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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
당신 spray your neck with one last 펌프 of perfume just as 당신 hear the doorbell ring. It was your boyfriend, Soda, ready to pick 당신 up for your date. “Come in!” 당신 shout from your room. “Hey babe!” 당신 hear Sodapop say from the kitchen. 당신 fix your hair one last time in the mirror before stepping out into the living room. “Hey! Ready to go?” 당신 ask. “W-whoa” He says as he stares at 당신 in awe. 당신 giggle. “You look so beautiful (Y/N).” “Thank you, handsome.” 당신 say as 당신 take his hand. 당신 guys get into Sodas car and he begins to drive. “So, where are we going?” 당신 ask.” He smirks and says “It’s a surprise.” He hands 당신 a blindfold. 당신 look at him dumbfounded. “Well go on, put it on!” 당신 slip the blindfold on and wait another 10 분 before he says “Ok, were here!” 당신 attempt to open your door but Soda whips around the front of the car and does it for you. He wraps his arms around your waist to guide 당신 to your destination. When he takes off your blindfold, 당신 find yourself 의해 the waterfront, starring at a picnic 표, 테이블 covered in candles and rose peddles. 당신 two sit down to share one plate of pasta. 당신 each put one side of a piece of 스파게티 in your mouth and do lady and the tramp until 당신 end up kissing. He stares into your eyes before hesitantly speaking “I-I l-love you, (Y/N)” He says. At first you’re caught off guard, but end up smiling as 당신 say “I 사랑 당신 too, Soda.” 당신 lean over the 표, 테이블 and give him another kiss.