Do 당신 frequently feel uncomfortable inside social environments? Do 당신 want to know how to have self confidence? Perhaps 당신 are overly shy? 또는 your stomach ties up in knots when approaching someone even just to say "Hi!"

Well the great news is the fact that there are lots of methods which 당신 are able to use that will help 당신 overcome this problem of social shyness 또는 anxiety. I'm going to share one of my favorites below. But first, we will talk about 3 essential points that have to be highlighted (so imagine them covered with ink from a vibrant yellow Fluoro highlighter pen...or what the heck I can actually do this myself)

1. Do not expect waking up with the confidence of Tony Robbins overnight. All changes happen in little small steps and actions. Make the effort to push yourself slowly just a bit every day. And celebrate your victories, no matter how little they're. These small victories will help 당신 grow into a 더 많이 confident person.

2. The very best way to overcome a fear is 의해 facing it. What I'm presenting here is the 1 method to develop the courage to face your fear. What you'll need to do though is not only use it and stop here, but also 검색 out an entire artillery technique also. And use them! Some methods may be 더 많이 suitable for certain situations. I'll give 당신 더 많이 tips on this in a future article.

3. As always, if your social shyness 또는 anxiousness is causing BIG problems and difficulties in your life, please consider speaking to a doctor 또는 a specialist. They will be able to expand on this technique, and offer 당신 with many more. They really can help.
So, as promised, here's certainly one of my 가장 좋아하는 techniques for helping 당신 really feel 더 많이 confident as around other individuals in a social scenario. It is extremely powerful and effective.

That power is compassion.

It resides inside all of us, although it lies asleep in the majority of people; it's almost as a luxury we feel we cannot afford just yet. Perhaps something we'll get about to explore when we get over our problems and start feeling happy about ourselves. But, how can we be compassionate towards others when we do not even really feel great about ourselves?

Is that what 당신 believe?
Well, I think we're better off 의해 taking a look at issues from a different perspective. One that sees compassion not only as a tool for helping others, but additionally for helping ourselves.

So, how do we use compassion within this situation?
SEE THE OTHER People as if you're looking at a mirror. They are JUST LIKE YOU!
They're human. Somewhere within them they have fears, problems and concerns too. Their fears might not be visible to 당신 on the surface, but they're there. We're all human. They are also stuck in the same box of society and this strange and challenging life. We are all trying to survive in this jungle.

All of us desire human contact!
We all want friendship!
We all desire to be loved!

So before approaching somebody, remind yourself that they as well might have difficulties relating to others. They might be waiting for someone to talk to about their issues and their concerns. They might be waiting for someone just like you, who can comprehend them and accept the with all their fears. Someone just like you, having a 심장 filled with compassion and love. And perhaps in time, if a friendship develops, 당신 will be able to help them immensely in the future.

Why does this work? Merely because it takes away the attention off you, and places it onto the other individual. How are 당신 able to help them? How can 당신 be their friend in a time of need?

Obviously, do not force yourself towards them with these concerns straight. It really doesn't matter what happens after. But it's logical to see that it would not be suitable in most social circumstances to try to act as Mother Teresa around someone, especially in the event 당신 don't know the person. Just focus and try to create a 우주 for them, so they might understand 또는 perceive that they're just like you. They as well are human.
Now that 당신 know How To Have Self Confidence, go ahead and begin the conversation.
Talk to them, learn about them, and their interests. This may lead nowhere 또는 probably, it could develop into one of the best friendships of your life. No one knows.
They're just like you. So there's no need to be afraid. They also want somebody to talk to. Help yourself 의해 helping them!

당신 could let your shyness 또는 anxiousness be a negative force of fear inside yourself, 또는 당신 use it to let it build your compassion towards others who are also facing their very own demons. Choose compassion! In return, you'll also be helping yourself to grow as a person and open your heart, this way effortlessly overcoming your own fears, one conversation at a time.