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Lady_Hamilton posted on Jul 26, 2007 at 09:11PM
Okay so how many of you really believed that he was on Dumbledore's side the whole time?

And did you really like the way he died? I think you know my stand on that one...*bitter*

My heart skipped a beat when I saw that Doe in the book. I don't like how Rowling hardly gave us anything to go off of in the last book and then crams it at us in the end. I mean I guess she had to seeing as thats how she set up the book.

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over a year ago berly said…
I always thought he was on Dumbledore's side until he killed him, which changed my mind until 'the princes tail'.
over a year ago piperpayton22 said…
over a year ago Lady_Hamilton said…
over a year ago meeee said…
I never really liked Snape but I thought he was on Dumbledore's side.When he killed Dumbledore I thought he made the unbreakable vow and Dumbledore was probably going die that night anyway(don't hate me)because he was really weak from drinking the potion or whatever it was so I gave him the botd
over a year ago ecconitro said…
I thought that was one of the greatest parts of the book. A man that is so deepley in love with a woman that he gives his whole life away in order to protect the one thing she left behind. He never needed to care about Harry. His love for Lily was strong enough get past the fact that harry looked like James.

How hard must that be to be so in love with someone and NEVER be able to move on. He devoted his whole life to protecting the last remaining memory of Lily Evans.
over a year ago Saul_Mikoliunas said…
I always wanted Snape to be on Dumbledore's side but then after the sixth book I was just thinking how?? It's not possible. Especially the way JK made Dumbledore almost beg him and I was thinking that's terrible, killing him after he has practically begged you not to and then when Harry saw Snape's memories I was just like Awww!!

I love how she managed to keep everybody guessing until the very end. Although I have no idea how they are going to cram it all into a movie. I might nhot go and see the seventh movie because to be honest it will never be as good on screen as it was in my head. Maybe I'm just weird thinking that though.
over a year ago Jillywinkles said…
I loved Snape from the very first book, he was awesome in his sarcasticness and he was actually a very good teacher!

When the sixth book came out, I thought the whole time that he was good. The way she wrote it, it could have gone either way, but I would have been EXTREMELY disappointed if she had made him evil in the last book. As it was, I was still disappointed a little in the 7th book, but at least all the Snape parts were fantastic.

As to how he died...I didn't want him to, but it made sense for him to die, and for Voldemort to kill him. That's the danger for people in Snape's position, playing both sides carefully. It was such a thin line, and I kinda knew from the beginning of that meeting with Voldemort that he was going to die.

Thinking on it now, I do wish that his death had been more climactic... imo Snape was a very powerful wizard, I mean he fooled Voldemort for years!
Still, the death fundamentally made sense, and it felt pretty right to me.

And I'm writing way too much now but let me just say one more thing: I feel that Rowling's quality of writing went down in the last book. That was my first impression after finishing the book, and people told me "No, no, you know what? It's because it's been so long since the first book that you don't realize how much she's improved." So then I reread the first book and reread the 7th book, and I still say that the first book is better written than the last book by far. The reason I mention this is that the facts of the plot----Snape dying, being good, being in love with Lily, saving Harry all along---were dramatic, beautiful, tragic, exciting. And while I did feel some of that, I wasn't sobbing my heart out by the end, and what's more, I felt that I could have been, had it been written better.
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over a year ago dragonrider said…
I always loved snape evil or good. I just like him. He is a negative character and that's why i like him because of his attitude. I knew that he was always on Dumbledor's side even though he killed him it was part of the plan
over a year ago shortynme said…
I always liked Snape too. He pissed me off but there was something about him, the underdog. Everyone was always against him, and for no good reason! The 6th book killed me. I was so sad that he killed Dumbledore. My dad and I were talking about it though and we both agreed that there was more to the story than Snape being evil. After we both read the 7th book we were thrilled. Snape is the true hero of Harry Potter!
over a year ago LadyAzkaban said…
I always thought he was on Dumbledore's side too.
I think that he couldn`t be on Tom Riddle`s side.
over a year ago SnapesRose said…
I always knew he was on the good side. His death though could have been more meaningful. As for the rest, I have no issues of watching The Prince's tale, however, I can't bear watching Severus death. Sorry. Was it obvious that he had feelings for lily?
He picked on Hermione, yes, but he never had a nasty word. So in a sense in his ways he was trying to make good, which most still misunderstood.
over a year ago Belatrix said…
He is one of my favourite characters. He maybe just seems so rude becouse he have a realy bad life. Lily left him, hes parents were bad, no one acctualy loved him. But he is good somewhere realy...REALY deep. But he is on the good side...probably.
over a year ago bri-marie said…
He was (was? Is!) my favorite character from the very beginning. I too hated how she crammed most of his history into that last chapter and the way he died.

She could have given us more during the Occlumency lessons, or had least made Harry curious enough to dig a little deeper. (before the Worst Memory, obviously. I think after that fiasco, Harry would have left Sev's past in the past). I consider Severus to be one of the more important characters. We learned everything about Dumbledore's past, Voldemort's past, and Harry's past during the course of the series. We should have learned more about the man who saved Harry's life countless times and who, in my eyes, kept the war at bay.

Him dying by being bitten by a snake angered me. You mean to tell me that the youngest teacher in Hogwarts, the brilliant Slytherin who invented spells and perfected potions before he graduated could have found a way to save himself? You mean to tell me that the brilliant spy who fooled Voldemort, who made everything he'd fooled Dumbledore hadn't seen that coming? Nah. I'm not buying it.

Plus, it was very undignified.
over a year ago popo6 said…
Snape is my favprite character i always knew that he was the best person and an amazing men but seriously i hated the way JK killed him of course it was romantic and heroic but still it was better that he never died :/ But still she is the creator of the book soo she is the master of the story but still she could have put more memories and more in the occlumency lesson with Harry. I totaly like agree with bri-marie she could have put more xD bri-marie love your answer xD ;)
over a year ago severusgirlx said…
i beleved he was on dumbys side not sure why really he just gave me that fealing of loyalty even after his mistake we can all be drawn into things that are bigger than us when we are young and i think this is what happened to sev with disatorous conciquensus.. as for the death what rubbish he was a master of magic voldy wouldnot have fooled him ..after all he knew where harry was when he took him the sword voldy didnot!!! rowling was rushed into that last book when she was herself an emotional wreck and the outcome was as it stands...she wasnt happy with the ending herself..and now at the last minute the directors have changed severus death which is utter garbadge sure rowling has approved it but will we.. we who believe in sevs pain and dispare has his dimise met by a SNAKE????? for goodnasake i think not...
over a year ago frostydragon said…
I have wondered if Rowling intended on going farther. That she had intended on more book and drawling the story out more but in no way did she figure the entire series being so successful. To live well was on thing but it has made her a multi-millionaire.
I have many issues as to how she made sure it was all closed out. Killing off just about everyone who made the story. Severus Damn, that is almost an insult to such an intelligent man. It's to me she wanted to (no pun intended) close that chapter in her life, and put Harry Potter behind her.
If she had drawn out the ending out at least in 2 books the movies could have been more complete instead of cramping so much info in 1 and a half to 2 hours. To much is getting lost.
Even up to the Half Blood Prince and Severus killing Dumbledore there was something more in my mind behind those two. The hand of Albus starting giving it away and then the search for horcruxes.
Just wish she had been more respectful to Severus. If he had to die why couldn't it have been decent. A Heroes Death, he knew to watch out for the snake. Albus gave him a hint. Even an accident protecting Harry or Draco by a Deatheater would have been more respectful than or at least of by snake they killed each other. Hello.
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over a year ago BlackHound said…
Death by snake is symbolic though. His House is Slytherin, its mascot a snake. The Serpent represents "forbidden knowledge", and in this instance, the Dark Arts which never truly lost its hold on him. The Serpent also represents the Kundalini, which has come to mean different things to different cultures, but ultimately, it is a Spiritual power; it is the Serpent that coils around the spine and anchors one's Soul to one's body.

But alas, I wax metaphysically.

Not everyone is open that line of thought, and I appreciate that. I also appreciate the fact that not everyone will understand why I have no issue with Severus' death by Nagini. I'm certainly not happy that his fate was to die, or die cruelly, but to me it is a far, far better way for him to go than being Cruciato'ed to death, or being AK'ed by that freak bastard Moldybutt. Or being left to the sick, derranged machinations of that bitch Lestrange. Or being brutalized by that walking dungbag Greyback. It was out of necessity that he die *by Nagini*, because there simply no other way for there to be time for him to give Harry what he had to give him.

In my belief, Severus *did* die a Hero's Death. He did not run. He didn't plead or beg for his life. His only thought was to get to Harry, and I can imagine those first few moments following the bite, what he must have been thinking...that he had failed Lily, that he had failed Dumbledore, that he had failed Harry. But there by the Grace of some Fate, there was Harry, and that man had the courage still to do what he did. A true Hero, in my book.

And if we're talking about ignominious deaths, whose death was more so? Severus', or Mad-Eye Moody's? I'll never get passed that one. Shot in the bloody damed FACE by Moldybutt because that coward MunDUNGus Fletcher couldn't hack it, and plummeted to the ground, but his body wasn't found by The Order of the Phoenix because the Death Eaters found it first, and that c-bomb Umbridge had his magic eye put ON HER DOOR so she could spy on people! How's that for ignominious? I don't even want to think about what horrible things they might have done to that mightiest of Aurors' body before they finally disposed of it. At least with Severus, we're spared that, and we can have a sense of closure (those of us who can accept it). Honestly, he *did* die Undefeated because he did what he set out to do, and he was not defiled after death.

And in a twist of poetic irony, our beloved Potions Master is avenged, and by none other than Neville Longbottom. I get such a giggle out of that.

And he's not *really* dead, you know. None of the characters we love are. As long as we love them, they live. So by that logic, he's Immortal.
over a year ago frostydragon said…
Hope no one thinks I don't think he died a Heroes way but I would have rather him take someone or thing with him, even if it was that damned snake. I believe thats a better way of expressing how I personally would have loved it yet still having time to give Harry the memories. He did die protecting Draco but it would have been even better.
over a year ago BlackHound said…
Ok, I get you there, I understand now what you meant. And I agree with you completely, I would rather have seen him go out fighting as well. I would have liked it even better if he'd been the one to kill Lestrange before dying. Or even Greyback. Or Lucius. But I got a lot out of the "Death by Nagini" thing. :p

Shortly after I made my post I did a stupid thing and read something I shouldn't have, and now I'm feeling really sick to my stomach and I'm praying that it's just bullshit speculation. I have a feeling it's not, but it damn well better be. Because if it's not, I think Rowling, Yeats and Snow aren't going to be able to out safely in public for a while.

All I can say is that if they're really going to have him die on the dock of the boat house, and if they're really going to have him have the time to whip out his damned wand and rip out a memory to give Harry, then he DAMN WELL would have had time to HEAL HIMSELF, give Harry the memory and tell him to go, then slip back into the Castle and to his lab, drink a potion, then join the battle somehow on the side he was always on. The Right Side. He could have gone out fighting, then. They way he *should* have. Not the way it looks like he's going to now.
over a year ago frostydragon said…
I'm getting more and more worried about this ending. They done messed up the 1st part bad enough what are they gonna do to the end to f--- it up.
If there is anything Yates has done good is he got rid of the Disney Farie Tail look of the Characters. Other than that he's not done to well.
It reminds me of Ann Rices "Interview With the Vampire" then how messed up "Queen Of The Damned" was as compared to the book. And I agree Ms. JKR best take her multi-millions and buy an island some where and hide out if this is messed up. Not just for Severus but all the characters sake.
And the second part best be more than an hour and a half.
I lay the mess ups on JKR because she has to approve the go ahead for these changes. So it all falls on her shoulders. Heck maybe she's realizing how bad she messed up thee way she rushed through the Deathly Hallows to get it over with.
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