Serena and Nate 3x21 Spoilers from an extra!

headstrongshiho posted on Apr 01, 2010 at 10:23AM
The extra was the guy who appeared in Season 3 Episode 2, when Blair was walking in the school, he's walking down the stairs ( just to make it more reliable)

so, they asked him to join filming again for 3x21
here's what he said

Thank you everyone, I'm so glad to be in Gossip Girl again. So this is the 21th episode, which is also the second last episode, so the team's being very secretive about it. They film it by dividing into parts, makes it really hard to figure what its about. But these are the things i saw"

1) CB are visiting the doctor (therapy), Blair is still mad that Chuck is furious that she slept with Jack to get the hotel back

2) the doctor seems to like Rufus

3) They're attending an evening party

4) Serena's Dad appeared and is dancing with Lily.


Im not really sure about the above, but mostly accurate
Thank you

he also took some pictures, but i couldnt get access to them, seems to be exclusively for the forum (which i lost my member password)
here's the source, anyway
but its in chinese, he's a chinese living in US
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over a year ago Isabellaaa said…
woot for serenate :D
over a year ago ladychazabc said…
how can u see it?? isn't on the website
over a year ago Isabellaaa said…
it's in chinease :P but she translated it for us xD
over a year ago ladychazabc said…
oh right thanx :D
over a year ago lailalove said…
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa­aaa­aaa­aaa­a amazingg i hte that blair & chuck are going to end this way i know the come bck but some spoilers are saying they end 4 good
over a year ago serenater said…
could anyone plz get the pics, it seems he took SOME of SN
over a year ago bklynlove said…
This is true? I'm glad they're together. Them as a couple keeps me interested in the show. I do not want D&S. N&S forever.