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My band is a band from a small town,we have been 프렌즈 for along time.Am the oldest of the band and the tallest,kira is 11,robin is 10,catherin is 11,am 12.But we each have are oun sound so what happened was we were folling around and i came up with the idea that we should be a band.we all said yes to the idea,but i been working on the 음악 더 많이 than anyone eals in the band.We alwas work when we can....but us we need to be incruaged and i will try tomake my band famous for evry one.i will try for everyone my first song will be on here but it will be a article,ok?am really hopeing that one 일 we can be famous,we are almost there sorry for some of this being miss be contined