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 Johnny Depp with his Mother
Johnny Depp with his Mother
It's sad 일 here at the Willy Wonka 초콜릿 Factory. The mother of Johnny "Willy Wonka" Depp has died. Betty Sue Palmer died at age 81. Betty Sue Palmer was born in 1935. She was a waitress in a local restaurant. Betty Sue Palmer is heaven with David Kelly (Grandpa Joe), and Christopher Lee (Dr. Wilbur Wonka). In 1962, She was pregnant with him. And then on June 9, 1963 in Seattle, Washington, USA. He a new boy was born. He was called "John Christopher Depp Jr." I wonder if his father was named "John Christopher Depp Sr." The legacy will live on. May R.I.P. Betty Sue Palmer (1935-2016). As much as I always 사랑 Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka. Well, Thanks for your support, Johnny "Willy Wonka" Depp. And 당신 will be missed, Betty Sue Palmer. :'(
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As many of 당신 know, We have just 로스트 another supporting cast of the 2005 movie: "Charlie and the 초콜릿 Factory". British actor Christopher Lee (who plays Willy Wonka's father and dentist: Dr. Wilbur Wonka) passed away today. He was at age 93. Christopher Lee has also appeared in 영화 such as the 별, 스타 Wars series, The Lord of the Rings series, And many. And we are all saddened today as the Wonka 초콜릿 factory mourns the loss of Dr. Wilbur Wonka. I know Dr. Wilbur Wonka is in heaven with Grandpa Joe Bucket. We 사랑 당신 Christopher Lee, and We will miss 당신 so much. May god bless you, Christopher Lee. :'(
The 10th anniversary of "Charlie and the 초콜릿 Factory" goes to a catastrophe. Actor Johnny Depp (aka Willy Wonka) is faces charges for bringing his 개 to prison. He may spend 10 years in prison and/or $340,000 fine. This is not cool And I have been a big 팬 of Johnny Depp. This was the best Johnny Depp movie of all time. And there is no doubt about. Charlie and the 초콜릿 Factory is my 가장 좋아하는 Tim 버튼, burton movie. Johnny Depp was also in Ed Wood, and many other Tim 버튼, burton movies. And this maybe upsetting Tim Burton. And in words to Chris Crocker: "LEAVE JOHNNY DEPP ALONE!!! He suffered enough!" Johnny Depp is not well right now and how (bleeping) dare anybody make fun of Johnny after all he has been to.
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Well, This is not quite related to Roald Dahl. But 당신 may remember a scene in "Charlie and the 초콜릿 Factory" where Mike Teavee is playing a video game. That's right, He was playing "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell" on his Sony 플레이스테이션 2. Tom Clancy was one of the video game Programmers for this Canadian video game company called "UBI Soft Entertainment". Tom Clancy died on October 1st, 2013. Tom Clancy was at age 66. Thank you, Tom. UBI Soft will never be the same without you. Well, Who will be next, David Crane?
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As 당신 may heard, On February of 2012, David Kelly, The man who played Grandpa Joe Bucket on Charlie and the 초콜릿 Factory has died. He was 82. I remember he was a wonderful actor. David was born in Dublin, Ireland, UK. He was also known for as Michael O'Sullivan in Walking Ned. And 디즈니 will never be the same without 당신 Grandpa Joe. And R.I.P. Grandpa Joe Bucket (AKA David Kelly 1929-2012). BTW, I wonder what Johnny Depp (Willy Wonka) and Freddie Highmore (Charlie Bucket) are doing these days?
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Source: Warner Bros., Entertainment Inc. (Gene Wilder), and The Walt 디즈니 Company (Johnny Depp).
Mike Teavee played this game on his Sony 플레이스테이션 2 in the movie, Charlie and the 초콜릿 Factory (2005). The game was made 의해 a Canadian game company called UBI Soft Entertainment. And was created 의해 Tom Clancy.
For those of 당신 who don't know this but "The Willy Wonka's 초콜릿 Factory Welcome Song" is a spoof of this song: "It's a Small World After All!" Originally from the 1964 New York's World Fair. I 사랑 Johnny Depp and Tim Burton.
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The track is composed of a sine wave bass, original percussion, and sounds recorded from the 캔디 man scene in 'Willy Wonka And The 초콜릿 Factory'.
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Trailer for Wes Anderson's adaptation of Roald Dahl's book Fantastic Mr. 여우
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