The discreet smell of gasoline and oil and metal blown everywhere, yup, there had definitely been a terrible accident. I walk around, rummaging through the dust and burnt wood pieces, looking for past memories. I found some pictures of my family, but some people were burnt out. I recognized some people, my aunt Opal, my uncle Ike, and my sister Zulia. My mom’s and dad’s faces were burned out of the picture. I put the picture in my bag and continued to look around. 의해 then, the flames died down and I could continue my 검색 farther.
    I found some 더 많이 pictures, but none of them with my parents. I recognized a few 더 많이 people, my grandma Clover and my grandpa Peter. When I could not find any 더 많이 items, I left the area and walked off. As I reached my house, my neighbor came up to me.
    “It will be OK Azelia,” he said. I sniffled a little and walk inside my house. It was hard to lose my family, but even harder to know someone murdered them.
    When we were little, all of my family lived in one big house, my mom and dad, my sister and brother, my four cousins, my grandma and grandpa, my aunt and uncle, and my great grandma. Most of us had to share rooms, since there were only five. Me, my siblings and cousins got the biggest one; but everyone else had to double, except for great grandma. I spent my whole life there, but when I turned 20, I moved out. Everyone else had stayed and I felt bad, but I needed to experience the real world. Part of my memory had been wiped out, but that’s an even longer story. After regaining part of my memory back, I found out about the murder about a week after it had happened. I ran to the house and everything was in ashes.
    After I could not see my neighbor through the window I began bawling. 당신 cannot always keep everything packed down inside of you; sometimes 당신 just have to break down and let it all out. There was a knock on the door. I got up, pulled myself together and answered the door.
    “Hello Azelia,” said my neighbor,” I wanted to make sure 당신 were alright.”
    “I’m fine Trey,” I said,” don’t worry about me.”
    “Well, if 당신 ever need me, 당신 know where to find me,” he said and went back into his house.
    “Ugh,” I mumbled, ”why can’t my life be simpler,” and I walked inside and began to cry.