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posted by bl0ndy
I felt really good after 09x01.Of course that Rick is gonna miss us-a lot,but on the other hand - 더 많이 Sandle moments!!It's like a rewrited dream.The last remebering Sandle moment was at 08x02.

Sara : Do I miss 당신 while I was away?
Greg : Little 더 많이 every day.[/]

It's good to have them back.And if they have 더 많이 and 더 많이 moments together AGAIN - for me its gonna be enough!But let leave the future away for a little while.Sandle had lots of amazing moments together.The most precious one - Funnysmackin'

[i]Sara : I came here for you,Greg! <3

But still - 4x4...

[i]Greg : 저기요 Sara,I just wanted you...
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posted by lindsay456
i like there relationship because they get along so well they have been best 프렌즈 for along time but i think they would click if they dated they always loved eachother i think they just are afraid to tell eachother. i think greg and sara should be together i think the hole GSR thing is 황소, 불 gil dosent even 사랑 her intill the 8 season greg has loved her since the first season and snickers thats 황소, 불 to there like brother and sister not boyfriend and girlfriend

now whats with cath and greg that deft wont work why would they 사랑 eachother he could be her son not boyfriend lindsey her dauther could have a better chance with him than her cath and warric, nick, 또는 even gil but not greg no sara and greg. but if people like the other couples its ok its just my opinion if 당신 like GSR, GCR, 또는 SNIKERS thats fine with me but i think sandles forever please 코멘트 또는 right to me with an opinion.