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Tails,armed with sentry guns,wrench,and shotgun. Tails is Engineer,why? BECAUSE THEY'RE BOTH ENGINEERS!DUH! XD
TiPace was easily beat 의해 Reality Twister 5,after that,he ruled the universe,no one dared too fight him,he was without a dodbt,the most powerfulest thing in the universe right one,could stop him...
reality twister
sad theme
ruling the universe
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Matt and rocket finally repaired H.A.F,nicole packed there bags...everybody got on board...but bail stayed back at her base...The H.A.F took off in the air!!!matt got a call from monkey khan on his watch again,Khan said "You need to land on 앤젤 island...Please!!!" the call screen faded into stadic!kenley changed the course!!!

matt jumped out of the H.A.F and said "I'll handle this one,guys!" Matt proceeded on to the island...matt saw sweettooth on the island...but she was covered in GENO's genetic Mind control slime...sweettooth threw stun dust at matt...matt doged it and used the Shine cure...
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Rocket zoomed toward the city.Then he was there,in the city.He decided to wander around the city,then he spotted Sonic! Flashes of his memory fueled his rage he charged at Sonic.Sonic heard the diturbance and quickly dodged the charging hedgehog.Rocket almost hit the building but ran up it instead.Sonic couldn't see the hedgehog because of his speed.Sonic suddenly felt an punching impact and hit a car.Sonic groaned "Ow! Who is doing this?!" Rocket responded,"The person who'll destroy you!"

Sonic got up and spin dashed at the stranger.But Rocket catched the spin dash attack!He then blasted Sonic,which...
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The sun shone brightly as it rose above the clouds. It seemed as if the sun would never end as Scar and Rocket walked around in the Blue's base.

Rocket sighed as he heard clumsy footsteps approaching the two.

"Go away, Caboose."

"Aw! But I wanna hang out with 당신 guys."

Rocket slapped his forehead as Caboose fluttered around him. "PleasepleasepleasePLEASE can I walk with you?"

"No!" This time, Scar spat out the words. "We're talking about something important. So go away!"

Rocket heard a sniffle. "F-fine," Caboose wailed. "You mean lady!"

With that, he ran away.

Scar shook her head. "Anyway, I'm going...
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Rocket was running 의해 new mobotopolis and saw an massive war ship in the sky...he leap up to the roof of the ship and saw matt and geno fighting it out...nicole was in a cage,matt was panting!geno struct matt in the watch(weak spot),matt's watch sparked with lightning...Matt shut himself off so he could repair!Rocket jumped in front of GENO...And used energy storm...Geno asorbed it and used reflect...rocket dogged it...Nicole yelled"rocket,throw matt to me!"He chucked matt at nicole...she started to repair him!Rocket asked"How do i beat this thing?" Nicole attemped to responded...but geno shot...
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Source: ME!....of course vivian gave me the idea with her new look.
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Our 히어로즈 finally halted up nate at the exit gate of globotown.nate was finally recharged and reformed.he grabed vivian and ran,he also stuck everybody to the ground.matt and meta where able to shake it off and go after them!Amy yelled "WAIT!!!WHAT ABOUT US?!" matt fired a spike at the ground.rocket said sarcasticly "How useful." meta teleported ahead and kick nate in the face,nate swallowed up meta as well.vivi was able to poke her face outta the piant and yelled "HELP US MATT!!!" she droped the purple emrald and matt picked it up.using its super qualitys,matt transformed into SUPER MATT!!!...
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Ultra Hyper Dark Rocket charged at Erebus,but Erebus was gone! Erebus appeared behind U.Dark Rocket,and swiped him away with his tail,sending U.Dark Rocket FLYING out of the Dark Tower. Erebus blasted U.Dark Rocket with one finger,making U.Dark Rocket go all the way into space,he catched himself,then went down too the exact place he was. Erebus smashed him with his fist 5 times. Then he grabbed U.Dark Rocket,and absorbed his dark power.

U.Dark Rocket screamed in pain,not knowing what too do...Erebus laughed,then he threw U.Dark Rocket down too the ground.He reverted back too normal.Rocket got...
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"RAAAHHH!!!" Screamed Rocket,as he punched Drex,But Drex caught himself and shot his Death Gun.Rocket dodged it and fired a energy ball,Drex just defected it and suddenly came in front of Rocket,then kicked him in the stomach.Rocket coughed up blood,Drex hammered him too the ground.Rocket began see darkness surrounded him.

Rocket's eyes came open and kicked him up in the air,then spin dashes up in the air and smashed Drex in the stomach with the powerful attack.Drex hit Rocket with his Devil's Tail and shot his Death Gun at him when he crashed into the ground."Heheh,that takes care of him" Drex...
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