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posted by honeybunbabe
Your name is Rose ur 19
You were walking down the dirt path.U never
noticed how boring the 일 was.U saw 2 figures
run past a 나무, 트리 in front of u.One had very very long hair and the other had messy red hair.They walked over to u one bent down on one knee.(btw ur a princess from Suna).He ask u to come with them u said whatever and walked with them.They started fighting over who's view of art was better.U asked them what there names were one said'Mines is Deidara he is-.He got cut off 의해 the red head and the red head said 'I can tell her my self '.U figured they were always like this.Finally he...
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posted by Sasuke_Fan17
Sasori woke. Huh? I am alive? How?he thought. He stood up and looked around. Suddenly he notices he has got black 앤젤 wings and he hasn't a shirt.Only a pair of jeans were on his body. The jeans was a little torn and black. He hasn't his abilities anymore. Oh great,he thought then. Suddenly he saw a girl,which was drawing something. She was drawing a girl,which has got black wings. "I wish I would meet a fallen angel..." She whispered. "An 앤젤 with black wings..." Sasori looked at his wings,then he said:"I can make your wish come true." He went behind her. The girl turned around. A fallen angel,and thats a hot one...the girl thought. "Whats your name? I...I am Stella,"the girl said.
posted by Dreamer4eva
just wanna say that I didn't make this, I found it and liked it, so I reposted it here. So I take no credit what's so ever. 의해 the way, it's sorta sad.

The sun light pounced off your 벽 and hit the mirror that made the light shine on your eyes. 당신 woke up stretched and hissed at the mirror like it has ears. “Gawd I hate you!”
Kauri said. She thought to herself I got to remember to 옮기기 that. Knock knock "Kauri?"
You could hear that it was Kakashi. She jumped up and got dressed fast. “Come in.” Kauri yelled. The door open and 카카시 선생님 spoke “where going on a mission.” “I understand.”...
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posted by Akatsuki10
당신 people do know that the English voice actor for Sasori has already been decided right? ...from my view I think Johnny Yong Bosch is downright perfect for the job....but that's just my opinion...Anywho, it has also been decided that the English voice for Pein/Pain will be Troy Baker, the English voice for Zetsu will be Travis Willingham, and I'm assuming I don't need 2 talk about Deidara's voice actor...and 의해 the way I absolutely hate how they mispronounce Sasori's, and Deidara's's disrespectful to mispronounce the name when it's been said so many times the correct way.. >w<