Selena Gomez 7-year-old!
Selena Gomez: 디즈니 child 별, 스타 의해 now, 사진 story!

View the gallery of Selena Gomez: from the career of teen 별, 스타 to romance with Justin Bieber, 사진 storyWithin a few years, Selena Gomez was able to make giant strides: he began his career on the set of a 디즈니 TV series that made her famous, but over time has proven to be much 더 많이 than just a teen 별, 스타 ! He starred in the hit film, he has recorded albums that have sold millions of copies and recently presented the 엠티비 유럽 음악 Awards, one of the most prestigious musical events and important as ever.

In its growth also stands out romance with Justin Bieber together form the coolest couple and chat of the moment and this certainly helps to enhance his reputation. Here is a gallery that will give 당신 the chance to relive all the most famous and discussed in its history: from the set of Wizards of Waverly to the effusions 사랑 with Justin Bieber. To look at 당신 just click on the banner here below!

In your opinion what was the most significant moment of his career? And the most talked about her affair with Justin Bieber?
Selena Gomez 15-year-old
Selena Gomez 19-year-old:in a 음악회, 콘서트
Selena Gomez 17 year-old:red carpet
Selena Gomez 19-year-old:with Justin her 사랑
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