The Super Six
Okay everyone, please enjoy the club! we, the super six all have powers and weapons to have against the evil Pitch Black. Oh! and please post something Jelsa! :) ~ 퀸 Elsa

Hi everyone! We need likes here and my boyfriend, Kristoff, really needs his ice business LOL ~ Princess Anna

So, we, before are still four not until my cousins joined.. Elsa and Anna! ~ Princess Rapunzel

So my girlfriend, Elsa and i both have the same powers and we were meant to be. We are still on a battle (The super six VS Pitch Black) :) ~ Jack Frost

So this is the club everyone is waiting for. Oh! Sorry, Elsa i didn't attend your coronation, i was busy for something :) ~ Princess Merida

This is actually the super six which is formerly the big four. We were waiting for the two sisters to come in! Finally, they are here! :D ~ Hiccup

Pitch totally has a crush on me -_- He is too disgusting! ~ Elsa

We ship: JackElsa, Kristanna, Flynnzel, Mericcup
We respect: Jackunzel, Jarida etc.
We do not ship and do not respect: PitchElsa, Blackice, PitchAnna, Pitchunzel, Pitchrida, Pitchcup

~ 퀸 Elsa, Princess Anna, Princess Rapunzel, Jack Frost, Princess Merida, Hiccup

Our Couples
Rise of the 겨울왕국 메리다와 마법의 숲 라푼젤 용
Jack, Elsa, Anna, Merida, Rapunzel and Hiccup