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 The one 일 i come over for dinner...
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posted by sexyluna34
name: luna the fox

age: 16

likes: scourge, amy,sonic, shadow,silver. magic. pizza, soda,beating up people, being badass, hanging out with scourge.bean the dynamite.

hates: mephiles, eggman, fiona, when people call her names. when pervs try to hit on her. nack the weasel.

powers: hammer{ looks like rosys hammer... but its purple and pink.

clothes: brown jumpsuit.

fur/eye color/ pupil: pupils: black. eyes: red. fur: purple.

fave song: sexyback.. justin timberlake.

backstory: luna was born in moebious.... she never knew much about herself..... ... all she ever did was beat the shit out of people who got in her way.... 또는 annoyed the hell outta her... she left moebiuos to destroy mobius.... she tagged with scourge and his destructix.... she hates fiona.... but luna is scourges boyfriend......... for 더 많이 info...... there will be none...

catchprase: come on babe..... ill leave 당신 choking on my dust.

'What do 당신 mean there's nothing going on between 당신 two' said Cosmo shouting at Tails. 'Look i mean it Cosmo I dont even know her...not really i just dont know why she called me cutie' said Tails 'Oh sure' she replied and went to sleep on the couch. 'great' Tails thinks but he cant help but...fancy this mysterious girl 무지개, 레인 보우 'she's not just mysterious shes a flirt too' he thought when suddenly there was a tap on the window he ran too see what it was and it was....RAINBOW he opend the window 'Rainbow 당신 shouldent be here' he said 'why?' she whisperd he sighed he then said 'wait i will...
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posted by Puppetmaster111
"Hey Amy," Cream began, "are 당신 exited to see the Himas 꽃 bloom?" She asked. "Yeah, I'm so exited!" Amy replied. When they arived they were shocked to see a small creature that looked like a seedrian, but she had no buds on the side of it's head, just a 조랑말 tail to the left, she was wearing a dirty old green dress with 꽃 on the sides, and she had wings that were simaler to a dragonflys. "Amy do 당신 think she is alright?" Cream asked, "I'm not shure... I think we better take her to my house!" Amy replied. When they got over to her house the strange creature woke up, she had beautiful...
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