Silver the Hedgehog When 당신 Pair Her With Everyone...

blazethekitty94 posted on Mar 07, 2011 at 08:30PM
So you wanna make her like THAT huh? And with EVERYONE??
I can do the same, but I won't...I refuse to.
I'm not going to make her sleep with everyone, because she's committed to one guy.
One guy who doesn't like her for just her looks.
All of them call her fat and weird, but he doesn't care about the skin she's in.
He's not drawn to curves, he's not drawn to a make-up doused face, he's drawn to the magnet inside of her: Her heart.
She doesn't wear things to get attention.
She doesn't steal and flirt with other girls' men.
She's herself.
Becasue no matter what anyone says, it's comforting to know that there's that special someone who will always make her feel loved. Beacuse she is.
So no.
I will not make her a sex object.
I will not pair her with girls, boys, robots, and herself.
She is the true definition of a woman.
THAT isn't love. That's lust.
Where they have their way with you then leave.
If you're not hurt by that...well...all I can say deserve to be used then.
Those people won't let you cry on their shoulders...they'll ask
"You ready?"
When you want to snuggle...they want to take advantage of you.
You won't even get to listen to their hearts beat slow. It's always fast.
So when you all pair HER with everyone, just remember this, and know what you are doing.
.....Emiko...will NOT do that

Because she is dignified.

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over a year ago silver017290 said…
Lame as shit
over a year ago silverrocks83 said…
sez u u prick
over a year ago Evolia-Wulf said…
"Both you shut the hell up."
XD -Troll face-