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Opinion by Clau2009btr posted over a year ago
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You're the birthday girl! YAS
저기요 there! I’m Clau and today is the birthday of an amazing and wonderful person, Sini <3 and I’m here to wish her a H░A░P░P░Y░ Birthday ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♫♪

Sini, I’ve never met someone so cool as you! You're such an amazing and a crazy person!! And that’s what I 사랑 about you! 당신 always see the bright side to all things. And that’s an amazing ability, to be positive ☆★

☆Thanks for be so nice with me!
☆Thanks for be an awesome friend!
☆Thanks for make me smile with every 벽 post and inbox!
YoU aRe.. <3 amazing, <3 sweet, <3 wonderful

a friend like 당신 is very rare.. 당신 are really special to me...
♠I 사랑 당신 so much♠

What's Minnie without Mickey?     
What's Tigger without Pooh?
Opinion by t_direction posted over a year ago
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Hey, Sini! so Today's the big day! It's your birthday!

I hope 당신 have an amazing 일 surrounded 의해 family members and all of your friends!

I'm so glad to be your friend! I know I haven't been on much lately but know that 당신 are special to me and I 사랑 당신 as a friend dearly. 당신 are the best friend anyone could ask for!


Birthdays are a new start, a fresh beginning, and a time to pursue new endeavors with new goals. 옮기기 앞으로 with confidence and courage. You’re a very special person. May today and all of your days be amazing!

Article by a11-swift posted over a year ago
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Today is your birthday that magical day! ah! how many people were happy that your were born ^^ so much joy :)

i hope 당신 do read this even though 당신 aren't here! i remember 당신 saying your exams are coming so also good luck with that!

It’s your birthday time again; It’s true;
there’s no denying, Another 년 has
come and gone; 당신 know that I’m not
lying. So for you, the birthday person,
Here’s what I want to say: I hope this
birthday’s the best one yet, In every delightful way. So happy birthday to
you. Have lots of birthdays with pleasures and joy :)
Hope 당신 get your own laptop this year! :D and everything 당신 want ... everything 당신 desire and things that make 당신 happy ^^

There is no word to describe 당신 :) there is so much talent hidden in you! but don't open your package sooner ;)


1. 당신 are a genius.

2. Your hair looks amazing.
Article by a11-swift posted over a year ago
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I really didn't like the fact that i'm 글쓰기 this for 당신 and 당신 won't even read it :(
[i]First of all...forgive me for not being there for you! i was gone... life was pretty hectic and School wasn't helping either! and when i entered 팬팝 to tell 당신 one good news.... i saw 당신 left... without any Goodbyes! it made me kinda feel lonely... like i was left alone! i couldn't give 당신 a proper goodbye ... then how much of a good friend i am?? really couldn't stand this! i really hope 당신 forgive me for this! also in your remembrance...i created an account on our world named "Animy" the name 당신 started to call me ^^

And yeah..i do hope we won't forget each other as we had no other contact except 팬팝 which 당신 left! so i realp do hope 당신 miss me! and yeah we'll be our secret diaries :) Thanks very much for your support! without you, it was nothing! thanks for being there for me all the time! this 기사 is really really short but God knows how much i can fit my words for you!
Opinion by mr-cullen posted over a year ago
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I was in the winter of my life, and the men I met along the road were my only summer.
At night I fell asleep with visions of myself, dancing and laughing and crying with them.
Three years down the line of being on an endless world tour, and my memories of them were the only things that sustained me, and my only real happy times.
I was a singer - not a very 인기 one,
I once had dreams of becoming a beautiful poet, but upon an unfortunate series of events saw those dreams dashed and divided like a million stars in the night sky that I wished on over and over again, sparkling and broken.
But I didn't really mind because I knew that it takes getting everything 당신 ever wanted, and then losing it to know what true freedom is.
When the people I used to know found out what I had been doing, how I'd been living, they asked me why - but there's no use in talking to people who have home.
They have no idea what it's like to seek safety in other people - for 집 to be wherever 당신 lay your head.
Opinion by mr-cullen posted over a year ago
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[b]"White Horse"
Say you're sorry
That face of an angel
Comes out just when 당신 need it to
As I paced back and forth all this time
Cause I honestly believed in you

Holding on
The days drag on
Stupid girl,
I should have known, I should have known

That I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairy tale,
I'm not the one you'll sweep off her feet,
Lead her up the stairwell
This ain't Hollywood, this is a small town,
I was a dreamer before 당신 went and let me down,
Now it's too late for 당신 and your white horse to come around

Maybe I was naïve,
Got 로스트 in your eyes
And never really had a chance
My mistake, I didn't know to be in love
당신 had to fight to have the upper hand

I had so many dreams
About 당신 and me
Happy endings
Now I know

That I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairy tale,
I'm not the one you'll sweep off her feet,
Opinion by a11-swift posted over a year ago
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When it comes to the art of dating, Taylor 빠른, 스위프트 has got a good amount of experience under her 벨트 and even though her past relationships haven’t been all that successful, she’s definitely learnt a thing 또는 two about the smellier sex.

Swizzo has been offering up her best 조언 when it comes to lads, and seeing as her methods have managed to bag her endless fit actors and one particularly dreamy curly haired wonder, we’re going to be grabbing our pen and notebook PRONTO.

Harry and Taylor

This 월 TayTay is the cover 별, 스타 of US Glamour magazine, and chatting with the mag she was 더 많이 than happy to spill all her secrets when it comes to bagging boys. While she’s known for opening up about her heartbreaks in her music, she revealed that she’s definitely not the one doing the swooning 또는 the chasing in her relationships.

Her best 조언 is a technique called ‘the freeze-out’. She explained: "You don't respond to any of his texts 또는 calls until he does something desperate [like] shows up. 또는 he calls and leaves a voice mail. Something that makes it very clear to 당신 that he's interested."
Opinion by a11-swift posted over a year ago
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Despite conflicting reports claiming she may 또는 may not be secretly engaged, the 27-year-old singer was all smiles as she showed off a tiny band on her ring finger while getting coffee with a friend in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.
Happy: Amid rumors she may be secretly engaged, Lana Del Rey was in a great spirits while on a coffee run in Beverly Hills on Tuesday+8
Happy: Amid rumors she may be secretly engaged, Lana Del Rey was in a great spirits while on a coffee run in Beverly Hills on Tuesday
The Young And Beautiful singer wore a green and 담홍색, 핑크 plaid 셔츠 over a yellow T-shirt, skinny AG jeans and basic black sneakers.
With her long brown locks blowing carelessly in the wind, the songstress wore pale 담홍색, 핑크 makeup on her 도자기 skin and voluptuous lips.
She accessorized with a gold 십자가, 크로스 necklace, long fingernails and a band on her ring finger.
Don't think much of yours: Lana's not-so-bling ring was barely visible as she stepped out+8
Don't think much of yours: Lana's not-so-bling ring was barely visible as she stepped out
Opinion by a11-swift posted over a year ago
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emma watson
Oh what might have been – and what should have been? Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson as Harry and Hermione in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Photograph: Jaap Buitendijk
Age: 13-60.

Appearance: Fervid.

As in feverish? Have they tried taking paracetamol? No, the 불, 화재 that burns within a shipper burns with a fierceness that no mere over-the-counter antipyretic may douse.

Yes, definitely. Except I don't understand a word of what 당신 said. What is a shipper? 당신 know Harry Potter?

I do. 당신 know Hermione Granger?

That's the girl, right? It is.

In that case, yes. Did 당신 ever wish they'd, 당신 know, get together?

Not fervidly, if I'm honest. Well, a lot of shippers did. Shippers are 팬 of a story who yearn for two of its characters to develop a romantic relationship, and some write their own stories in which it happens. And guess what?

What? Now JK Rowling admits the shippers were right and she was wrong: Hermione should never have married Ron.
News by a11-swift posted over a year ago
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Well this onscreen reunion is going to be one Grand Ole Party!
Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan, who played 연인들 in last year’s Kill Your Darlings, are being tapped to team up once again in the new movie College Republicans!
Daniel is reportedly on board to play conservative mastermind Lee Atwater in the true story of how he helped a young Karl Rove rise to the rank of chairman of the College Republican National Committee! Dane is believed to be playing the part of Karl.
Consider that for just a second…
Last year, Daniel and Dane played Allen Ginsberg and Lucien Carr, two real life Beat Generation members who believed in sex, drugs, and an alternative lifestyle!
Um, yeah. That’s basically the complete opposite of the Republican Party that Lee and Karl helped form!
The common thread on these films though is John Krokidas, who directed Kill Your Darlings and is also at the helm of College Republicans.
Should this new flick be as well received as KYD was last year, not only will it make John 2 for 2 as a film maker, it’ll prove even further how much range Daniel Radcliffe really has!
Opinion by a11-swift posted over a year ago
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Now, being 더 많이 pop/power ballad/soft rock-esque, she has sold 26 million albums and had 75 million digital single downloads worldwide. Forbes magazine estimates she is worth $220 million (£135 million), making her their third-richest celebrity under 30.
That’s not all. She is a seven-times Grammy winner and the reigning Billboard and American 음악 Awards Artist of the Year. Her current RED tour is a global phenomenon. She is the first female artist to sell out Sydney’s Allianz Stadium, kicking off the Australian leg of her tour to 더 많이 than 40,900 screaming enthusiasts.

Taylor 빠른, 스위프트 collecting one of her seven Grammy awards (AP)
Here in Britain, the RED tour amounts to five nights of 15,000-strong O2 audiences, rendering 런던 Taylortown. Those nippers 당신 see walking about covered in flashing 크리스마스 lights, wearing cat’s-ear hairbands, scarlet ballet skirts and brandishing sparkly “I 사랑 You” signs? Swiftians, every one.
READ: Taylor 빠른, 스위프트 and Lindi Ortega: Rise of the new Nashville girls
Opinion by a11-swift posted over a year ago
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531) Do your dreams ever tell
당신 to do anything? 532) Who's your favourite
radio 1 DJ?
533) Whats the best way to
your heart?
534) Do 당신 know your own
mobile phone number off 의해 heart?
535) If 당신 were a fashion
designer, what style of
clothing 또는 accessories would
당신 design?
536) Do 당신 ever laugh at things 당신 shouldn't?
537) Have 당신 ever been in a
538) Have 당신 ever walked out
of a cinema before the film
was done?540) Do 당신 have any old
프렌즈 wou wish 당신 could
meet up with again?
541) Whats your favourite Nursury Rhyme?
542) Do 당신 prefer metric or
imperial measurements?
543) Who's your favourite
monarch of all time?
544) What was the last thing 당신 ate?
545) Whats your favourite
농장 구내 animal?
546) If 당신 could choose one
celebrity to be the father/
mother of your child who would it be?
Opinion by a11-swift posted over a year ago
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500) Who was your favourite
teacher at school and why?
501) Whats your favourite
party game? 502) Is it acceptable or
unacceptable to 헤로인 a child
as form of disapline?
503) Can a hetrosexual male
ever wear pink?
504) Is it criminal to wear socks with sandals?
505) If 당신 were captain of a
ship, what would 당신 call it?
506) If 당신 were to 가입하기 an
emergency service which
would it be? 507) If 당신 were to 가입하기 one of
the armed forced which would
it be?
508) Whats the worst thing
about being your gender?
509) Whats the best thing about being your gender?
510) If 당신 swapped genders
for a 일 how would 당신 spend
511) If 당신 were exiled what
country would 당신 choose as your new home?
512) Have 당신 ever made
someone cry?
513) Have 당신 ever starred in a
school play?
514) Were 당신 a member of any celebrity fanclub?
515) Have 당신 ever been a
Opinion by a11-swift posted over a year ago
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351) Are 당신 a gossip?
352) Have 당신 ever cried at a
film? 353) When you're ill do you
struggle on regardless 또는 just
curl up in 침대 as much as
354) Do 당신 need to write
down things to remember them?
355) Do 당신 keep a diary/
356) Are 당신 scared of
357) Do 당신 have any unusual fears 또는 phobias?
358) Whats your favourite
디즈니 movie?
359) Have 당신 ever slept in a
360) Have 당신 ever painted a house?
361) Have 당신 got green
362) Whats the tallest tree
you've ever climbed?
363) Have 당신 ever dialed the talking clock?
364) Do 당신 always wear
identical socks?
365) Do 당신 live 의해 any motto
또는 philosophy?
366) Do 당신 lick the yoghurt 또는 desert lid?
367) Do 당신 lick the spoon
clean after making something
368) Do 당신 like the sound of
music? (the musical/film) 369) Have 당신 ever made your
Opinion by a11-swift posted over a year ago
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201) How much spam 이메일 do
당신 tend to get a week? 202) If 당신 could learn any
language fluently what would
it be?
203) What historical Figure
would 당신 사랑 to see in 21st
centuary life? 204) As a kid were 당신 ever
frighted of a monster under
the 침대 또는 in the cupboard?
205) Do 당신 like clowns?
206) Do 당신 prefer BBC 또는 ITV?
207) Have 당신 ever been surfing?
208) Have 당신 ever been
209) Who was better, the
Beatles 또는 Elvis Presley?
210) Whats your favourite type of foreign food?
211) Which Foreign country do
당신 dislike the most?
212) Do 당신 like your music
loud 또는 easy listening?
213) Whats your favourite animated 또는 cartoon program?
214) Do 당신 sing in the
215) Are 당신 a clean 또는 messy
216) Whats your prefered playing piece in monopoly?
217) Can 또는 Do 당신 still play
218) Can 당신 play chess?
Opinion by a11-swift posted over a year ago
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101) What do 당신 typically
have for breakfast?
102) Do 당신 like scary movies?
103) Whats your favourite
Milkshake flavour? 104) Have 당신 ever been in a
105) How long can 당신 balance
on one foot?
106) Have 당신 ever fired a
gun? 107) Have 당신 ever tried
108) Whats your favourite
109) Whats your favourite
clean word? 110) Whats your favourite
swear word?
111) Whats your least
favourite word?
112) What was the last film
당신 saw? 113) What football team do
당신 support?
114) Whats the longest you've
gone without sleep?
115) Whats the tallest building
you've ever been up? 116) Do 당신 have any scars?
117) Do 당신 like marmite?
118) Did 당신 ever win any
sportsday events?
119) What did 당신 want to be
when 당신 grew up? 120) If 당신 could change
anything about yourself what
would it be?
Opinion by a11-swift posted over a year ago
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1) Whats your (full) name?
2) How old are you?
3) Whats your Birthday?
4) What starsign does that
make it?
5) Whats your favourite colour?
6) Whats your lucky number?
7) Do 당신 have any pets?
8) Where are 당신 from?
9) How tall are you?
10) What shoe size are you? 11) How many pairs of shoes
do 당신 own?
12) If 당신 were prime miniser/
ruler of the world what laws
would 당신 make?
13) If 당신 were a super hero what powers would 당신 have?
14) and what would your hero
name be?
15) and what outfit would you
16) What was your last dream about?
17) What would 당신 do if you
won the lottery?
18) Would 당신 like to build/
디자인 your own house?
19) Which form of public transport do 당신 prefer?
20) What talents do 당신 have?
21) Can 당신 juggle?
22) Can 당신 solve a rubix cube?
23) Do 당신 have a cherished
childhood teddybear? 24) Are 당신 psychic in any
Fan fiction by Piyal posted over a year ago
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Baby, baby, are 당신 listening
Wondering where you've been all my life
I just started living
Oh baby, are 당신 listening

When 당신 say 당신 사랑 me,
Know I 사랑 당신 more
And when 당신 say 당신 need me,
Know I need 당신 more
Boy I adore you
I adore you

Baby can 당신 hear me
When I'm crying out for you
I'm scared oh so scared
But when you're near me
I feel like I'm standing with an army
I am armed with weapons

When 당신 say 당신 사랑 me,
Know I 사랑 당신 more
And when 당신 say 당신 need me,
Know I need 당신 more
Boy I adore you
I adore you

I 사랑 lying 다음 to you
I could do this for eternity, 당신 and me
We're meant to be in holy matrimony
God knew exactly what he was doing
When he led me to you

When 당신 say 당신 사랑 me,
Know I 사랑 당신 more
And when 당신 say 당신 need me,
Know I need 당신 more
Opinion by a11-swift posted over a year ago
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***\/****\/****\/**** ***||****||****||******
***||****||****||****** **(-----------------)***** **(-------Happy------)*** ***(-----Birth-day----)*** ***(______________)***

Do u know how many words i write 4 u r just little 4 a really special candle like you.
1st of all
i wanna show 당신 the poem i wrote 4 you

You're such a special friend! It's a pleasure to remember 당신 anytime, especially on your birthday. Have a Great 일 ahead!
The perfect recipe for your 년 ahead should be 20 percent 사랑 mixed with 30 percent luck. Add on 상단, 맨 위로 20 percent courage and garnish it with 30 percent health. Say cheers to life and have a Happy Birthday!
Special 프렌즈 are a rare find, but am I glad that 당신 are one of mine! Happy Birthday to a friend I'll never forget!
My friend, it's time to pop the champagne, make some noise, dish out some food, throw some confetti and burst some balloons. Celebrate your Birthday, 당신 deserve the best!
Article by RuruLovesSelena posted over a year ago
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Umm. I doubt if 당신 still remember me ! But i do !
[i]you're still the same person close to my 심장 !!
I miss 당신 a ot ! Its been ages since we talked last time ! I'm sorry i cant really come over here !
Im messed up to be honest !!
I came here cuz its your 일 today ! You're 16 WOW ! Days went so fast !
I remember when it was my birthday and Now i really want a party studded full of harry potter and daniel stuff !
I miss 당신 ! Hope you're happy and awesome !
Be strong and Don't really let anyone to let 당신 down ! 당신 always have my back ! Even tho i dont come on here often ! Just message me :(
It really sucks ! Ugh ! Im sorry and I 사랑 당신 ALOT ! Like 더 많이 then alot ! <33
I adore 당신 and you're 더 많이 like a family member to me ! You're one of closest people in my life !! I know Im not here when 당신 need me ! But trust me it hurts me 더 많이 ! I wanna talk to 당신 but i cannot come here :'( wish 당신 had a fb -.- but anyways ! Be happy and strong ! 당신 are amazing in all ways and one of the true people Ive met here ! You'll always be special to me ! Please dont forget me okay ! never in a Million years :'( I 사랑 YOU...
Opinion by mr-cullen posted over a year ago
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저기요 SHIVANGNI ( aka sini xD)


Before i start , i want to say that i am no good at 글쓰기 at articles, i know they are hilarious but hey,
Today is big big big 일 :D cause it's my bff's birthday :P

Birthdays give us opportunities to stop and appreciate all the beautiful things we are blessed with,
and today it's 당신 my bff .

May your birthday be filled with many happy hours and your life with many happy birthdays. Wishing 당신 a 일 that is as special in every way as 당신 are.

i don't know how we became good 프렌즈 like this but i just want to thank the god that he gave me a goood friend like you.

사랑 당신 so muchhhhh my jalebi

Here is one poem i found on internet for you, but 저기요 my feelings are the same

My dear friend happy birthday
i may not have the best rhymes today
Article by Hyori143 posted over a year ago
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Hi My Bestie!!! Here's my Birthday greeting's to you!

I pray to God today that all your dreams and ambitions are fulfilled, all your wishes and decisions be fruitful and all your 프렌즈 and family always stick with you.

I'm so far from 당신 but I still feel like 당신 are right beside me and we are celebrating your birthday. Cheers from a thousand miles away my friend. 당신 will always be in my mind and in my heart. Happy birthday!

On this special day, i wish 당신 all the very best, all the joy 당신 can ever have and may 당신 be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May 당신 have a fantastic birthday and many 더 많이 to come

I've been that age. I've done that age. It is fun. Enjoy! Happy Birthday again my bestie! I 사랑 you!

-- Kanomroo Loves you!
Fan fiction by superDivya posted over a year ago
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you are so sweet~!!
[i]hey guys...u know, today is a real special 일 for me...but why? i mean, it is a normal 일 for most people..
no answer??
i'll tell u why..Because most awesome, sweet ,loving, caring, and the pretty sister of mine landed on earth...i 사랑 Sini!!

and 당신 are the best!!
no, 당신 really are!!
ask anyone!!
if i say, who is the best..
everyone will simply chant:


if 당신 ever want a shoulder to cry on, a girl u want to share your secrets with which i will actually keep, i girl who can help 당신 with your me!!

OMG sini, it is your birthday just turned from a Teenager to a Sweet 16..
Article by Piyal posted over a year ago
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Happy birthday,sisy<33
Happy Birthday to my lovely,cuty,osmmmm sis....she makes me laugh sooo much...I just 사랑 u,my sisy...ummmahhhh...thnxx a lot for being in my life


Thats what my world
has become with you!
On this special day..
sending 당신 all my love
to wish 당신 happiness
today and always?


I'm so blessed to have a friend like Many Many ! Happy returns of the 일 :-*

Dua hai ki kamyabi ke har sikhar par apka naam hoga
apke har kadam par duniya ka salaam hoga,
himmat se mushkilon ka saamna karna,
hamari dua hai ki waqt bhi ek din apka gulam hoga.
Article by AlOoOosh posted over a year ago
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The 일 당신 cam it was raining , but actually it was the angels' tears because they 로스트 one of them :')
Happy Birthday to 당신 :))))
Wish 당신 a beautiful life with a good luck !!!!
Thank 당신 for being my sister and my friend , Thank 당신 for being always there for me and thanks to life for giving me the chance to meet someone like 당신 :)
One 일 we'll see each other and we'll celebrate our Birthdays and all parties together :DDD
I want 당신 always to remember that I am there for 당신 and I'll never forget 당신 :)
Celebrate it good and enjoy it !!! :DDDDDD

Your sister who loves 당신 : Ola
*Hugs and kisses with love*
Monday , September 16 ,2013