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 Moka X Tsukune
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I found this on youtuba. Madmannintendo made this video.
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 Kurumu tells Moka how it is!
Kurumu tells Moka how it is!
Admit it.
How many of 당신 think Tsukune is going to pick Moka?
Probably most everyone, right? It is the most logical thing after all, 또는 so it seems.
My first reason for why I think Kurumu and Tskukune will end up together is this:
Moka thinks of Tsukune as...? Some people say a boyfriend, some say a friend, and some say as a snack(lol!!)
Personally, I think they have a best friend relationship. I mean, Moka always sucks Tsukune`s blood, but beforehand she acts like she is going to 키스 him. If she did like him, wouldn`t she 키스 him?! Aside from casual flirting, I don`t think Moka shows any signs...
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