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posted by shadowgirl101
Alright so, I thought it was a good idea to change the 아이콘 every now and then.
Buuuuuuut so many people are bugging me about it I've decided to 취소하기 the 아이콘 requesting and make ONE icon. Sure I will change it again, but not until a very looooooong time. So I want everyones opinion on what the 아이콘 should look like. IF 당신 have any ideas I would rather 당신 message me and if 당신 코멘트 below I'll eventually answer. So get those brains a stirring!

Also alot of people tell me I shouldnt use my characters. Lemme know what 당신 think.
Give me some ideas like, a certain symbol I should make, just some 랜덤 character out of the blue, the letters FC, ect.
posted by Shadow5772
Step 1: First, 당신 will need to have the status of your character. Tell the information about him/her. The things 당신 will need to tell are:
Theme Song:
Family Members:
And so on.

Step 2: Second, 당신 need to tell your character's story. What happened in your character's past? What do 당신 think will happen in his/her future?

Step 3: Third, 당신 need to come up with a 디자인 for your character. If 당신 are not really an artist, get someone else to draw your character for you.

Step 4: Lastly, be creative. Give your character special powers, so they can fight. Also, 당신 can give your character weapons and vehicles, such as, guns, swords, vans, motorcycles, and any other thing 당신 can think of.

Well, that's how 당신 make a 팬 character! Have fun! Bye for now!
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