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A Walk to Remember (2002) starring Shane West, Mandy Moore, Peter Coyote, Daryl Hannah, Paz de la Huerta directed 의해 Adam Shankman
워크 투 리멤버
맨디 무어
사랑 story
shane west
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This is the third and final part of this high-school romance. Picture the ending in any way 당신 like.
When I woke up, Cara held onto me tightly. It was cold in the house, and Cara was whimpering and trembling. I 키스 her and 덮개, 랩 my arms around her, easing her whimpering some. "Sshh. It's gonna be okay... Don't worry... I'll be here... It's okay," I softly whisper. Then I realize there was a thunderstorm outside, because when lightning and thunder sounded, Cara gasped and started to cry.
"Ahh! They'll be coming for me! S-save me Robin... s-save me..."
"Cara, Cara......
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i just 사랑 this song. thought this is a good song for club romance!
아담 램버트
i just 사랑 당신
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Author's note: On every 기사 I write, please don't post any hate 코멘트 and picture the characters any way 당신 like.
"Um," I said. I was very nervous. Why was I talking to Keiko? Oh yeah, I wanted to go out with her. "Hmm?" she said."What is it, Cole? Something wrong?" 질문 like that from her were typical. She always cared about people. I liked her that way too. "I-I just wanted to know if.... 당신 would go out with me?" I said. "Yes."
After we finished jumping around, we kissed for awhile. I didn't know that she...
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posted by speedy106
I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Garth wanted me back. "Kira, please!"he said. His pale face, his eyes, he looked so distraught, but he deserved it. Garth took my hand and said,"Kira, please, please take me back..." I didn't know what to say. When Garth started to 옮기기 closer to me, I slapped him in the face."No! Garth, just get away from me!" I say. He didn't, and I tried to get away from him. He fell over and wrapped his arms around my legs. I slap his arms away. He reaches his arm out for me. "Don't Garth," I say. He didn't stop coming towards me and then he cornered me at the wall. "One 더 많이 try! Please! If I don't treat 당신 right, I'd never bother 당신 again!"Garth pleaded. Then I realized how close we were. We were almost 1 inch away from each other. I just couldn't resist, and I leaned 앞으로 and kissed him. He kissed back, and it felt so good.
"I 사랑 you, Kira."
"I 사랑 당신 too, Garth."
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This is the sequel to "Love and Butterflies."
-----------------------------"Hi Robin," Cara said. It was Monday at school. Class and social life is very complicated. At least Cara is here. Zeon and Daizo always picked on other kids on Mondays, but on Tuesday-Friday we don't have to worry. "Hey there Cara," I say back.
"Ready for gym today?"
"Yeah, but I'm not ready for that test in Math."
(Bell rings loudly)
"Oh. Time for Acting! Gotta run!!"Cara said, and she kissed my cheek and quickly walked off to 연기 with Mr. Ferrison. Kay and Feyni laughed at me. "Ooh!! Robbie's...
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Picture the characters anyway 당신 like. Please comment.
I stared into his eyes. He was good and played nice. I was a bad girl. I was pinning him down on the ground, and his face was stained from tears. "W-why? Why are 당신 doing this to me?" Roy said. I ran my fingers through his 붉은 오렌지 hair quickly, messing it up."Cuz, I'm a bad girl. I have to do this to you. Don't 당신 get it?" I say.
"Jadi, 당신 can change."
"Roy, I don't want to."
"You're hurting me."
"You know 당신 want to 키스 me."
"No, I don't."
"Well, too bad, Lover Boy."
I pressed my lips on his, and a moan...
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Note: Picture these characters in any way 당신 want to! They are at a romantic sunset location.
"You know ya want me,"Cara said. It was true, I did want her. Instead, I just turned her down."Cara, babe, I just don't want a relationship right now," I said, while staring into her 초콜릿 brown eyes. "But, didn't 당신 try to 키스 me, Robin?" she said.
"It's Rob, not Robin."
"You know 당신 want me..."
"We went over this."
"I want you..."
"Not now."
"Robin, just 키스 me."
Cara ran her fingers through my brown hair, while my hand drew us closer together. I just close my...
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posted by ninoska12
i believe that everyone has crushes and that everyone will find the one. i had a crush on my cousin and i still do even though we arent have to be 16 to start dating but i dont. this is bad because it will the amount of people 당신 날짜 and will deprive 당신 of experiences 당신 can have. never have sex until 당신 are married. please ear me, and please listen. when 당신 have 아기 dont abandon them like my mom did to me, be a better influence, please for your children. i hope everyone learns this lesson.

with care and concern,

Ninoska Teague

10:39 am

8/10/2011 wednesday morning