Well let's be honest, SpongeBob SquarePants went downhill after the 초 season ended in 2001 when season 3 aired in 2002 and since 2002 which is 13 years ago, SpongeBob got worse. I mean, why people 사랑 season 3? I hate season 3. Season 3 and the movie from 2004 ruined SpongeBob SquarePants’s Stephen Hillenburg era. To be honest, I prefer Pokemon because Pokemon is going strong and they reduced SpongeBob's character to a blithering idiot, whereas before he was a sophisticated and lovable idiot. I simply cannot watch many episodes from Season 3 onwards like Rock A Bye Bivalve, whereas every episode from the first 2 seasons like Opposite 일 are all classics and the first 2 seasons is full of quality. I hate season 3. Season 3 is overrated. Season 3 episodes like The Camping Episode ruined SpongeBob and the Hillenberg era at the same time. Very sad, but it's been years now so it's far too late for a revert to the old quality. It's become another mindless kiddy show based on marketing and selling crud. I prefer Pokemon. I mean, Pokemon is going strong and yet people like kids hates 2002-2015 Pokemon like Hoenn and Mega Evolutions and people only like 2002-2015 SpongeBob like season 3 and Atlantis SquarePantis. I mean, why SpongeBob SquarePants is 더 많이 인기 than Pokemon since 2002? I mean, Pokemon came out before SpongeBob SquarePants and yet SpongeBob SquarePants is 더 많이 인기 than Pokemon since 2002? Why can’t kids 사랑 Pokemon like Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire and Pokemon X and Y? The only Pokemon is huge appearance these days is Japan. Even worldwide and internet doesn’t help. I guess Pokemon only appeals 90s and 일본 and screw post 2001 Pokemon like Pokemon Black and White. That’s just my opinion. Anyway, let’s talk about why SpongeBob went downhill in 2002.

I thought SpongeBob SquarePants was meant to be a classic, fun entertainment of an underwater cartoon for both children and adults at all ages, but now look what happen. From my own perspective, SpongeBob had became a lifestyle for a lot of people who loved the show according to the 2010 documentary tenth anniversary of the show.

This really makes no sense. It's like now these days, some 만화 are being milked just for cash and the writers use the same old elements of their programs. Just end a show when 당신 don't have anymore ideas. I can tell Nickelodeon wanted to do "something" sweet 의해 trying to lure this particular cartoon and turn it into a lot of stupidity 의해 the time season three started in 2002. I didn't really like the movie, the plot is terrible, the features are well 디자인 though and the 음악 as well but other than that the movie isn't well fitted with the story, especially at the end. And I also just read up on other sites that this will go on for another 10 years. When will this mindless lousy end?!?!?! I want my Pokemon.

I can't really understand why Nick had ruin the ENTIRE show and gone against EVERYTHING the show is meant to be from 2002 onwards! SpongeBob and Patrick are 더 많이 childish and gay, Squidward is too tolerable, Sandy is all into Science instead of Karate, Mr. Krabs is all about "MONEY! MONEY!! MONEY!!!", the Krusty Krab is shown TOO MUCH as a setting in many episodes, Plankton/Krabs formula this and that, that's lame and doesn't appeal to my taste. The narrator is gone. I hate narrator-less episodes. Sure, some of the episodes are okay like Clams, Best 일 Ever and BlackJack, many of the others like New Student Starfish are just an eye for 캔디 and no sense of variety and humor. When Season 3 started in 2002, things started to get WAY badly done for SpongeBob as season 3 ruined the Hillenburg era. What the heck Nickelodeon?! I thought 당신 were suppose to deliver a strong sense of humor underwater cartoon about everyone's 가장 좋아하는 sponge from the first 2 seasons, but look how 당신 made the main character...You have complete messed up everything on the characters' (not just SpongeBob) behavior and mannerism. I barely even watch this now. Seriously Nickelodeon?! I've also read up that new writers came in and the creator himself is not really part of the show anymore. 당신 are making the characters 더 많이 stupid and impulsive, especially making them senseless and lacking. I've felt if the entire show had completely fall apart and turned into rubbish. Are 당신 trying to make the show go with the Simpsons, Family Guy etc etc etc?....if that's the case, nice work! Others who also criticize this show are not saying they hate it, however, the entire show failed big time after the movie! I've felt no sympathy for the show what so ever. It's like the show had be thrown all over like no tomorrow. And of course, TV-Y7 ruined the show. Why can't this show stay TV-Y? I have TV-Y7 version of SpongeBob SquarePants. This is why I 사랑 Pokemon. Why can’t Pokemon be 더 많이 인기 than SpongeBob nowadays? I want my 2002-2015 Pokemon like Sinnoh and Fairy, new millennium. Kids needs to 사랑 Pokemon like Piplup and Sylveon, not SpongeBob.

Nickelodeon people, 당신 are completely off! If they actually do read this site, I will say that what's worst is that your schedule is BAD. What the fart? Why is SpongeBob shown so many times a day???? I do have Nicktoons and TeenNick authorized on my cable though and so does some other people. Where is Barnyard? Where is iCarly??? 드레이크, 드레이 크 & Josh??? etc etc Are 당신 realizing that 당신 are losing most of your 팬 because of your "so-called" SpongeBob cartoon is being showed so many times????!!! 또는 are 당신 just doing that just to gain money and people who want 더 많이 of this cartoon to watch? What next? I bet this will be shown every single 일 filling up your schedule 일 and night when all of an a sudden most of us has had enough of your cartoon already! Good thing Pokemon doesn't get messed up big time since Pokemon is going strong. And also, what's up with 당신 trying to do with the Fairly OddParents after the movie Wishology? That show use to be one of my favorites too untilllllll now????

당신 are trying to make SpongeBob be targeted for the younger and immature just to gain 더 많이 money and power because it's a lifestyle and not just a cartoon? 또는 are 당신 trying to improve what 당신 are doing in these new episodes which doesn't make NO sense at all? Episodes like Have 당신 Seen This Snail? Episodes like The Splinter are just so darn stupid and poorly made for a laugh. Even far worse than the annoying season 3 episodes like Idiot Box. Wow...characters are angry because of this and that, wow I can't really be any former than that! I know this is not the SpongeBob type of cartoon I'm seeing these days! The plots just feel so unbalanced I've done a lot of research and expressing my feelings and opinion about this cartoon.

SpongeBob SquarePants is extremely disappointing since 2002, really. I now must say I wish I never watched this show and wish that it never had been created either. I will be glad if this ends fast. But I really doubt it. Pokemon ftw. Down with SpongeBob. I don't really know how are 당신 going to improve this show in the future, it's just filled with plain bs and nothing 더 많이 than that.

The episodes from 1999-2001 (seasons 1 and 2) of SpongeBob like Sailor Mouth are infinitely better than the disturbing ones in the 2002-present era from 2002-2015 like The Algae's Always Greener and House Fancy. Do 당신 think so too?

Episodes from Help Wanted to I’m With Stupid during the Hillenburg era (seasons 1 and 2 not the dreadful season 3) were the only ones that I like from the first 2 seasons from 1999-2001. Above is the video that is called REMEMBERING SPONGEBOB. Not the annoying season 3 from 2002-2004.

The humor was extremely clever, the episode plots were very talented at entertaining, and the 음악 was marvelous.

Then the episodes (season 3 to present) from 2002 onwards have very simple plots, like where SpongeBob spends an entire episode washing a dish. Some of the content is disgusting like where Squidward's toenail got ripped in House Fancy and where Gary eats green ick in Fungus Among Us. The 음악 isn't great anymore, such as the campfire song and the Yippee-Ki-Yay song. The new characters that come into the episodes are horrible, and the main characters don't seem funny anymore. Then it got worse, season 3 episodes like Nasty Patty ruined Hillenburg era. I hate 2002/2003/2004 Hillenburg era episodes like The Sponge Who Could Fly. Yeah, season 3 is so annoying, season 3 is 더 많이 인기 than Hoenn Pokemon like Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen. Why can’t 2000s 사랑 2000s Pokemon like Diamond and Pearl? I want my people in America loves Pokemon appearance back. Anyway, I don’t trust season 3 episodes like Frankendoodle and 2005-present episodes like All The Glitters. The Spongebob of the first two seasons would be described as "innocent, misguided, and mega funny”. But now the show went downhill in 2002 as season 3 ruined the show and since 2002, the show is awful and the show is way too big. Season 3 should’ve aired in 2001. But no, the third season aired in 2002 instead of 2001. Why, SpongeBob, why? Curse you, 2002-present SBSP.

Yeah. 1999 to 2001 was when it was good. I watched Square Roots the story of SpongeBob, and after 2001, the show went downhill in 2002, and after the movie, the creator left the show and gave it to his 가장 좋아하는 storyboard artist 또는 something. He should’ve just ended it in 2001. That guy ruined the show forever since 2002. Stupid season 3. Season 3 episodes like Pranks A Lot ruined the show. I will never trust season 3 again. I'm gonna stick with Pokemon thank 당신 very much.

This is just a 음식 for thought.