Serena and Nate If youre gonna make a movie starring blake and chace, how will your story be?

serenateaddict posted on Jun 20, 2010 at 06:09PM
I hope they'd star together in a movie rather than gossip girl...

well, heres my story
i would like it to be a love story
actually i want it to be sleeping beauty the movie and blake would be sleeping beauty and chace the prince, of course, it has changes from the actual sleeping beauty story..

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over a year ago TheLiineGirl said…
Mine would be a romantic comedy thing.. a real girl movie! you know one of that movies that you know how ends from like the first 10 minutters xD..
it would be something like..
Blake would be a girl with an celeb boyfriend, she know she loves him, but she's not sure about him loving her..
Then she meets her old best friend (Chace) and his girlfriend.. She remember that big crush she had on my back in the days..
But he loves his girlfriend.. So she has one of those; Look empty out of the windows while thinking of their (Blake and Chaces) good times back in the days.. Then Blakes boyfriends cheats on her and Chace is there to help her (and he kicks her boyfriend :D). but he's getting married - with his REALLY annoying girlfriend - and they both have a; Look empty out of the windows while thinking of their good times back in the days.. and how do you think it ends?xD
over a year ago bright_angel said…
At the beggining they will have a hate-love relationship!After some time,when they will share some moments together,they will start to have some very strong feeling for each other!Both,will deny those feeling but after a HOT kiss they will understand that are mean to be!They will become an official couple but Blake will find out that she is sick (leukemia)!When Chace,will find out that Blake is sick, will be so sad but he will be on Blake's side!Blake will be so sad, because she can't see,Chace so sad!Chace will ask Blake to marry him and she will accept!Blake will ask the doctor if she could have a baby and he will say only one!Blake will want to make a baby girl in order to not leave Chace along!She wants her daughter remind her to Chace!The same day that the baby will born she will die!