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 Moka and the others school style
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Tsukune, Calus and Helghast have to save the adult monsters from being killed but into so Tsukune must do a number of challenges. From the help from some Arch Rdiers; Gilgon, Shelon and Kilin, they will help them.

Tsukune-We got to get to my neighborhoods park.

Kilin-Lead the way.

As they ride to the park, everyone think why would this person want this book. After they got to the park.

Tsukune-Wait here.*goes to the sand box*

Shelon-I know what is going on but why send a child?

Gilgon-Not Sure but we got to play it cool.

Calus-I got a 질문 Gilgon?

Gilgon-What is it?

Calus-I know 당신 and Shelon are...
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An old friend of Helghast; Evic Evis has returned from the dead, but how? What will happen?

Head Master-What do 당신 want?

Evis-Simple....REVENGE!*throws out his hand and charges his attack*Look how my power will kill 당신 all.*fires his charged attack*

Then his attack is cut in half.

Evis-HOW?!*looks at the ground*So...your still alive...."Old friend"!

Everyone looks around. Helghast jumps on a booth.

Helghast-We aren't 프렌즈 after that night and what 당신 did...But how did 당신 survive? I killed you?

Evis-Beat me and I will tell you.

Helghast-That will be easy.*thats form his arms*

Evis-Been awhile...
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these 2 fight over tuskune all the time. Moka loves his blood and kurumu wants him to be his mate of fate so they just need to let him choose. If he picks moka ( which he most likly will) then kurumu becomes just his friend. Same with moka. I 사랑 there fights and its funny to see kurumu get violent with moka when she tries to suck tuskunes blood LOL .
I like the 담홍색, 핑크 moka as much as the silver moka. The reason I like the both of them is because they both are cool. The reason I like the 담홍색, 핑크 moka is because she is sweet. She 사랑 to suck tuskunes blood because that isbthe way she shows her...
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To see the other 9 character songs made 의해 Rosario + Vampire watch the other 비디오 in the 유튜브 playlist! 또는 just go to the playlist 주소 @ link
A Video i Made ^^
rosario + vampire capu2
rosario + vampire
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Now, before I continue, just remember. This is my personal opinion. If 당신 disagree, that's fine. Just show some respect for it, and I'll respect yours.

If 당신 ask me, I think a crossover game/anime/manga/comic book between Rosario + Vampire and 거리 Fighter would be awesome. I could picture these rivalries easily:

Ryu Vs. Moka

Ken Vs. Tsukune

Dan Vs. Kurumu (Allure Vs. Super Taunt)

Q Vs. Mizore

Sagat Vs. Kokoa

Inner Moka Vs. Evil Ryu

What about 당신 guys? What rivalries would 당신 think would be good?
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