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당신 say you've got no emotion, but I know that can't be true
'Cuz I see the way 당신 look at me when 당신 think I can't see you
Just put your hand in mine and we'll 키스 all night long
Oh, why won't 당신 be my Vulcan lover?

Don't 당신 raise an eyebrow at me
Just be my Vulcan lover
I think your pointy ears are sexy
Be my Vulcan lover
If 당신 don't believe me, try a mind meld and I think you'll see
That I really want you
To be my Vulcan lover

I'll help 당신 out every seven years when it's time to go through pon farr
We won't have to take 당신 to Vulcan when your behavior gets bizarre
Your higher body temperature...
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posted by 1billsookie
just a few things that prove that K and S were totally in 사랑 with each other.

Star Trek was first seen on 텔레비전 in 1966. The series is about a Starship called the USS Enterprise, the mission of which is to find and establish peaceful communications with life on other planets. James Kirk and Spock are the main characters. James Kirk is the captain of the Enterprise and is a human. Spock is the Science Officer and First Officer, and is half Vulcan and half Human. Vulcans are a humanoid species who trained from childhood not to feel 또는 express emotion and to function on pure logic. In the...
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JJ said that the reason why they had Spock/Uhura in the first place was becuase "Spock was really, really going to need a hug, and Kirk wasn't going to like him yet." So.....uh........wow ! Is it just me 또는 dose that NOT seem like grounds for a lasting relashonship?

JJ said that "In TOS Kirk was the one who kissed Uhura, so we wanted to switch it up this time". That sure seems romantic dosen't it?

Also, if 당신 look at the emontional reaction/chemstiry difference between Spock/Kirk and Spock/Uhura it's VERY different. I know that Spock is soupossed to be Vulcan and reserved and everything, but...
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 Touched and touching
Touched and touching
Got to 사랑 fanfics! 당신 can come up with anything and bend any rules 당신 want.

In saying that, Spirk still holds the record for best fanfics imo. With other / I've read they tend to be focused 더 많이 on tension and the idea that what they're doing is wrong and shameful, but no matter how many Spirk fics I read they're always sexy, funny and completely sweet and romantic, of course they sometimes have some tension going on like any interesting story but it doesn't feel like it's the male intimacy that's "wrong and shameful", it's either that they're having an affair 또는 that they're both officers...
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posted by AcidBanter
They’d been in Kirk’s room for almost 2 hours and they still couldn’t reach an agreement on how to handle the upcoming peace talks with Triton IV. Kirk couldn’t understand it. They were getting along so well for a few months then things started getting 더 많이 and 더 많이 tense and he didn’t know how get rid of it.

“What the hell do 당신 want me to do?” Kirk asked, exasperated, “It’s a damn peace meeting and you’re treating it like a chess game.”

“I am merely pointing out that we have to be discreet in our dealings with this planet,” came Spock’s response, “The people...
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posted by 1billsookie
here are a few reasons why i think that K and S will be together 의해 the time the new ST series are over.

think about what they had Spock Prime say. "You needed each other. I could not deny 당신 the revelation of all that 당신 can acomplish together. Of a friendship that will define 당신 both, in ways that 당신 can not yet realize." he didn't say way, he said ways. sounds like T'hy'la to me. he also says, "I urge 당신 to remaine in Starfleet. For once put aside logic. Do what feels right." that whole conversation he's talking about Kirk and Spock. i highly doubt Spock Prime was talking about his carrer....
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posted by 1billsookie
Even based on the evidence to the contary, many people belive that Kirk and Spock only had a friend, 또는 at the very most a brother relashoship. They take the evidence from the show and from Gene Roddenberry, take it out of context, remove what they don't want to see, then they take it and use it to say "See that proves they weren't love." They are looking at Kirk and Spock through homophobic glasses. They are letting the era in which they grew up, socitey, 또는 their reglious belifes 구름, 클라우드 their perseption. If Kirk 또는 Spock were shown 연기 the way they do with each other with a woman would there be any doubt that they were in 사랑 with that woman ? No there wouldn't be. So why do people still doubt that they were in 사랑 with the other ?