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posted by TakTheFox
Slender Profile


Name: Slender
Nickname: None
If character has one, REAL name: Coris Huntress
Reason for Name: “Coris Huntress” was the name given to this creature. It means “Souless Hunter”

Gender: It is not completely verified if Slender has a gender, but she is called female on occasion and has a sort of disguise that makes her look like a female bat.
Birthdate: Unknown
Age currently: Unknown if she does age


Species: Unkown. Some say that she is a Negitive-Element Identity, but no one knows for sure.

Primary Color (Main fur/skin): White
Secondary Color (Mouth, chest, ect.): Grey

Eye-color: 당신 can’t see her eyes because her face is like a skull, but it would appear to be black.
Other Eye-details: None

Does character have hair?: Yes
(If so, the following)
Color of hair: Grey
Style of hair: Her hair is just three 또는 four long thick strands that hang at the back of her head
Does character have this type of hair often?: Yes

Height: 5.2
Weight: 10

Scars/Markings (Tattoos, ect.): She has scratch marks and reformed parts of herself all over.

Distinguishing marks: Her face, her hands, her feet

Body type (Fat, skinny, healthy, fair, ect.) Very scrawny-looking

Tail?: No

Accent: Unknown. She rarely speaks any words, and when she does it’s in her bat-like-form. She sounds very faint and speaks very few words when she speaks at all, so no one knows her accent.
Nationality: Mercian

Body part that character considers best part: None
Why: She does not care

Body part the character considers worst part: None
Why: She does not care


Head: None
Neck: White tie
Top: black school-uniform-like suit
Waist: none
Bottom: Black pants
Hands: None
Feet: None
Does character have variations of outfits?: No

Jewelry?: None


Weapons?: None

Other items: She has a locket 목걸이 in one of her pockets, with no picture inside.
Is there a special backstory behind these items?: No one knows. She will hunt 당신 if 당신 try to take it.

Does character have a mode of transportation?: None

Any pets?: In a way
If so, what type?: A monkey
Name of pet?: Spinx
Relationship with pet: She completely ignores Spinx and doesn’t even know that Spinx is there, but Spinx follows Slender and is almost addicted to anything she does.


Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown

Querks: Unknown
Tendencies: Stalking XD

Does character have an addiction?: Yes
If so, to what?: everyone’s life-force

Is character friendly?: No
Is character Depressed?: No

Is character violent?: Can be if interrupted

Does character enjoy 읽기 a book, playing a physical game, playing a video game, 또는 watching TV?: None, but she would choose physical game as this would be closest to the thing she does

Was character’s personality different before the story began?: No


How would character react to a large-mass conflict (Giant robots, super-form evil people)?: It would depend on the motivation. If she was somehow told to intervene she would, but otherwise she would not care at all.
How would character react to a small-mass conflict (Quarrels, arguments)?: She would not care unless if conflicted with her goals, of which at that point she would devour whoever’s life-force

If character was offered a large amount of money to kill someone, would they do it?: Only if she was promised prey.

How does character first approach people?: She walks up to them and states her need, and if they do not help her she leaves
How does character react to being approached?: She would ignore unless they could help her, and even then she would only react to the part that would help her.

How would character react to someone complimenting in a flirtatious way?: She would not notice
How would character react to being teased in a flirtatious way?: She would not notice

If a complete stranger asked character out, how would they react?: She would ignore them
If a friend asked character out, how would they react?: She would ignore them

What would character do if they found a large amount of money on the ground?: Leave it
How would character react to someone trying to steal from them?: She would stick her large long mouth on their heads and manually drain them.

How would character react to the death of a friend/family member: She has not family so it is impossible to know

Emotional reactions

-Anger: The closest thing to anger for Slender is a large screech she makes if she is delayed for a long enough time

-Happiness: None

-Love: If she was able to 사랑 she would probably die in the experience

-Confusion: If confused she would think back to what had happened, and 검색 for answers

-Loneliness: None

-Aggression: She can get aggressive depending on how aggressive others are, and never seems to stop getting aggressive until she has completed her goal

-Protective: She only protects someone if she needs them to succeed on something.

-Sadness: None

-Conflict/Danger: She would absorb all the energy she could and use it to destroy her foes 또는 simply try to leave

-Rejection: If rejected she would become aggressive

-Fear: None

-Change: To her there is no change

-Loss: To her there is no loss

-Flirting: None

-Pain: She can be damaged but she does not react to it aside from trying to prevent if further.

-Stress: None

-Peer pressure: None

-Guilt: None

-Being wrong: She will correct herself

-Being criticized: She will ignore it

-Praise: She will ignore it

-Being hated: She will ignore it

-Humiliation: She will kill everyone 또는 ignore it

Greatest 출처 of strength in character's personality (whether s/he sees it as such 또는 not): Her diligence?
Greatest 출처 of weakness in character's personality (whether s/he sees it as such 또는 not): Her stupidity?

Character's soft spot: Her locket possibly
Is this soft spot obvious to others?: No
If not, how does character hide it?: No one sees it most of the time, and they rarely try to take it if they see it

Biggest vulnerability: her structure. She can be very fragile if she has not fed in a week’s radius, but even then she is incredibly powerful, and regenerates, though it’s not as stable as identities.

Which of the 7 deadly sins does character fight (or give into, willingly 또는 not)?: Gluttony
(lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride)

Which of the 7 virtues does your character have (or fight against)?: None
(chastity, abstinence, leberality, diligence, patience, kindness, humility)

Optimist 또는 pessimist?: Neither
Introvert 또는 extrovert?: Introvert
Drives and motivations?: The amount of power she senses determines the amount she wants it.

Extremely skilled at: persuading, tracking, investigating
Extremely unskilled at: subtlety

Mannerisms: All she does is walk towards 당신 and then 당신 don’t want to look anymore

Peculiarities: Unknown

One word character would use to describe self: “… Hungry”

One paragraph 설명 of how character would describe self: “I search. I devour. I survive. Nothing else.”

What four things would CHARACTER most like to change about self? (#1 most important, #2 초 most important, etc.)
1. None



A.    – Physical
1.    – Extreme strength
2.    – Extreme speed
B.    – Energy
1.    – She can emit what she absorbs
2.    – She gets stronger from what she absorbs
3.    – She can regenerate
C.    – Mental
1.    – She can sense any type of energy 또는 person no matter where they are
2.    – She has a simple yet complex mind that allows her to target only the parts of words and information that she needs quickly and easily
D.    – Unknown

Elemental powers?: She can have elemental powers based on what she has absorbed. She can absorb any type of element as long as it’s the life-force of a living-thing

Physical skils

Flexibility: 3
Strength: 20
Speed: 20
Endurance: 10

Mental Skills

Memory: 3
Text-book knowledge: 1
거리 knowledge: 2
Computer knowledge: 1
Other Knowledge: 4

Most recognized Skills (Top most noticed, bottom least)
1. How she can hunt 당신 wherever 당신 are
2. How powerful she is
3. Her absorption
4. Her ability to change her form to disguise herself
5. Her strength
6. Her speed


Color: None
Music: None
Art (Gory, nature, romantic, ect.): None
Food: None
Book: None
Quote(s): None
Actor: None
Historical character: None
Present character: None
Fictional character: None
Type of transportation: None
Physical game (Tag, Hide-and-seek, ect.): Hide-and-seek
Video-Game: None
텔레비전 show: None
Movie: None


Hometown: Mercia
Did character always live there?: As far as anyone knows

Basic summary of character’s life before story began: She first appeared when she eliminated two identity love-birds, then was hired 의해 Virus to devour Lisa Stream’s mage-essence, which she was told was extremely potent. She went to Mobius Academy and eventually was able to do this, and ever since this people call her “Slender” though that isn’t her real name


Does character have family: Unknown


Job?: Feed
Does character enjoy job?: In a way 당신 could say that
Has character had other jobs before this one?: No

Current-home: None

Is character wealthy?: No


Who are Character’s 프렌즈 (If they have any)?: If 당신 help her 당신 are her friend, and she will possibly spare you, but she has never expressed any emotion 또는 mercy to anyone in a friend-like way

What would character consider a friend to be?: No one knows

Which people have influenced character the most?: Virus, Mevrik, Jenna

Who does character openly admire?: No one
Who does character secretly admire?: No one

Who are character’s enemies?: Everyone
Have they always been enemies?: No

Is there a story behind the character and their enemies?: A short one
If so, what?: Basically if 당신 help her 당신 live, if 당신 don’t you’re her enemy

Is character married?: No

Does character have a crush on someone?: No

Other Friendship information

Who would character consider to be their best friend: Spinx if she had to choose
Why: Spinx doesn’t stop looking for her XD

When did character and best friend first meet: At Mobius Academy in the early year
Most treasured memory between character and best friend: None

Have they always been best friends: In a way
If not, what happened before they were best friends: Slender ignored Spinx… she still does

Were they at one point enemies: No

What is the relationship between character and best friend: Slender notices Spinx, and notices that Spinx is aiding her, so she does not do anything negative to Spinx


How others perceive character
Enemy: Scary
Stranger: Scary
Offspring: Was I adopted?

What do family/friends like most about character?: How cool she is
What do family/friends like least about character?: Nothing


Immediate goal(s): Feed

Long range goal(s): None

How does character plan to accomplish goal(s)?: Draining people for their energy

How will other people around character be affected?: If they are in her way she will destroy them, if they stay out if it she will ignore them

How does character face problems?: 의해 연기 immediately on ending problem
Kinds of problems character usually runs into: People trying to stop her


Past loves: None
Current loves: None


Where can character story be found (Title and URL)?: link
Is character a main character, side, 또는 background?: background

Where can picture of character be found?: link

Sonic- franchise-Information

Does character have contact/relationships with Cannon-characters?: No

Can character achieve a super-form?: Yes
If so, from what, and what type(s)?: Any type

Does character live on Mobius?: Yes

If so, is it on SEGA 또는 ARCHIE Mobius?: Fan-character

Is it in future, past, 또는 present tense?: Unknown

Does character have blood-relations with cannon-characters?: No

Slender basically walks around looking for something to feed on to survive. She usually ignores normal people, and goes for the 더 많이 powerful aura’s of energy. If she finds one that is bigger than the one she is after she will stop and go after that one.
She has no core, which basically means she has no soul. They say that if her soul was brought back to her she would die.
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