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 Coolin' Shadow
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posted by kimmy_wolf
(ok im redoing this)

i was at a party with blaze it was prety fun exept sonic cept hiding and telling us to not tell amy were he was at. amy shouted "SHADOW GIT OVER HERE AND TELL ME WERE SONIC ISSSS" then i almost fell 의해 the speed of sonic running away from amy (how he secretly likes) blaze cought me from falling my frist words were "hows shadow"? she just said some black and red hedhog i ignored it and just danced to my fav song waking up in vages 의해 katy parry. when i walked 집 after the party i cute through the park and to my fav place a clife it was butiful!!!! the moon was full and...
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posted by madalyn101
Ok so the reason why im saying this is because he is to smart to be bad ass.Hes to loyal and stuff.Sure he carries a gun and has a moter cycle but that doesent make him a bad boy.He does what he is told and he is to careful he likes kids.I bet for six dollars he makes A's in every single class.I have seen him smile in sonicX.Sorry fangirls hes just to...good and what i mean 의해 that is he is always loyal and respectful.Look maybe he is 17 years old but not all teenagers are disrespectful and bad some of them are acually...good. Well thats my saying for this article.
posted by Invader_K
Poison's POV
"Silver!" I called, seeing him stop in his tracks. He turned. "What!!!??" he whined, his eyes rolling. "I'm tired.." I said, yawning. He snorted. "Sure." Silver said, angrily. I smiled, before falling on the soft, green grass. It smelled like outside. My eyes shut, as I heard Knuckles shout my name. "Poison!! Come here!!" he shouted. I groaned at my name. WHo would name their newborn baby girl, Poison? Though my brother had said it fit me perfectly, i didn't quite agree with him.

Knuckles's POV
Why was Poison laying on the ground? Maybe she was sleeping... NO, she wasn't. Poison stood,...
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BOOM! BASH! A team of evil invaders took over the city . Sonic and his 프렌즈 were called to protect the city. The mayor matched every one up with partners. Shadow luck 4 him got matched up with Knuckles. The partners ran into their sectors of the city.

"Stupid mayor" Shadow thought, "Why did I have to be matched with a show off?" Shadow had no time to think about this as the invaders gained in. Knuckles punched his way through every jet being a show off like Shadow expected. Shadow ran through out the forest shooting everything in sight. When he came to the clearing he saw a tall pinkish...
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posted by Shadicafan
[I should have died to see him!!] My mind screamed walking toward the Grave yard.I didn't know why I was here, but I had to find out.Reaching for the latch I opened the gate darkness surrounded me,then I heard some foot steps in the snow I hid behind a tree.Who is it? It was...SHADOW?! I was very surprised what is he doing here? He was walking toward a stone that printed Maria Robotnick I got up "Hey" I said cowardly "....hey" Shadow said back.I didn't know what to say to him,but Shadow directed us out "Shadow" I said staring at the rose in his hand "Was that for Maria?" He looked at it "Oh,it...
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posted by IntrepidKeris
Scene: A 부엌, 주방 with a big window and a table. The sun is showing its 주황색, 오렌지 beauty as it rises.

Silver- *strolls in* Good morning. *yawn*
Intrepid- Well look who slept in. Morning.
Shadow- Hi.
Silver- Do we have any 과일 Loops 또는 something?
Shadow- Don't know.
Silver- I asked Intrepid.
Shadow- Oh. Well she's over there! *points to her getting a cereal box out*
Intrepid- Yeah, we do have that cereal.
Silver- Yay!
Intrepid- *walks back to table* Did 당신 sleep okay with that cold of yours, Silver?
Silver- Meh...
Intrepid- Not so good?
Silver- Nah. That's why I'm tired.
Shadow- Good thing I can't catch sicknesses....
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Source: Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games
posted by segafan
저기요 guys ^^; It's me. Yeah, I know I promised to continue Paradise in Hell, but I'm busy these days ._. So, I promise 당신 that I will continue it, but it won't be till a while.

How about 당신 guys give me some ideas on it? Tell me, what do you want this to be about? Tell me in your comments!


<_< >_> ... Okay... this is akward...

Shadow's pissed :D YAY!

Anyway... urm...

Tell me what 당신 think.

Tell me what to do better.

Tell me what 당신 want it to be about.


Bai :3
Shadow held Emerald's head in his hands. She was gone Shadow picked up her dead body and held her head to his lips. Once again, Shadow kissed Emerald. When he opened his eyes, he saw another figure, only this time he knew who it was. "Sonic.." "Hello Shadow." When Sonic was close to Shadow, he stoped walking and saw 에메랄드 in his arms. "I see 당신 found Emerlad." Sonic said grinning. "She's dead thanks to you." Shadow snapped at Sonic. Shadow looked down at the princess. Tears filled his eyes. He looked back at Sonic. "Aww are 당신 cring?" Sonic laughed. "Shut up!!" Shadow sat Emeralds body...
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posted by ChaosGirl5
I was sitting in a giant cypress 나무, 트리 in the swamp near our house. I was wide awake and my little brother was asleep on my lap.I got a bad gnash on my left leg while running from Shadow, somehow i found some clean white cloth in the 나무, 트리 and wraped it around my wound. I had a vision of my long forgotten past...

I was an infant in a crib. I turned to my left side to see a infant boy who looked alot like me except with jet black hair and deep, deep blue eyes. I then hear my mother's and Shadow's voices
" 당신 must hand her over. We made a deal when i saved 당신 from the guilloutine." I stode in...
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plz 가입하기 link and link

so this was heaven a land of clouds a land of hope and dreams "wat the hell" said misery just waking up "this is heaven" asks rane also waking up "i gess so" i said and i stood up the clouds were quite fluffy and jumpy then misery took a handful of clouds and puts them in her mouth so i slap her hand and say "wat the heck u dont just go around eating stuff" i say "mmmmm tastes like 쿠키 yummy" she says with her mouth full
"come on lets go we have a mission guy" rane says getting up and hopping away "wait for us" i say grabbing...
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It was a Saturday afternoon and me and my good friend Moonlight the Hedgehog were standing 의해 eachother NOT saying a word......
*****1 시간 LATER*****
Moonlight(LunaAcores94): Brianna, do 당신 EVER talk?
Brianna the Fox(Me): I dont waste my breath like other people.
Moonlight: But 당신 NEVER talk! I never heard 당신 ever since we've met!
Brianna the Fox: 당신 just did now.
Moonlight: *Rolls eyes* What ever floats your 보트 Brianna.
Brianna: Dont be mean to me just because i dont TALK.
Moonlight: *Slaps her own forehead* Ugh..... 당신 confuse me, ALOT.
Brianna: How?!?
Moonlight: Im not even gonna say 'cause...
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