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posted by gyrothehedgehog
NAME: 주황색, 오렌지 the Hedgehog
POWERS: He can control fire, he can control ice, he can control electricity, he can control earth, he has super-speed, he can fly, he is super-strong and he is invincible
GIRLFRIENDS: Every girl in the series
LOOKS: An 주황색, 오렌지 hedgehog with black eyes
BACKSTORY: His hometown was destroyed 의해 Eggman so now he wants revenge on him
SUPER FORM: His super form is darker 주황색, 오렌지 and he still has black eyes and ALL THE POWERS IN THE WORLD!!!OMG!!
HYPER FORM: His hyper form is exactly like his Super Form except he is neon orange
DARKSPINE FORM: His super form with white stripes and no pupils
DARK FORM: The same as his Darkspine form
WEREHOG FORM: He is exactly like Sonics’ except orange
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Dannie looked down at her sister when she heard a small squeak escape from her. Dannie narrowed her eyes as Leah looked up at her with tears in her eyes.

"I'm scared...Natasha has been gone for over an hour!" Leah's ears lowered in worry as she looked back towards the island. "We should go look for her!"

"But she told us to stay on the boat!" Dannie protested.

"I don't care! What if she's hurt and we can't help her because we listened to her orders?!" Leah growled. "Please Dannie?!"

Dannie sighed and realized that Leah wanted to go find Natasha because Natasha knew the two girls ever since...
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Seeing as though my other one completely vanished I have to retype 1 2 and 3. -_- Fun fun. But retyping one doesn't really bother me because One was kind of lame. Anyways here we go.)

Dannie sat at the edge of the dock looking out at the ocean that glistened in the sun. A lot was on her mind but her mothers death was the main one out of everything. She sighed, remembering the good times she used to have with her mother and how her and her little sister always played along the 육지, 쇼 어 like as their mother watched, doing a crossword puzzle in a 바닷가, 비치 chair. Suddenly Dannie's ears twitched upon...
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Sure, Sonic's quills get a little Minecraft-y during his running animation, but that's an easy fix.
posted by TakTheFox
“They’ll hurt me again.” I argue. “A-and we don’t know if they’re really going to have a room, do we?”

Chowder seems more… s-…st-stubborn with his look about making me go into the ceiling. Mickey seems upset. They don’t tell me anything at first. They must have been thinking it over. So while they do that I also think it over.

I want to help but I don’t want to be grabbed 의해 the arms again. My thumb was still hurting. What will happen if the arms get me this time? Will they take me away from Mickey and 잡탕 요리, 챠 우 더 again? Will this be the last time I see them? It scares me…...
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Simy: Um...i...just...want to say...that...although we've not known each other that long, i've really grown to 사랑 당신 dearly. I 사랑 당신 so much, with all my heart...and i want it to stay that way for a long time, 질문 is...*takes the box out of his pocket, and goes on 1 knee, opens the box, to reveal a gold ring, with a diamond in it*....Princess Emerald...will 당신 marry me?
>Emerald: *she covers her mouth with her hands, blushing hard, tears forming into her eyes* Simy...*she removes her hands slowly* Yes, with all my 심장 yes!
*people: Awwwwwwww!"*
Simy: *smiles, tears up, and gently takes her left hand, and puts the ring on her ring finger*
Emerald: *she bends down & hugs him tightly* ^//////^ Simy: !~ *hugs back tight, and stands up, both of them standing and hugging* ^/////^
Emerald: *softly crying, still hugging him*
Simy: *crying to, looks in her eyes, and kisses her*
Rise~Skillet link Video credit: JhOrDaN KmilO & YouTube
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Dumbfounded, the 암 여우, 빅슨, 여우야 struggled with words, swallowing the panic. She took in the scene with wide eyes, especially on the hole. A closer observation was in mind, but the acid overruled the option. She knew what happened. "Craiger," Grace was able to muster, "Rynk's gone." Despite wanting to yell it out in distress, her voice was kept quiet in shock.

Craiger noticed this immediately, and quickly rushed over to the hole, looking over the area. “We’ve been gone for… three 분 maybe.” He noted. “She couldn’t have gotten that fa-!” Slowly a hand leaning on the 벽 curled into...
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(October 5th Sunday)

The dream was going for a strange turn. This one began as a simple non-logical wacky adventure, but now order was finding its way in. The area became a place that she recognized, her home-city. It seemed cleaner than when she lived in the area, but definitely the same one. She was travelling somewhere, towards someone. It was a white cat… Banshee was the name of the species—Moon-curved stripes, beautiful eyes, large hands and feet—she could not tell who this was, 또는 why she was seeing this person.

The dream turn a dark turn now. A fight, it felt painful. Attackers...
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(okay, so....thought i had one 더 많이 일 of school to play with 당신 guys, but evidently not. -.-* someone always has to ruin my plans..... unbelievable....anyways, awhile back i 게시됨 a mystery person picture. I 게시됨 the coloured ID verson of him, so now here's the bio that goes with him. He's my newest, and I'm actually really happy to how he turned out. He's gonna be really useful in the Parue/Kayverian war.)

Tryvor's Character Bio:
Name: Tryvor Jallen

Age: 18

Birthday: December 18th

Species: Kayverian.

Height: 3'5.7"

Weight: 119lbs

Powers/Abilities: Originating from the crescent moon, Tryvor's...
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