Sense and Sensibility S&S:The Harry Potter connection

makintosh posted on Mar 28, 2009 at 02:01PM
Something's attracted my attention...Please,take a look at HP's cast:

Severus Snape~Alan Rickman~Colonel Brandon
Sybill Trelawney~Emma Thompson~Elinor Dashwood
Poppy Pomfrey~Gemma Jones~Mrs Dashwood
Dolores Umbridge~Imelda Staunton~Charlotte Palmer
Cornelius Fudge~Robert Hardy~Sir John Middleton
The Fat Lady~Elizabeth Spriggs~Mrs Jennings

Maybe I've missed another one!!

Have you noticed this connection?! :)
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over a year ago Celina79 said…
Unfortunatley I didn't see the Harry Potter movies, so I cant say if there is any connection. I hope someone else here did! :)
over a year ago lilyZ said…
Yes I've noticed that connection long ago, and for sure I've read at least one article on that!(do not remember where). It was said (and I've noticed it too) that Emma Thompson & Alan Rickman have many other roles together (Love Actually, Juda's Kiss). And if I'm not mistaken, she proposed to give the role of Brandon to Alan.
over a year ago dollymolly884 said…
an extra little thing the compser was the same one for goblet of fire (Patrick Doyle)
over a year ago makintosh said…
Wow! That's awesome!
over a year ago HuddyJoy0524 said…
Yup I noticed this! In fact, I figured all of these out except for the Fudge one and someone told me lol. I think its awesome! And Im a huge fan of Thompson and Rickman ;)

Also, Hugh Laurie (House) is in it as well.