SO finally being all catched up with SPN i can say it forever & ever im 100 % Samgirl

Each season i had Some 랜덤 reason for liking Sam 더 많이 .

Season 1 it was the visions . Ive always loved Characters with them cause .. they have an unnatural reason to want to help people 더 많이 . Then when He actually moved that dresser with his mind .. i fangirled to the 벽 . LOL then the part with him shirtless !! sooooooooooo sexy !! oh for some reason i loved that he had that thing with Meg .. casue its all forbidden 사랑 so its always sex lolz

Season 2 . as always visions ... THEN i found my self digging the idea of him being evil . for no real reason .. just thought it was mad sexy cause of his blue eyes & him having a darkside just made him the best ..oh then when he slept with that werewolf .. i mean come on man !!! can u get any hotter !!

Season 3 .. i LOVED the fact that he had a darkside !! then start of him & Ruby .. i wanted sam to start using powers SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad , him having a darkisde made me 사랑 him even 더 많이 for no real reason .. JUST DID !!!

Season 4 ... OMG all my wishes had came true Sam was evil with powers & Shaking up with a demon .. LOL what can go wrong RIGHT LOL then find out he was drinking demon blood .. n u know what i LOVED the powers even 더 많이 & wanted him to kill demons .. then the parts were he was .. trying to get clean from the demon blood LOVED .. just so interestingly crazy

Season 5 OMG samifer yes things blow up in my face didnt see it coming .. but STILL LOVED THE powers & Ruby will always be my 가장 좋아하는 chick on SPN .. Sam was now angry all the time & had a dark sided NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH & yes !! Still Freakin 사랑 Samifer !!!

season 6 WTF robo Sam !! ;) me like !!! he was a total DICK But i still LOVED him .. The eps were hes working out .. the eps were he was kicking doors in !! OMG Robo Sam had no powers & not actually evil but still loved anyway .. OMG then when he gets his soul back !! Made me fall for him all over again .. he was normal .. BUT his mind was ready to explode

Season 7 if he wasnt already my fav i world say it again !!!! 100% Samgirl !!! His mind went ka boom !! he was 벽 to 벽 icrazy & i still loved it !! it was adorably 심장 breaking !! hole season all i wanted was to give him a hug

Im looking 앞으로 for season 8 & i having a new reason to 사랑 sammy even 더 많이 then before

But u know what fangirling for Sam is freakin awesome !! 사랑 making 비디오 for him & made 더 많이 fanart to count .. i will always fangirl the hell out of him !!!