I sometimes annoy the heck out of him.
Blossom: That's a tad cruel. Anyway, I also have superpowers. I'm a superhero little girl coming from Townsville.
Spongebob: 당신 do?
Blossom: Yes I do!
Spongebob: Anyway, wanna hang out?
Blossom: Well, I have never hung out with a different species before, but since this is the first time, OK!
Spongebob: Good! It's better with my friends!

Spongebob, with his new human friend Blossom, then walked to Squidward's house where Spongebob was thrown out of.

Spongebob: [knocks on the door] Oh Squidward!
Squidward: [opens the door] What do 당신 want!?!? I told 당신 not to come here and- [sees Blossom] Huh? Is that... a human?
Spongebob: Of course she is!
Blossom: I'm Blossom!
Spongebob: Blossom, meet Squidward. Squidward, meet Blossom.
Squidward: [sighs] Well hello, Blossom. I'd 사랑 to stay and chat with 당신 and that yellow maniac, but, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!! [slams the door in their faces]
Blossom: I guess he's too frustrated to deal with us.
Spongebob: Well then, let's go to Patrick's house!
Blossom: Alright.

Spongebob and Blossom walk to Patrick's rock.

Spongebob; [knocks on Patrick's rock] Oh Patrick!

Instead of sticking to his rock like usual, Patrick lifts up his rock and looks at the sponge and girl.

Patrick: Oh hi, Spongebob. Hey, who's that weird creature beside you?
Spongebob: She's a human girl. Her name is Blossom.
Patrick: A human in the ocean? Guess Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy aren't the only humans here.
Spongebob: Blossom ended up here for some reason, but quickly we formed a quick friendship.
Patrick: What!?!? You've got that human to be your new friend!?!? [begins to cry] Ohhhhh, 당신 don't wanna be 프렌즈 with me anymore!!!! How could you!?!?
Spongebob: No no no no no. 당신 can still hang out with me and Blossom!
Blossom: Right, Patrick?
Patrick: [stops crying] Huh? I can still hang out with you? Whoopee!
Spongebob: To my house guys!

The three 프렌즈 then ran inside Spongebob's house to begin their hang-out.

Blossom: Oh man, you're house is amazing, Spongebob!
Spongebob: The possibilities are endless here! [doing some counting thing on his fingers] We can either play video games, play ping-pong, feed my pet 달팽이 Gary, play board games, watch TV, prepare some lunch, play-
Blossom: Oh I know, I know, I know! We can play video games and ping-pong and feed whoever your pet 달팽이 is.

Meanwhile, back at the Utonium household....

Buttercup: [holding a picture of Blossom; sniffing] I sure do miss Blossom. What is the Professor gonna say?
Bubbles: [holding a picture of Blossom as well] Now who am I gonna color with?

Meanwhile, back in Bikini Bottom....

Blossom, Spongebob and Patrick were playing a video game called "Jellyfish Catcher".

Blossom: [playing the game] Yah! Take that! Oooohhh! I got an excellent 5x combo!
Patrick: [playing the game] Darn! I caught a stingray!

The three 프렌즈 were now playing ping-pong.

Blossom: [holding a paddle in her hand and the ball in the other] Ready?
Spongebob and Patrick: Ready!
Blossom: Well whaddya waiting for? Let's ping the pong! [starts to hit the ball with the paddle]
Spongebob: [hitting the ball back] Yah!
Blossom: [hits the ball back] Take that!
Patrick: [hits the ball back] Woo!

Their game went on until Blossom hit the ball far from her friends, making them unable to hit it.

Blossom: Woo-hoo! I won!
Spongebob: [shaking hands with Blossom] Great game, Bloss.

The 프렌즈 were now in the 부엌, 주방 with Gary.

Spongebob: Blossom, it's your turn to choose Gary's food.
Blossom: [looking in the cabinet] Hmm... let's see here. Kelpo's 달팽이 Food, Meow-Meow Treats, 달팽이 Seeds. Oh! This will do! [holds out a bag of 달팽이 O's] 달팽이 O's! [begins to pour the 음식 on Gary's bowl]
Spongebob: Now be careful. Don't pour the 음식 too much. Gary will get a tummyache!
Blossom: Got it! [stops pouring 의해 the time Spongebob finishes his sentence]

Gary sees the 음식 bowl and begins to eat.

Gary: Meow.

Back in the living room.

Blossom: Phew! We sure had fun today, but do 당신 have 더 많이 프렌즈 other than Patrick and Squidward?
Spongebob: Sure I do!

Then the three 프렌즈 went off to see other of Spongebob's friends.

Meanwhile, back at the Utonium household....

Buttercup: Perhaps some TV will free us from our depression about Blossom's death. [turns the TV on]

The cartoon showing on their TV looked like Tom and Jerry. It showed a tiger and a 다람쥐 bashing each other with mallets. But despite it's humor, it did not make Bubbles and Buttercup laugh.

Bubbles: [sniffs] Our depression is stuck in our heads! Even a hilarious cartoon won't fill us with joy. [sighs sadly with Buttercup]

Meanwhile, back in Bikini Bottom....

Spongebob, Patrick and Blossom were outside the Krusty Krab. Spongebob gave a knock on the doors.

Spongebob: Mr. Krabs! Mr. Krabs? I wanna show 당신 something.
Mr. Krabs: [opening the doors] What do 당신 want, me boy? Can't 당신 see I'm embracing my mon- [sees Blossom] Who's that human girl there?
Spongebob: Her name is Blossom. She ended up here thanks to a water 스키 타기, 스키 incident, and she has superpowers. She's a superhero girl!
Mr. Krabs: Okay?
Blossom: Hey, Mr. Krabs. 당신 own this place, right?
Mr. Krabs: Of course, me lad! Since 당신 have never seen this place before, I say SpongeBoy here give 당신 a tour here and show 당신 his job.
Spongebob: [walking inside with Blossom and Patrick] This is the Krusty Krab, Bikini Bottom's most fabulous restaurant. [shows Blossom the cash register] This is the cash register, where Squidward works. [shows her the grill] And this is the grill, where I make Krabby Patties!
Blossom: What are Krabby Patties?
Spongebob: The main dish served here. Besides, I'm gonna cook us up some patties right now! They're delicious! [puts on his hat]

The sponge then set to work on their patties. He turned on the grill and put three pieces of patty batter on it, and after a few 초 he flipped the meat to the other sides, letting them cook for a few 더 많이 seconds. After the patties were done, he placed each of them on three buns, added 상추, 상 추 and onions, and topped them off with the 상단, 맨 위로 buns.

Spongebob: Wala! I present to you, delicious Krabby Patties!
Blossom: They kinda look like burgers.
Spongebob: The undersea version of burgers. [hands Blossom one patty] Try your patty. [hands Patrick the other patty] Try yours, Patrick. I try mine.

Spongebob, Patrick and Blossom then ate their Krabby Patties scrumptiously. Blossom chewed and tasted the burger and was quite amazed at what she tasted.

Blossom: I can't believe what 당신 made, Spongebob! This is perfect! I could almost shove this into my mouth right now! [proceeds to eat the rest of her patty, then burps] Excuse me.
Spongebob: This patty has a secret ingredient and formula. But it's always being stolen 의해 that nasty Plankton!
Blossom: Who's Plankton?
Spongebob: Uhhh... Never mind. Come on, let's meet my other friend! [grabs Blossom 의해 her hand and runs away; Patrick follows them]

At Sandy's treedome....

Spongebob: [knocking on Sandy's door] Sandy! Oh Sandy!
Sandy: [opens the door] Well howdy there, Spongebob and Patrick. Say, who's that human beside you?
Blossom: I'm Blossom. I come from Townsville and I am not only a little girl, but also a superhero! Not a play pretend one, a real one! And... you're a squirrel, underwater?
Sandy: Yes! Anyway Blossom, come inside! [opens the door and her 프렌즈 walk inside]

Inside Sandy's treedome....

Blossom: Wow Sandy, 당신 have lots of gadgets here.
Sandy: Of course I do! There are robots, time machines, time reversers, everything I build can be limitless! And this here's my Duplicator 9000! It can duplicate a thing within seconds, but don't touch it!
Blossom: Of course I won't! I'm just gonna observe it.

Blossom walked to Sandy's machine and observed it, taking some notes. After a while, she turned to the 다람쥐 and praised her.

Blossom: Well Sandy, I've gotta say, your Duplicator 9000 is perfect! It is flawless!
Sandy: Aw shucks! Thanks, Blossom.
Blossom: Hey, wanna hang out with us?
Sandy: I'd like to, but I've got a lot of work to do. Bye!
Blossom: Okay, bye then! [runs off with Spongebob and Patrick]

Meanwhile, back at the Utonium household....

Buttercup and Bubbles, still depressed, were preparing to play a three-player video game called "Sword Quest". They were holding their controllers, but there was one left, lying alone between them.

Bubbles: [sighs] If only we hadn't argued and rescued Blossom together. But since she's dead, let's just play two-player.

Buttercup, who was player 1, pressed the B button for back and chose 2-player mode instead. She and her sister then started to play, still sad and depressed.

Meanwhile, back in Bikini Bottom....

Spongebob, Patrick and Blossom were now at Jellyfish Fields.

Spongebob: This is Jellyfish Fields. Only the best place for catching jellyfish! Ya wanna join?
Blossom: Umm... I don't know what exactly your jellyfishing thing is.
Spongebob: [hands Blossom a jellyfishing net] Here. 당신 just 그네, 스윙 your nets and catch as many jellyfish as 당신 please. Now, let's start!

And with that, the three 프렌즈 then commenced their jellyfishing. After a while, Blossom caught some jellyfish and now got what her spongy friend meant.

Blossom: You're right, Spongebob. I catch those jellyfish with the 그네, 스윙 of a net. Now whaddya waiting for? Let's catch more!

7 분 Later....

Blossom: Wahoo! I got a thousand! [shows her jellyfish net, which is filled with thousands of jellyfish] But I've gotta really let them go now. [releases the jellyfish from her net] Bye bye, jellyfish! [looks at her waterproof watch] Oh, it's time that I go back to Townsville now. But, selfie first!

She took out her waterproof smartphone from her bag and took a picture of her with Spongebob.

Blossom: That's good. Bye now, Spongebob!
Spongebob: Bye bye Blossom!
Patrick: I 사랑 your bow!

Meanwhile, back at the Utonium household....

Bubbles: We're sorry, Professor. We know we shouldn't have argued to let our sister die.
Professor Utonium: I know you're sorry, but sometimes 당신 might have to deal with the loss of a loved one.
Buttercup: [hears a knock on the door] I wonder who that could be?

Buttercup opened the door, and there stood Blossom. She and Bubbles were surprised.

Blossom: Hello, sisters!
Bubbles and Buttercup: Blossom! [give her a big hug]
Bubbles: Oh Blossom, we're sorry we argued and let 당신 drown. And we thought 당신 were gone forever and ever!
Blossom: I didn't drown, Bubbles. I had this underwater breathing thingy that allowed me to survive in the water. And I made new 프렌즈 with a sea sponge!
Buttercup: What?
Blossom: Here! I've got the proof. [she shows her sister the selfie she took earlier with Spongebob]
Bubbles: Woah.
Buttercup: Anyway, there's some things that 당신 missed. Wanna watch a cartoon and play games?
Blossom: Sure!

Then the three sisters ran into the living room to begin their fun.

The End.