What's ur honest opinion of SNSD's new album 사랑 & Peace?

I've listened 2 the whole album 3 times thru and I feel like it's a slight downgrade from their last jap album.The album feels like bunch of leftover songs thrown 2gether. The album doesn't have a strong theme.

Gossip girls- 3/5

motorcycle- 4/5
Flyers- 3/5 reminds me a winx club song. I still 사랑 it

Galaxy supanova- 4/5.

사랑 & girls- 4/5

Beep Beep- 2.75/5 the beep beep part can get very annoying imo.

My oh my- 4/5

Lips- 3/5. I wish it was mastered better and the beat was cleaned up a bit. the chorus saved it 4 me.

Do the catwalk- 5/5

lingua franca-3.75/5

karma butterfly- 3/5

everyday love- 2/5 the song is enjoyable tho I've heard dis beat before. It's nice album ender.

사무용 겉옷, 전반적인 I'd give dis album a 8.5/10
It's a decent album,but some of the songs didn't go 2gether well as a record. The album felt a lil random.

What's ur opinion of the album? How would u rank it towards their other 2 jap. albums?

사랑 it
Dkane6791 posted over a year ago
 hyolynrose7 posted over a year ago
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pyang163 said:
I like this album 더 많이 than the other two Japanese albums. I only liked 6/15 songs from their first repackage album and 5/12 songs from the 초 album. In this album I liked 9/13 songs.
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posted over a year ago 
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