Okay, none of 당신 Spongebob 팬 kill me, because this I something I heard on YouTube. Patrick likes Spongebob 더 많이 than a 프렌즈 way. THE GAY WAY, to make it short and sweet. I heard from lots of people on YouTube, parodies, and animators that Patrick loves Spongebob. At first I believed they had a brotherly relationship, with nothing whatsoever that worried me to the point I have seen now. Sure, they may cry in each other's arms and occasionally give FRIENDLY hugs and high fives, but that doesn't mean their gay. Come on now. Super stupid. They are friends; if they were gay, that means that Nickelodeon would have to 취소하기 the show. That's inappropriate. NO SE? If 당신 don't, please message me 또는 코멘트 in the 코멘트 box.

~Zoe :)