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Well, to prevent me from spamming the articles with such short stories, I've decided to post them here.

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over a year ago ProfSnape said…
We All Need A Good Friend, Even If They're Not Human.

“These promises are killing me. I didn’t have all these wrinkles a year ago, you know.” He leaned back, speaking in fluent Irish to the woman beside him, “She’s killing me. Lily Evans is dead, but the dust she’s left behind is strangling me.” He paused a moment. “You wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?”
The woman hesitated, took out her phone, and he read through the screen, [Not really, no.]
“I’m happy for you.” He hesitated. “Potter is getting on my nerves more than ever. The older he gets, the worse it is. He thinks he’s so big, using that red head for protection, and nerdy Granger to do his work for him… It’s like James cloned himself. Except that scar and those eyes.
“But I love her. I have to protect that stupid boy because of it.” He sighed, “Do you love someone, Celty?”
[Yes, I think I do.]
“Then don’t let go of him. You’ll only get into trouble if you do.” He chuckled emotionlessly, “You’ll only kill yourself if you do.”
There was a silence as the two enjoyed the sunset of Japan. Severus and Celty were good friends. If she had her head, she wondered, would they still be? She didn’t know. The only reason he was able to talk to her was because she couldn’t speak, and couldn’t judge him.
Presently she typed, [I think you’re good, Severus.]
“That’s because you don’t know me well.”
A little taken aback, she continued, [I bet I know you better than anyone else does. And I know you’ll survive this wizarding war.]
“I hope I do.” He gulped, “I hope I’m doing what’s right, is all.”
She didn’t answer. Instead, she let the dying sun gleam off her helmet, as he waved his hand. “Goodbye, Celty!”
She waved back as he disappeared into nothingness.
A silence loomed over her. Maybe she was perfect without her head…
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over a year ago MoonshoesPerry said…
Is Celty a character from that Durarara thing?
over a year ago ProfSnape said…
Yes. I've had this idea for a long time, and tried to make it understandable to all of you. Hope you enjoy it.
over a year ago ProfSnape said…
The Ideal Role Model Is Different For Everyone, Catching Us By Suprise.

Severus was growing very tired and angry. The common room was full of gits who wouldn’t stop reminding him of the incident that happened that day, leaving him unable to do his homework there. He stormed out, still learning his self-control after losing Lily, and decided to run to the Quidditch field and sit at the stands.
It was much better. It was very dark, but he could see the stars overhead, and the empty stadium made him feel small and pleasant. He flicked the light on to his wand and wrote the Potions essay.
Severus looked up. Sure enough, James and Sirius were standing at the field, but they were not about to bully Severus at all. In fact, they were looking at another boy altogether. Severus could make out the boy’s bright scarf as the Maurders continued.
“Go on, Snivellus! Defend yourself!”
“He can’t! Stupid git!”
“Go on! Use one of your big death eater curses! Ooo, I’m so scared…”
“Expelliarmus!” The boy flew back, banging his head against the stone wall. Sirius chuckled, and all at once he used a stinging spell. From the silhouette Severus saw big, angry red lumps appear on the boy’s face.
James and Sirius looked up.
“Sepenspectra!” Just then Sirius fell to the ground, already covered in blood.
James soared into the air and crashed back down. From the distance Severus heard bones crack. Feeling no sympathy, he quickly he ran down to check on the boy. He had thick brown hair and large glasses, and Severus gently put his wand to the boy’s temple, and silently performed the counter curse. Slowly the lumps retreated. Severus noted the stranger had a familiar hooked nose.
“Who are you?” Severus asked finally, helping the boy to stand.
“…Thomas.” The boy quivered, pointing to the still suffering James and Sirius. “What did you…?”
“Just a few spells I invented.” From afar Severus, though reluctant, brought Sirius’s blood back inside the body, and repaired James’s bones. He hexed them to stay unconscious, and turned back to Thomas, who’s eyes were wide.
“That’s so cool.”
“Well… I guess…” Severus smirked at the compliment.
“What’s your name?”
“That’s such an awesome name! Like… like a superhero name!” Thomas seemed rather breathless.
Taken aback, Severus began to walk to the school grounds. Thomas followed, and Severus began to wonder if a new friendship was forming.
over a year ago ProfSnape said…
He Only Lives In A Dream That He Can't Wake Up From Sometimes

Henry sat underneath the big, beautiful green tree, strumming his guitar. He did not know how long he’d been playing, but he didn’t want to stop. He’d been hard at work, slaving to keep his promises, when finally he’d been able to run far away and relax. He closed his eyes and hummed, lyrics prickling the tip of his tongue. He could go like this forever, now that he was here.
A young woman was in front of him. Henry grinned, and did not stop playing. Instead he said, “Hello!”
“Sir… sir. You’ve been arrested.”
The song did not stop. Henry’s eyes grew wide. “What?”
“You’ve been ordered to go to Azkaban for the murder of Albus Dumbledore.”
The same notes played over and over again. “…Why?”
The woman, quite nervous at being so close to the murderer, spoke meekly, “It’s the law. I don’t normally get sent unless it’s for something huge. Please, don’t make me draw my wand.”
She was obviously a rookie, too scared to go for the task alone. The guitar played in a high pitched, crooked manner. Henry stared back at the woman, his face pale. “But why? He made me do it. He told me to kill him.”
“…sir, I will bind you.”
“He made me do it. I didn’t want to but he told me I should, and that it was the right thing.”
“Sir!” She pointed her wand shakily at him.
“…you’re a squib, aren’t you?”
“I am not!”
The guitar played faster now, still in that evil high pitch. He couldn’t stop moving his hand for some reason. “I can’t help it if I have to do these things. The one I love is dead. All I have is music.”
“I suggest you stop playing!”
“No. I don’t want to. I’m homeless and I don’t have anyone who loves me. I’m going to stay right here and play and play until I die!”
“Perfecticus Totalus!”
The song stopped. Henry sat there, quite angry with himself, as the woman had him float and go off into Azkaban.
over a year ago ProfSnape said…
Thomas Is A Good Person With Entirely Weird Choices.

It was entirely beyond Severus Snape’s intelligence, but he was a role model. It is very good that he did not know, because he would have opposed, and dear Thomas—with a very, very frail heart—would have been entirely broken and sad.
Though he was an adult, to others he was a completely sweet baby, who cried and smiled often. He never had a thing to say bad about anyone else, and often encouraged others to bring goodness. Snape was none of these things, and in comparison seemed like an old man beside Thomas.
They spoke in passing, mostly. “How was your morning, sir?”
“Good, I guess. Yours?”
And the conversation hardly extended, and Snape would never have thought that he had been the one to make Thomas’s morning great, and that Thomas was the only one to call him “sir”, which seemed a title of great respect in Thomas’s eyes.
Thomas was very good for favors, however. Without hesitation, Thomas agreed to buy the certain textbook, the particular potion’s ingredient, and came back as soon as he could, often carrying things very heavy.
If someone asked, Snape would say he had met a friendly boy walking through the hallways.
Thomas would say something very different.
The Maurderers had bullied him. They flung him into trees and stole his wand. His scarf, which he so loved, had been put into random, often muddy places, and Thomas would have it cleaned very carefully. He was no good at magic, no matter the years of Hogwarts, so it was all soap and water, and a lot of scrubbing.
On a lonely day in seventh year, he had found his scarf again, dripping in the mud. The Snape back then was not a hero of any sort, but had in fact felt bad for the strange boy.
With a flick of the wand, the mud was cleaned. Thomas looked up suddenly. “Sepenspectra.” Snape said suddenly, putting his wand down. “Use it if they come to bully you again. Alright?”
Thomas blinked, and slowly nodded.
“We share potions together, don’t we?”
Thomas nodded again, wondering what on earth was happening to him.
“You could partner up with me. I’m fairly good at it and I’m sure I could help you.”
Thomas only nodded again. Was this… was this a kind act?
As Snape walked away, Thomas had decided it was a kind act. He decided that whoever it was, was very kind. Even if he’d already begun forgetting the spell he’d just been taught, he decided he’d try his hardest to learn spells, and to be good at Potions.
Friends are a very, very strange thing.