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posted by Amberpet
being called a nerd is better than being called most things anyway. If someone starts to make fun of someone think the way through. Always think your problems to solutions through before going. Mostly if 당신 go before thinking, you'll be in one big mess with fixing. So what if the older kids call 당신 a nerd cause your super smart and always on the go with your brain. My Alex used to make fun of me cause I was waaaaaay smarted than her. My teacher sometimes said I wish I was smart as 당신 cause I was even smarter than him.

YOu nerds out there be aware. One 일 it will be a tough time out there and the world needs science. It'll be up to us to help it. what brought the trees? Science. What made the computr that I'm telling 당신 stuff on right now? Scince and math. What helped invent the light bulb and telivision? Science. thats how science helps us boys and girls.

This has been written 의해
-Mya McWilliams a fellow nerd