until she saw something disgusting
Elsa was on YouTube watching Jelsa 비디오 (These make her day) until she saw something that is totally disgusting for her. It was a video about PitchElsa! Elsa fell down her chair. "Elsa!" Anna screamed. "I'm okay" Elsa said as she gets back up. Then she showed Anna the thing that disgusts her out. "Ewwww!" Anna screamed, "I know, right?" Elsa said. "Hey, Pitch is evil and 당신 are good, 당신 guys are not meant to be. I don't know why people ship 당신 guys" Anna said "You look better with Jack, your boyfriend of course." "Yes, Anna 당신 are very right" Elsa said "I hate PitchElsa, it disgusts me the most" Elsa looked at the thumbnail of the video again but this time, she stamped her feet then the floor turned to ice "Oops!" Elsa was still very annoyed and stormed into her room. "My turn!" Anna said and she sat on the computer chair and started to do what she wants to do on it
she stamped her feet and the floor turned to ice