A couple of 일 have past and several busts have been attempted but none have been successful. Michael manged to escape every time. Sherlock was struggling to keep up his facade and with Michael growing suspicious he was keeping a closer eye on his workers. Oscar was always there to back him up but he if knew about Sherlock and his sister, he would drop him in it.

Sherlock lay there on his mattress, trying to deduce another strategy of how to apprehend Micheal. He knew his habits and every single one of his drop spots but not how he managed to escape every time even when surrounded. Then it came to him

'He has an informant'
He took out his phone and began to text Joan.
Micheal has an informant in the NYPD
He quickly put his phone background on his 재킷, 자 켓 as
Olivia came upstairs.
'Hey, 당신 ok?'
'I'm fine, just thinking'
'You do that a lot.'
Sherlock laughed.
'Force of habit, I suppose.' Olivia sat down 다음 to him and he began to stroke her arm. 'You alright? 당신 don't seem yourself.'
'It's nothing, just don't want to see Micheal tonight.'
'Then don't.' He sat up and took her hand. 'Stay here, with me.'
'I wish I could.' She gave him a weak smile. 'But 당신 know what he's like.'
'You should live your life like this.'
'I'm an addict, it's what I deserve.'
She got up and went over to her mattress to get changed. Sherlock watched her the entire time, noticing every cut and bruise on her body. She was so frail. She had changed into a black mini dress and heels, he must be taking her to meet potential clients.
'He taking 당신 somewhere nice?'
'No, just to meet a couple of people.' She tried to sip herself up but couldn't reach. 'Could you?' He got up from the mattress and helped sipped her up. 'Thanks.' Sherlock wrapped his arms around her.
'I'll get 당신 out, I promise.'
She turned round and kissed him.
'I'll see 당신 later.'
She kissed him once more, lingering for a moment before heading downstairs and out the door.