The episode began with Flynn (Iron Man), Merida (Scarlet Witch), and Hiccup (Hulk) doing what they do best until they got teleported to a pocket dimensional rift. Also there were their soon to be fought counterparts Honey 레몬 (Power Princess), whose energy factor matched that of Merida's energy factor, Wreck-It Ralph (Hyperion), whose strength matched that of Hiccup's strength factor, and 프레드 (Nighthawk), whose speed factor matched that of Flynn's speed factor. In charge of the event were Pitch (Grandmaster) and Yokai(Thanos). Welcome one and all to the first ever hero vs hero fight. said Pitch Hold it, these guys are not even supposed to be in this story line. said Flynn Quiet, Eugene. These guys have just about as much right as 당신 do to be here. said Yokai He's right 당신 know. said Pitch Very well. Now what about giving me 집 field advantage? asked Yokai Fine. I give Yokai 집 field advantage. The fights will take place in three corners of the globe. said Pitch Giant sized cards with pictures of New South Wales, Australia, Siberia, Russia, and Brazil, South America. Flynn and 프레드 were teleported to New South Wales, Australia, Merida and Honey 레몬 were teleported to Brazil, South America and Hiccup and Wreck-It Ralph were teleported to Siberia, Russia.