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posted by ladyhedgie
gosh, the first 일 of school.
sonic: hi sally
sally:what?oh.hi sonic.
sonic: do 당신 want to go on a date? thanks i have homework to do tonight...
sonic:well, okay then.
sally: ill be on my way then
*later at lunch*
sally: im soooo bored.
shadow: can i sit with you?
sally: huh? shadow?
shadow: i will anyways.
sally: ...
shadow: ...
shadow: can 당신 stop staring at me?
sally: no.
shadow: then 당신 like me!
sally: shadow, shadahp!
shadow: um how about no? *take sallys jacket*
sally: 저기요 give it back!
shadow: nope. >:3
sally: ugh...
shadow: whats wrong?
sally: you.thats whats wrong