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I ended up 글쓰기 a completely original story aside from my current capu3 팬 fiction and thought i'd post it here. If 당신 havent read my first 'episode' for my capu3 fanfic, then 당신 should. it should be the 기사 right under this one so read that and this. both will be continued to a minimum of 13 'episodes' so I hope 당신 guys enjoy it :) i'll continue this 팬 fiction story for a little bit but without support from 당신 guys, i'll lose the drive to continue it so PLEASE leave 코멘트 of what 당신 thought and show your support :) here's the link to the story: link
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Does anybody have extra parts for the Mizore figure for sale PM
I need a regular hand and the ice add on also this is my collection updated compared to 2012
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To Begin this will be added to as I receive 더 많이 questions. This is JasoAnime, your 상단, 맨 위로 researcher for Rosario Vampire Capu3 Information :D
If 당신 were referred here, due to a previously asked question, all 당신 must do is read the number that they assigned to you. Say I had a 질문 on why this 포럼 began, I would look to #1 and it would answer my question.

To begin:
There has been a little talk on why this 포럼 exists and why we left the "other forum." Well to give 당신 our side, About a 월 이전 (or longer) nearly the middle of January, the day-to-day information was still being gathered,...
continue reading...
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please help us show how bad we want it if 당신 want the link to the petition go to the video on 유튜브 it should be under descriptions
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